Metal Support and System Requirement Changes

In our next patch, Heroes of the Storm will use Metal for rendering on macOS. This change ensures compatibility with macOS Catalina and will continue to be compatible with macOS for a long time to come. As a result, the minimum required version of macOS to run Heroes of the Storm is being increased to macOS 10.12 Sierra.

Minimum Requirements Recommended Specifications
Operating System macOS® 10.12 (latest version) macOS® 10.14 (latest version)
Processor Intel® Core™ i5 or better
Video NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 640 or AMD Radeon™ R9 M290X or better - Metal capable GPU AMD Radeon™ R9 M395X or better - Metal capable GPU
Memory 8 GB RAM
Storage 20 GB available hard drive space

There are a few known issues in this release:

  • Stuttering and stalling may be experienced early on in a game, particularly when the game first loads in and when the enemy team is first encountered. These stalls will get better over the course of a game and over the course of several games as macOS optimizes Heroes of the Storm behind the scenes.
  • Some outlines render black.
  • Some outlines and team color-based textures may render using colors from the color blind palette when color blind mode is disabled.

We will continue to work hard to resolve these and any other issues as we commit to providing a quality experience for our macOS players.