Voice chat ruined

Since WW update my voice chat stops working mid match and the ONLY way to fix it is to restart the game. I have to do this to many times throughout the night playing with family… I’m not exaggerating when I say I have to restart every other game. IDK why you tried to fix something that was never broken but change it back.


I’ve had the same problem…

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Hey FoxyMoxy and Rikki,

That is odd if voice chat is cutting out midway into a game. That’s usually due to a network setting although interfering programs can also be a factor.

The common setting is SIP ALG. It specifically affects Voice Over IP (VOIP) and in some cases it will cause disconnections in error. Disabling it within the network would be advised. A good way to test if this is needed is to be wired directly into the modem with an ethernet cable. If that works, then disabling SIP ALG in the router should help stop those disconnections with voice chat. If the networking equipment is a combo unit, then checking for the setting is all we can advise. Every device can vary so consulting the manual or talking to the ISP if they provided it is best.

If you find that doesn’t help, then ensuring no interfering programs are running would be next. Connection related programs like VPN’s or Quality of Service/network monitoring can cause issues as well as sound related programs, such as Nahimic. Uninstalling them and testing is generally the best practice to troubleshoot this aspect.

Hopefully this information helps out. Cheers!

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My voice chat cuts in and out and pops after the last update. Same thing for my friends that play.

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I play with two other people in my house hold. One on Xbox and the other on PC, I am the only one who has this issue so its not a network issue. Second I have had issues in the past with other programs causing issues and crashing overwatch and have previously fixed those (were also the first things I checked). Finally this only started happening AFTER the update where blizzard messed with VC.


Hey everyone,

Thanks for the update Rikki about what’s going on. I did some asking around and did find a known issue where voice chat isn’t working for some players. Looks like there is also one where voice chat sounds odd with a cracking noise when players speak. I’m not sure if either apply here for those that commented in this thread but wanted to call it out before going deeper.

Looks like the known issue for it simply not working is accompanied with an error shown in-game. If no error is shown, then creating a ticket and including system information files can help us get a more detailed answer into what may be going on and help. If you do so, please include a summary of what was done and when the issue started. That information can help narrow this down and help avoid repeating steps that have been tried already.

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So was just having a chat with the other two in my house hold and I guess I do have the crackling problem. I don’t have the error code so I will go ahead and open a ticket, thank you for the responses and I hope this gets resolved soon (love this game but this is very frustrating).

So I’ve been playing the past few days, and I’ve been kicked out of voice chat, my profile muted and unable to hear anyone until I restarted my game atleast 8 times. I havent heard anything about the crackling but I did see in the update that blizzard was looking into the vc issue!! Very excited to have this resolved!!

Mine too. Just started with the new patch and my bluetooth earbuds. As soon as i join voice chat I lose all sound. If I turn off voice chat sound comes back. I tried manually setting sound devices, etc and it doesn’t help. Wasn’t an issue before.

Hey everyone,

I don’t have any news about the voice chat issues that were being looked in to. Looks like they’re still investigating and have an idea, but nothing else noted. A lot of reports may be due to network issues too which makes this one a tricky situation to narrow down for each report, thus why some general troubleshooting is usually advised. If it persists though, keeping an eye on patch notes is recommended along with reporting any errors that are seen with voice chat.

Beevanthor - My apologies for not seeing this reply here sooner. Your situation is different than many in this thread. You mention bluetooth earbuds and sound not working if in voice chat. That’s a technical limitation to bluetooth devices. This is covered in the forum post here. It covers the situation and provides a workaround that may help.

I’m playing Overwatch on a PS5 with my Astro A50s. I can’t hear any voice chat whatsoever and my group/team can’t hear me. Their voice chat icon pops up but mine does not and I can’t hear them. I have checked and rechecked my settings in the “Sound” settings on my PS5. Nothing I do seems to fix it unfortunately. It was working about a week or so ago and I am not sure what is wrong. I’ve followed the setup described on the Astro Gaming Website and tried other settings.
It seems others are having a similar issue on reddit (can’t include link).
Any information or fixes you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Nicholas Allen.

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