Morales is my highest wr hero ama

Title. Ask away. Am happy to respond

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Quick build guide


What mode ranked/other is your Lt. Morales the highest win rate in?

How would you rate her talent diversity? I find it a bit lackluster.


How many games?

Do you rather last pick her or in the second round?


4 games sl 100% this season. Though i have her at about level 18 between my two accounts.

Build: she has 2 decent ones. W build is optimal. E build is imo better for solo que games. Either ult. I’d argue that stim is always better if you have a good aa target thats good at their hero. This isn’t always the case.

Un ironically i have instalocked her fp for 3/4 of the games. My reasoning is that i know im better than enemies and if they dedicate too much to countering me then my allies are safe. E build also does quite well vs divers bc peel + shielding. I would not recommend this though. Id pick her later in draft but she doesn’t always need to be a last pick. The only hero i would never want to pick her into is chen. Thrall is also hard imo. But she can play around most others.

Her talent diversity is pretty bad. Most tiers have a dead talent

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Dumb things that players said 3.0? :sunglasses:

Wdym? 20 characters post

It was a joke. Its funny because its morales
(Dont worry me and shadow go way back at his ana reghar days)

Let me have a real question
On lvl 13 with E build you go for the cdr or the dmg reduction?

When, why and what talent do you take at 7? I’m guessing this is situational.

You should get stun one most of the time. Slows if they dont have stuns

At 13 i go cdr with full grenade build, dmg rd rest of time. Sometimes shield if enemies have a shield target we want to burst.

But healers can’t carry! Maybe Rehgar, but you can’t do anything if you’re Morales!

-said by people who suck at healing.

She’s one of my higher win rate heroes too. She is a bit weaker in this meta, but definitely still capable in the right hands.

From watching people play her, people make these common mistakes:

  1. Healing to full and keeping beam on. Although you only use up energy from actual healing, starting and stopping your beam as you take in damage causes you to have to keep restarting your energy regen cycle. Healing to 90% (sometimes even less if you know there is no imminent danger) is perfectly fine. Natural health regen and health globes will get you most of the way. Once you know someone is not going to die, move to the next target, and if no one is dying, stop healing until you can regenerate more energy.

  2. Playing way too conservatively. Believe it or not, if one person is attacking you on Morales, that’s actually ideal because of the way your trait works. Between that, her level 4 talents, W and E, she’s actually almost impossible to kill from just one person. People end up playing way too safe because they’re so afraid to take any damage, and end up unable to heal people that need it because they’re out of range. It’s only when the whole enemy team collapses on you when it becomes a problem, and that can only be done with a few specific comps. Medivac also rules as a shield/reposition.

  3. Bad CD usage. For some reason people just love using shield after the enemy can no longer do damage to a hero that has retreated. Just because something is at low health doesn’t mean they need a shield, use shield to mitigate where the most incoming damage is going towards. So if someone gets flipped by a Garrosh, use it right as they land not after they’ve taken 60% damage from the team. The same is with grenades, some people just spam them (which is more forgivable if you’re going grenade build), and end up not using it to give your allies space to breathe when they need it. Grenade really works wonders against melee heavy teams. At the same time, if you’re spamming W and E together, you’re wasting the potential of W’s mitigation. Using your grenade to give yourself a few extra seconds of regen rather than just Qing with low energy can go a long way to boosting your longevity.

Then there’s the basic triage which a lot of people suck at regardless of which healer. This is especially heightened with Morales because she doesn’t have AOE healing, so choosing who to heal, when is extremely important.


Which skin is your favorite?

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If you were put into a clown fiesta QM with bronze level playing from the other 9 players in the game, how long would it take you to carry that game as Morales? And how long would it have taken you to carry the same game as Butcher?

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Which tank/bruiser do you like to have in front of you? Other than the obvious “Artanis for the Stimdrone”. I have to admit, if I am playing AA Diablo, there is nothing like a Morales for making me feel immortal.

What build do you usually pick, Grenade, Safeguard, or hybrid?

LoL, I almost never pick Stimdrone because I’m selfish, and flying is cooler than walking. But I love Artanis because you’re not supposed to heal him to full, and he can’t disengage, so you know your W will not be wasted and synergize well with shields lol. The thing that is annoying sometimes is how armor doesn’t stack.

Double Healer actually works quite well with Morales, so a super aggressive Rehgar or Uther that acts like as a pseudo bruiser but picks up the AOE healing slack. Mei currently works pretty well, because she rarely gets out of range because she is ranged herself, but it could also because she’s OP. Diablo is a good one, but oddly Murky kind of works well too, some minimal healing and you generally can save your Ws on other targets but can still be a decent frontline.



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