Meat Wagon//My wish and My Idea

The Meat Wagon

A high damager Support that can use his ability from far away or can near to them and act like as a strong bruiser with noticiable stability and also ability to save his life with collecting enemies corpes.


Name and Title: Meat Wagon, Scourge Army.
Zone: Warcraft III and World of Warcraft Lich King Expansion.
Race: Undead
Role: Support


Health:2035(5% per level).
Health regeneration:4.32(5% per level).
Basic Attack Damage: 183(5% per level).
Attack speed: 0.77
Basic Attack Range:7.7

Z)Summon Mount

after 1 second, get 30% movement speed.
Note: Meat Wagon has specific mount(his shape is mount).

Carriage :Active key 4 to carry your ally. your Mount now take in an ally Hero for 2 second ,cause him protected on this duration and can move it to another places.(40 second cooldown).

Trait)The Meat Wagon

For each minion is killed by Meat Wagon in every range or for each minion is killed near of Meat Wagon, Shut meat and plagued Gas bomb cooldown is reduced by 0.50 second,and takedown instantly reset all basic ability cooldown.

Basic Abilities

Q)Shut meat

1)Small Meat :Deal 152 damage to enemies in a small area with small range.(8 second cooldown and 25 mana cost).

2)Medium Meat : Deal 256 damage to enemies in a small area with medium range.(8 second cooldown and 25 mana cost).

3)Large Meat: Deal 367 damage to enemies in a small area with high range.(8 second cooldown and 25 mana cost).

W)Plagued Gas Bomb

Active it shut a Plagued Gas Bomb with high area for 3 second ,deal 25 damage to enemy for 1 second stack up 3 times every 1 second to 75 damage.(10 second cooldown and 50mana cost).

E)Saving Corpes

Active E to save the corpes of minions and Heroes who are death last 4 second ago,can at most store 10 minions corpes.each minion corpes Heal Meat Wagon for 6% of his maximum health.also each enemy Hero Corpes (take down),(Instantly) heal Meat Wagon for 12% of his maximum health over 3 second.(1 second cooldown and 10 mana cost for each saving minions Corpes).

D)Exhume Corpes

Active D to leave the corpes of enemy minions that saved with meat wagon,heal it for 3% of its maximum health per corpes.(1 second cooldown for Exhume each corpes.

Heroic Abilities

R.1)The Meat Wagon’s Runner

Cast it on ally Hero, cause him to stand on Meat Wagon for 10 second, Ally Hero get protected and Meat Wagon get bonus Health equal to 50% of ally Hero maximum health ,Meat Wagon also get 20% bonus movement speed, during this time Meat Wagon instantly kill minions if hit them and also deal 163 damage per second (5% per level) to nearby enemy Heroes and summons.

Ally Hero can stand off meat Wagon each time he want but this ultimate will be off after it.

If Meat Wagon is killed, ally Hero will be survived but with 50% of his current health.

(65 second cooldown and 80 mana cost).

R.2)Multi Shuts

Active it Continuously deal 9 basic attack damage on enemies within 2.5 second duration.(70 second cooldown and 80 mana cost).



1)Quest: Each regeneration globe is gathered by Meat Wagon, increase his health regeneration by 2.

Reward: after gathering 20 regeneration globes, permanently get 20 armor,reduce damage taken by 20%.

2)Quest: Each regeneration globe is gathered by Meat Wagon, increase his health regeneration by 2.

Reward: after gathering 20 regeneration globe, get 15% movement speed.

3)Quest: Each regeneration globe is gathered by Meat Wagon, increase his health regeneration by 2.

Reward: after gathering 20 regeneration globe, get 25% attack speed.


1)Increase Shut meat area by 40% and it’s damage by 30%.

2)Increase Healing received from Hero Corpes to 15% of Meat wagon maximum health.

3)Increase Plagued Gas Meat damage by 25% and also slow all enemy movement speed by 30% for its’ duration.


1)Increase plagued Gas area by 30% and increase it’s duration by 1 second.

2)Plagued Gas also reduce enemy healing received by 30% for it’s duration.

3)Plagued Gas also deal 50% of it’s damage dealt to enemies over 3 seconds after ending it’s duration.


1)Each stack of saving corpes,grant Meat wagon 3% movement speed.

2)every 15 second get a charge of Meat Corpes,heal Meat Wagon for 15% of his maximum health and also heal nearby ally Hero for 6% of his maximum health.

3)each stack of saving minions courpes also heal nearby ally Heroes for 4% of his maximum health.


1)Active it next Shut meat ability directely hit enemy with 50% more damage.(25 second cool down).

2)Increase Meat Wagon shape’s size by 20% meat wagon also deal 59 damage to nearby enemy.( bone blade).

3)Increase damage dealt by 20% but increase all basic ability cooldown by 1 second.


1)Reduce cooldown of Meat Wagon’s Runner by 25 second and increase it’s duration by 2 second .also increase bonus health gathered of ally hero to 100% of its maximum health.

Passive: get 500 maximum health.

2)Increase Number of Multi Meats from 9 to 12 and also reduce its duration from 2.5 second to 2 second .every 5 take down reset cooldown of Multi meats.

3)Active it to next basic attack get 2.2 more range and release Plagued Gas in a large area with 200% of basic attack damage for 3 second.(50 second cooldown).

4)your basic attack damage now release talented plagued gas on enemy.
Passive: get all benefit of level 7 talents as reward.

5)Increase effect of Regeneration for Meat Wagon and its near ally hero by 100%.
Passive:every 8 second a regeneration globe is created in Meat Wagon’s location.


Interesting…for a mount.


we have it as mount,and we can have it as Hero too,he will be like as Sgt.hammer,can do many ability and damage from high range…


If you can come up with some cool stuff for him good luck


I try my best.
I think you are some sad about me for recent post,it dont mention to bad thing,no problem.


Im not, just curious to see if you can make a hero out of a mount.


hi mr lalution,thx.
I am woriking nice and have good concept,i dont think that it is very hard,I am seriously work on damage especial aoe.
when it come out,we see that is not some strange and hard…

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thanks for your notic,now i release my concept about Meat Wagon Hero,please see it and give me idea and notice,thanks you friends,mates,Hots,Blizzard.

What is it note to?


I think you should redo the completely basic abilities of the hero.


I wanted to make it a little more special and difficult to game play.
I will make some changes to the range of ability if necessary, but I will not change the structure of build.
then,see my edit,i get easy the structure of Q,W and E,new edit have so more effciant and accessory.


Those are some meaty changes.

want bony changeS? :smiley:
some of edit is cause of edit in english word and sentetnses and i write some change about range of Q,W and E that make him better.

This kind of concept is not familar in hots especial for his people,this kind of ability more find in Wc3 and dota2 and maybe people tell it useless or not good in first see to it.
But it is very good ability,we can use 3 times a certain ability in differents range and damage and take down and minion killed refresh this cooldown.
This Build make him a usefull Hero that we can use it in front of every kind of enemy like as tank,healer,assassin.

Also this build has a tankish-supportive system that make a relatively strong bruiser of him and also he can replace his ally in battle ground and also will be a good supportive Hero.
Also i create some talent that empower this 2 phase…
This build maybe has a simple structure but it is usefull and I care more Hots situation and needs when i want to create new Build.


I think it might have been better to have a single, chargeable ability rather then 3 abilities that are almost the same.


Covid-19 :space_invader:

It can be effective, but we are talking about a game that should be fun. But playing on a meat carriage, having 3 identical abilities, I would be bored. Because, he always has a uniform rotation. There is no freedom and usefulness of combinations (These combo wombos that you shoot and show people that you won a fight / game using your abilities), he simply throws each ability at different distances. For ultimate abilities, I have no questions. They are original, interact with allies and they are funny. But to wait for level 10, so that once every 80/100 seconds to get the ability that is not like ns 3 out of 4, I would get bored.


Although I prefer past build,I respect to your idea mr lalution and mis waterlong and change my Build and tier level 4,7 and 13,also I change it’s role to Support.please see it again I think it is more better,and I should give a thanks to you Mr lalution and Mis Waterlong for your hints.


yes,greet,this new build is very nice,especial this saving courpes and Regeneration Globe in tier level20,I really this working system.


We’ll do soon some edit and change for Meat Wagon Concept for been more effeciant.Combination of 3 shut phase in Q as 1,2,3 key abilities and some Improving W and E and talents.

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looks dope
The Meat Wagon’s Runner is a bit like Anduin’s trait but combined with the Panda Barrel Ult. I like the idea.

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Yeah,when I was working on this ultimate,Anduin’s image while he is on Meatwagon constantly was coming in my mind all that time,although I did not know that you compare it with Anduin and chen,but i had them in my mind that time with out i find them.

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