Getting constantly kicked from voice chat - PC

Expected Outcome
Stay in Voice chat, everybody else stays in voice chat with me. I can communicate with team members and other team members can communicate with me.

Actual Outcome
Join Voice Chat. Can communicate with team members for 5ish minutes, team members can communicate with me. Then all of a sudden everybody who was in the voice chat “leaves” the voice channel and I can no longer communicate with them nor them with me. I press P, it says I’m the only one connected.
Disconnecting from voice chat and reconnecting allows me to communicate normally and I can hear my team members. However, after 5ish minutes the same issue occurs.
Asking my teammates, I found out that when everybody else “leaves” on my client, they see that I am the one leaving the voice channel.

Additional Information
Living in Pakistan, no VPN/Proxy. Followed all the steps from this support article:

And forwarded all the necessary ports (Apart from 12000-64000 as my router has issues with ranges >256). Unfortunately this did not solve my issue

I had this issue several months ago when it was nonfunctional for most of Pakistan, but it sorted itself out and I was able to use voice chat normally for months. After the latest patch, however, this issue started happening again.
Here is my Overwatch.log

[12164] [ERR] [bnl] [External(0)] [External()] [2020-12-09T20:02:49.048Z]: PathOps: [20201210T01:02:49] {4538} ERR: … is the leading path component: /…/
[12164] [ERR] [bnl] [External(0)] [External()] [2020-12-09T20:02:49.048Z]: PathOps: [20201210T01:02:49] {4538} ERR: path normalization failed: /…/
[12164] [ERR] [Game] [External(0)] [External()] [2020-12-09T20:09:34.833Z]: #= VoiceClient: ERROR:+ Channel 1646892644 not found for member 2596791112 request MEMBER_MODIFY
[12164] [ERR] [Game] [External(0)] [External()] [2020-12-09T20:09:34.833Z]: #= VoiceClient: ERROR:+ Channel 1646892644 not found for member 3634401265 request MEMBER_MODIFY

I am not using a bluetooth microphone of any sort.

My Router:

I’ve tried messing with my NAT and router settings as well but I have not had any success.

I reside in a private residence, not a shared University network, and have full control over my network and settings.

Thanks in advance for any possible assistance!

I know this is way late but was there ever any resolve to this? My friend is having the same issue (though they live in the US). I am trying to help them find a solution. Thanks

Hey there, for the future, please don’t necrobump posts that are several months old as information from the thread is not going to apply to your specific situation. The Overwatch team has already acknowledged the high reports of voice chat issues in the bug report forum, but in the mean time please refer to these steps to make sure everything on your end is working as good as possible.