New forum syntax guide & details about Trust levels


Hey so what’s the requirement for level 3? 20k read posts or 15k? I’ve heard both


Either read 25% of all things created in the last 100 days or reach 20k to get that requirement check marked.


Hmm yeah I’m not qualified yet. I’m pretty sure it’s just posts read at this point


It usualy is. And its because its the most unreasonable requirement. If you truly are reading every single post for 10 seconds. It requires 200k seconds to read all of the 20k posts you need. Which is enough for 55hours of reading time.

But i guess thats also why they set the limit, there are plenty of posts of 1 line that barely add anything to conversations, so maybe only 10% of the posts is actualy valuable and takes up more time (yes, there are also valuable ones that you can read in 10 seconds, but thats not realy a problem on this requirement).

But i think its bad that certain posts who can easily take several minutes of reading only count as 1. Is there realy no way to detect people reading such long post?

One of the things i would recommend to do to get to level 3, is to make sure you are reading 100 posts every time you are online. Click open the 10 post threads even if they arent interesting (like the ‘i want a surrender button’ threads) and just quickly scroll through them. It will take a while to reach the requirement. But eventualy you reach it.


Nope, but there’s a way to see if you read that post or not, near the date of each comment there’s a blue dot that appears which implies that this is a post you didn’t read, it will fade after 2 seconds implying that you actually read that, and count as a post that has been read.


It triggers on much less than 2 seconds already though. Its just the fade that brings the appearance of it taking 2 seconds.

(and also, i think i just reached level 3 :O)


Congratulations, this is in your .json file for you profile.


I already checked it on my profile after i typed that, i noticed it on the wrench icon which stated a wiki option.


Which makes it that anyone can edit your comment, don’t use it to much, some people are just, too drunk when they figure it out.


Its more likely that im not going to use it at all. I think the only feature i would use would be to post a screenshot and thats about it.

Its not like im able to make maps in this game, and write information on how to do some stuff in the level designer. And even in then, in tf2 most of those guides arent even a wiki anyway. Most of the time a simple forum post can do more than enough


The new forum platform is live today for Hearthstone if you want to share this knowledge over there too. ^^


SAMMMIIIIIIIIII. I’m sad. I got jebaited hard dude.

It says I have 20k posts read but I think I don’t have enough days or something? ANALYZE ME


It’s probably the days just from the look of it do note you have to maintain that reading count with the day visits or else you gotta start reading more again.


Hmm that number seems inaccurate. I always open up the forums on my phone during lunch or something. :confused:

So it says I have 88 days visited, so I just need to mindlessly scroll for 12 whole more days? ;(
How am I gonna upload original content without it being stolen?


Depends on how many day visits you did in the last 100 days, forum is about 158 days old currently if you cannot maintain 50 days visits in the last 100 days it could be a problem but also I don’t know how much you have been reading the past 158 before you managed to reached 20k posts read.


Sigh. I’ll just scroll in the background and wait for it


If you were expecting to get it at an instant of reaching the requirements then don’t really because this is not how it works, your .json file get updated one time a day depending on the requirements you have for your trust levels, if you pass all the requirements you have wait until it reach the exact time where it usually updates.

For example I lost TL3 at one point because things I should not discuss about and got it back on 6 AM.

One time I literally woke up at 5:55 AM morning because of a nightmare then checked the forums, TL2, 5 minutes later on 6 AM I get updated back to TL3 :stuck_out_tongue:


If I dont want to check my json all the time is there another indicator? Wrench is level 3 right?


Yeah, if you have a wrench it means you are trust level 3.


revisiting thread. see if i can throw some stuff that would be useful for common use together. some of it may be things that are seen and ppl may not know how its done… and other stuff is just common sense.


  • Bold --> press the B or **B**
  • Itallic --> press the I or _I_
  • Strikethrough --> ~~Strikethrough~~ (ex. Strikethrough)
  • Inserted Text (Green Background) --> <ins>Hello!</ins> (ex. Hello! )
  • Deleted Text (Red Background + Strikethrough) <del>Hello!</del> (ex. Hello!)
  • Text Size --> <big>BIGGER</big> <small>smaller</small>(ex. BIGGER smaller)


This is something that at first seems like you can not do this unless you are Level 3 Trusted. However, you can get around this by not using code blocks which disables the direct linking. This also makes it easier for others to copy and paste your links without having to do odd things with spaces and such.

Code Blocks

Line Break and Horizontal Lines

  • Horizontal Lines -->
    ---, ___ , and *** (note: these all look the same)

  • Line Break --> <br>
    normal text…
    spacing between lines
    line break…

    spacing between
    a line
line break... <br>
spacing between
a line

Header Tags, Numbering, and those dots

  • Headers/Numbers -->

    1. HEADER

    1. HEADER

    1. HEADER
1. <H1> HEADER
4) <H4> HEADER
6. <H6> HEADER
  • Dots -->


1 2 3
4 5 6

my more detailed post in this thread on the table that i copied this part from:

Random Lag / FPS Spikes every 15-20 seconds