Visual bugs since latest patch

Same here…
Macbook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 13)
2.4 GHz Intel Core i5
8gb Ram
Intel Iris 1536 mb

Turned shading to medium and nothing. Honestly this has been a known problem since the patch to support metal. If you’re not going to fix it just say so. I don’t understand the change anyway. Blizzard has clearly pulled a lot of support from the game and this patch just cut the legs out of the already dwindling player base.

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does anyone know of a temporary fix for this?? pretty much had to stop playing because I was throwing games when team fights ended up in the bad spots of certain maps. LoL and DOTA 2 both have issues on a lot of Macs right now too so it’s not like I can just start learning a new moba

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On certain maps I tend to restart the game at the the 22nd second before the match starts, because I had the feeling, a part of the problem was the buildings building themselves up. It actually made some of the “problem maps” playable. Hanamura for example, I was basically blind around the objective moving, until I restarted, then it worked…but the sound gets messed up somehow after the restart. One of the worst maps is Blackhearts Bay, the bottom lane is extremely messed up and not playable at all, even after restart. I hope that information helps a bit for whatever reason. Using a MacBook Pro Retina 13’ mid 2014


macOS Catalina
iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019)
3.6 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9
32 GB 2667 MHz DDR4
Radeon Pro Vega 48 8 GB

It seems that setting Shaders to Medium helped. But I’d prefer a permanent fix

We’re actively looking into this as much as possible. This will take some time to fully resolve as we may need to communicate with other parties on the graphical issue. No official updates as of yet, but I’m tracking this closely!

Some of you have reported that the Shader set to Medium helps a bit that can be used as a workaround to have the game in a more playable state. An unsupported workaround that may be a better alternative for some, is bootcamp or VM. This is not ideal and not something that we recommend, but it may help in the meantime for those who would prefer this instead.

I’ll continue to update when we have more information. It may be a bit of time because of the complexity of potential driver or graphics API issues that our team is investigating. Thank you for your patience!

Macbook Pro 13 inch mid 2012
mojave 10.14.6
2,9 Ghz intel core i7
16gb MHz DDR3

I have fund a way to get around it. When ever I see a glitch in the beginning of a match, I quit hots complete, and reopen it. You miss the beginning of the match, but when you enter, no more glitches in the rest of the game. So worth it in my opinion.

BUT the trick didn’t work on blacks heartbay. glitches through the hole game on that map, even when rejoining the game after complete quit…

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Well I tried that, didn’t work. Took me 8 minutes to reopen the game, plus 5 to reconnect, and nothing. Same bug, same glitches, Hanamura Temple totally fu… up. Tried some Braxis too, impossible to play in that bot lane. Man, this killing me. I almost uninstalled HotS today…

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Changing the shader doesn’t work. Getting frustrated by losing quite a few storm league games due to not being able to see what’s going on. Try dodging a stitches hook when you can’t see yourself, stitches, or the hook. Volskaya turret camps, bot forts/keeps, mid keeps, and core areas are unplayable.


lol do you guys know that blizzard just tries to drag time?
keep asking computer spec and it seems obvious and its been 3weeks and even after last patch, it wasnt fixed it at all. thesedays blizzard going in wrong direction. after release diablo mobile, I feel they are falling down so fast. I want blizzard to realize whats going on…

From a big fan (from warcraft1)

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LOL… and the next fix given is to get third party software so you can run HOTs on Windows while on your mac. Oy! Blizzard was a great company once upon a time.

3 weeks and nothing, still crashing on preselection, so frustrating to lose points at least is only that, wait 5 of 7 games braxis, volskaya, now sky temple too, hanamura and the last one battlefield are bug ,it’s time to move on and play another game?

Hello folks,

its very frustrating - i know. Even AI-games doenst make fun at all. BUT just rant about this issue is not helpful. They said, they are working on those problems - if they do or not. You wont get them work faster on that or finding it earlier. But maybe you will force them to just get rid of their Mac-support, because you all wine-kids just annoy Blizzards Support-Team. (i would be highly annoyed).

Problem is addressed. Let them work on it.

I hope you get my point.

its free to play. you havent payed for anything. pause playing. go out. say hello world. when blizzard has fixed the problem, come back. enjoy.

gg hf bb


(i beg your pardon for eventually grammatical mistakes, since english is not my first language)

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why are you in this topic if you don’t play on mac? not relevant to you lol


This is ludicrous. They’re not going to jettison mac support because of a few negative comments on a forum thread.

Some people have invested quite a bit of money into this game. Wanting to see it get back into working order is completely appropriate.

What’s wrong with keeping the thread alive until the solution is posted? I have this tab left open on my browser because the moment we’re told everything is fixed is the moment I know I can get back into the game. I would rather the thread not die, resulting in the problem being ignored.

i don’t know what are you doing here, but i’ve pay stuff like skins, heros and i’ve play since the beta when the game was still with cash (no gems) so please man don’t talk. Good talk bye

I’ve noticed the same issue, but only on certain maps. So far it’s all the maps that have an objective that drops down onto the map, like BOE, Infernal shrines with the Punisher, Sky Temple when the temples fire shots, and Volskya Industry with the robot. Also Blackhearts bay. On Volskya it doesn’t even show the bruiser camp and some walls are missing…

Yeah, exactly. And this disrupts gameplay so badly. When are they going to fix it?

The game is literally unplayable on certain maps like Sky and Blackheart. However, it gives you a stronger sense of achievement after you win a match by guessing where everything might be. No improvement 24 days after the initial post. This is FUNNY, blizzard.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)
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Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB