Next Hero after Imperius?


After not being requested at all (/s), Imperius joins the Nexus. Who comes next?

Next Hero after Orphea?

We need more stealth heroes, please let it be Sombra… Mei would be acceptable :neutral_face:


No we don’t. We don’t need any stealth heroes till’ they can make it a mechanic that won’t be abused by mediocre players kill weaker players while being totally useless against strong ones’.




Give immunity to skillshots. There’s your useful mechanic. “Dodge the AoEs” is a fairly simple thing to do, and the fact that it still goes away when offensive action is taken means it’ll remain a baddy stomper, ending up better at that, but also actually work at higher levels by removing one of the dominant revealing mechanics.

Probably not possible thanks to Garrosh. Mannaroth could be good as a Bruiser without proper CC, instead offering baseline damage reduction with Howl of Terror. And corruption of Healing Fountains and Globes to improve their effectiveness as his recovery mechanic, such that he’d have a touch of ally healing from picking up Globes personally to apply the associated bonuses.


Moira will finally reveal the truth of the nexus.


Grom Hellscream would be pretty cool but i think they save him for Warcraft III: Reforged release date as promo Hero for HotS.


As much as I hate Overwatch heroes, I think they deserve the next slot. They didn’t get a single hero in 2018.


Agreed. I don’t fully understand the hate of over watch characters in the Nexus. I feel like they totally deserve the next spot. And in a full on tank role. I’m guessing either Reinhardt or Winston would make the most sense. The two “tanks” we have now and more of a bruiser (D Va) and support/shielder (Zarya).


I’m going to say a warcraft hero.
Perhaps a gnome, maybe what’s his face that’s been in development for some time.


If Mekkatorque was next, all of my predictions for this year would already have happened. That’s my vote.


I’d still be hoping for a Cairne / Baine Bloodhoof.

But before that I really hope they’ll fix the design on Imperius - those wings make me sad.

– Realistically however, given how much they’ve listened to the community on Mephisto’s face that is highly unlikely and very disappointing at the same time.


Reinhardt and Moira pls


All will surrender to my will.


this deathwing look weird…honesty i would love to have vol’jin in game, as W3 shadow hunter


Actually, my friend and I were discussing Imperius lately. A lot of people knew he was coming because of the missing Illarian announcer. Well, the only announcer not up for purchase yet is Katya Volskaya. Who has story ties to Katya?

I’m ready to hack the planet.


They can remove Garrosh we need Grom


Between your point and my point (no OW heroes in 2018), I almost feel like Sombra is guaranteed now


We need Moira and Sombra for Overwatch villians.




Warcraft: Vol’jin or Moira Thaurissan.

Overwatch: Mei.

Starcraft: Gabriel Tosh, Talis, or a zerg OC.

Nexus: I just want more Nexus heroes in general. Maybe someone from Luxoria?