Visual bug from last patch

Hello, I am a MAC player that since the last patch (the new aspects of whitemane orphea and Sgt.hammer) I am having a visual bug in which all players and minions disappear and reappear completely randomly when going through certain textures of the maps (all maps mostly), even I disappear and I don’t even know where I am or what is happening.

Bug photos (neither the tower nor my own character are seen):
https: // imgur. com / a / NAcXpML
https: //imgur. com/a/peVQwum


I can confirm this bug is happening. Sometimes all heroes disappear, sometimes only some.
It happens on bridges and objectives.
It’s been happening since latest patch.
Can you please suggest anything other than re-installing it? That’s the first thing one does.
I hope it can be fixed as soon as possible, this is the only game I play and invest on.

Numerous threads on this topic. I have yet to see a blizzard response acknowledging it but many are experiencing the same issue, myself included

Thanks for your reports! Let’s move this discussed over to this thread to keep reports central to one thread!

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