What are you going to ask in the AMA

In the upcoming AMA, What do you plan to ask?

I really want to ask if any changes are coming for valeera…

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Tassadar buff. When?


Knowing if they have any plans to make Garden of Trash less trashy would be nice, as in having an objective that is unique and fitting the map.


Malorne, Cenarius when?
Or another 4 legged NE char.
Getting tired of these 1st ban Lunaras when a former team mate get on the other side :sweat_smile:


Grom, when ? :thinking:

I’ll probably ask something about ranked and about that HL + TL merge.

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I can give you answer right now.

Too late.

Let me make my question :rage:

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There are major issues with HotS, that I’m sure are already on someone’s drawing board. But if you wanna know what I want to ask personally, then it could be boiled down to answers to why specific ish we’ve been asking for now literally for years still hasn’t managed to make it into the mix.

The role system needs implementation. Stop talking about it, and teasing it and just roll it out. We have a solid dozen half finished systems already. You need to remove the spec class as it misleads ignorant folks even in higher end MMR.

Replays… Guys. Seriously. Fix this system. It’s slow, terrible, huge, and has two left feet.

Reconnect… God why is it this punishing for not just the guy who left but everyone on their team? Mix in the AI changes recently made and it’s such a magnified issue, you end up with a recipe for full out keyboard rage. Can you please explain what the reason for it being like this is?

Spectate live matches? Every MOBA has these functions, and why are they not in after so many requests?

Recently played list? Right now we have an assbackwards way to reveal bnet IDs outside of that window that pops up post game… like c’mon dudes.

Support the meta your player base has uncovered dudes, even if the game was not designed with this paradigm in mind.

Dump QM, or enforce roles. You can’t do neither, it isn’t working and teaching the new some AWFUL habits. And if this game is gonna grow ever, we need new players. Why is the telegraphing of how to play this game effectively so bad guys?

Support S League? Maybe? Please? Even if not with your wallet just promote it. You need a upper echelon to look to for the casuals and non pros to observe and improve from.

I wouldn’t ask anything, cuz I will likely not have internet then :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably nothing cause Reddit seems to really like me :dragon_face:

I would ask:

  • What are your intentions for HL / TL and the future of Ranked ?
  • Do you have any plans to further improve Quickmatch? Specifically - role parity.
  • Do you have any plans to re-engineer MMR and address the rainbow nature of skill and rank distribution within the game?
  • Do you have any plans to fix the Silence system? Specifically - unlimited reporting for any reason, false reports, and the appeals process.
  • Do you have any plans to introduce a clan system within the game?

And most importantly:

  • For all the changes previously discussed (HL / TL merge, role classifications, AFK loss forgiveness), WHEN can we expect them to be in the game?
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Nothing, I don’t have a reddit account. But I’d like to know if they’ve made headway into planning out a roadmap for content releases past the one additional hero we know is coming.

Reddit Succ :blush:



Gul’dan. Rain of Destruction. Rework. When?

I morn the loss of driving the garden terror. :cry: I admit the map had problems, but at least it was unique!

My hope is they’re working a full rework, hence no talent tweaks or balancing for Tass.

It would be good to get some more detail about this, the current season is close to being over.

Agreed, the game needs a clan feature, especially with the HL and TL merger. The silence system is related to any clan feature, anything that will encourage increased communication overlaps with the report system and how it can be abused.


any plans on removing hanamura? this map belongs to the graveyard keep placement is a joke, boss merc camp overtuned overall pretty snowbally map.

what about QM matchmaking any changes coming? putting 3 specs on one side does make matches faster but less enjoyable, the forced stealth matchmaking sucks too (picking a stealth hero 90% chance enemy has one too) oh and matching a so called “Bruiser” against 2 full Tanks like wtf?

Speaking of the AMA, isn’t it happening right now? Anyone have a summary of what Blizzard has said? (I don’t do Reddit.)

Sami will probably be nice enough to make a summary. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I do hope so as I don’t do Reddit.

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