My Wish and My Idea


This is my wish and my idea project

Welocome to your thread

We released these Hero’s Concepts until now as Bellow

First Step of The Project

1)Retribution Paladin (Retribution Paladin//My wish and My Idea).
2)Manaroth (Mannoroth//My wish and My Idea).
3)Pheonix (Phoneix//My wish and My Idea).
4)Cairne The Blood Hoof (Cairne The Blood Hoof//My wish and My Idea).
5)Spell Breaker (Spellbreaker,Guardian of Quel'Thalas//My wish and My Idea).(VIP).
6)Rework Illidan (Rework Illidan Suggestion for Hots).
7)Grommash Hell Scream (Grommash Hell Scream//My wish and My Idea)(VIP).
8)Kel’thuzad Necromancer (Kel'Thuzad Necromancer//My wish and My Idea).(VIP)
9)Lord Marrowgar .(Lord Marrowgar//My wish and My Idea).
10)Dwarf Rifleman Dwarf Rifleman//My wish and My Idea.
11)Crypt Fiend (Crypt Fiend//My wish and My Idea).
12)Theron Gorefiend (Theron Gorefiend//My wish and My Idea).briuser.
13)Meat Wagon (Meat Wagon//My wish and My Idea).(VIP)
14)Lady vashj (Lady Vashj//My wish and My Idea),Ranged assassin.
15)Unholy Horseman (Unholy Horseman//My wish and My Idea)Briuser.
16)Tychondrius (Tychondrius//My wish and My Idea),Bruiser.
17)Tassadar (Tassadar New Concept//My wish and My Idea),Support.
18)Archimonde (Archimonde Eredar Overlord of the burning Legion Force//My wish and My Idea),Bruiser.
19)Sindragosa (Sindragosa,Queen of The Frost Blood//My wish and My Idea),Ranged Assassin.
20)Spell Breaker the second build (Spellbreaker,Guardian of Quel'Thalas//My wish and My Idea).
21)Naga Gaurd ,Harpooner (Naga Army (Harpooner,Couatl,Snap Dragon)//My wish and My Idea).Bruiser.
22)The Couatl. (Naga Army (Harpooner,Couatl,Snap Dragon)//My wish and My Idea).Ranged Assassin.
23)Snap Dragon .(Naga Army (Harpooner,Couatl,Snap Dragon)//My wish and My Idea).Ranged Assassin.
24)Brood Mother Spider.(Brood Mother Spider and Overlord Arachnathid//My wish and My Idea).Melee Assassin.
25)Overlord Arachnathid.(Brood Mother Spider and Overlord Arachnathid//My wish and My Idea).Bruiser.
26)Footman Captain .(Footman Captain//My wish and My Idea).Tank.
27)Acolyte .(Acolyte//My Wish and My Idea).Support.
28)Mortar Team .(Mortar Team//My Wish and My Idea).Ranged Assassin.
29)Rework Anub’Arak .
(Anub'Arak rework//My wish and My Idea).Tank.
30)Huntress Naisha .(Huntress Naisha//My wish and My Idea).Ranged Assassin.

Second Step of The Project

1)Zeus. (Zeus//My wish and My Idea). Ranged Assassin.

2)Antonidas. (Antonidas,The Leader of Dalaran//My wish and My Idea). Support.

3)Grave Golem. (Grave Golem//My wish and My Idea).Tank.

4)Arms Warrior (Arms Warrior//My Wish and My Idea).Bruiser.

5)Headless Horseman. (Headless Horseman//My Wish and My Idea).Melee Assassin.

6)Hogger The Saviour of Azeroth. (Hogger The Saviour of Azeroth//My Wish and My Idea).Bruiser.

7)Tauren Druid. (Tauren Druid//My Wish and My Idea).Support.

8)Spider Queen Neithis (Spider Queen Neithis//My Wish and My Idea).Support.

9)Netherwing Drake (Netherwing Drake//My Wish and My Idea).Bruiser.

10)Lor’themar Theron Lor'Themar Theron//My Wish and My Idea).Ranged Assassin.

All of My Wish And My Idea options and cases are granted to Heroes of The Storm.

Dear Blizzard

My main goal was to create this great project,It was to motivate you to Increase the number of heroes who released each year, as well as to offer new and more diverse options to the game to increase people’s satisfaction and happiness.
In all the options and designs that have been implemented so far, as well as all those that will be designed in the future. We will do our best to implement a desirable ideal for the game. Of course, this ideal is not compare actually the options defined in the ideas of people and experts in this field. Rather, we will try to create a desirable ideal that fits the structure and design and needs of your game. In fact, our goal is to help Hots. It’s newer and more unique to have designs, and they don’t have any personal or promotional aspects.

All of the My wish and My Idea project belong to Heroes of The Storms and Blizzard,In fact, this project is exclusively for you, and also except for us, Daylan77,Shadowforst and Javadpashe,no one has the right to interfere in it.

Your helpfull and your constructive criticism and suggestions are valuable to us.We wish success to all our friends and forums’ member and managers.


1) I’d like to notice on a good parameter for creating Hero: (package) yes it will be very nice, we can create 4 or 5 simple Characters not big or massive as our next Hero.
I think it can be very good, some time instead of creating big Heroes like as Deathwing or Qhira or Anduin we can have 4 or 5 simple Heroes in a package,especial we can get them form Warcraft 3 Reforged like as bellow.

Human Package
2.Dwarf Rifle Man.
3.Knight Champion.
4.Mortar Team.
5.Spell Breaker.
6.Blood Elf pirist.

Night Elf Package
3.Ancient Protector.
4.Double Head Dragon (Chemisra).
5.Druid of The Talon.

Undead Package
2.Crypt Fiend.
5.Meat Wagon.

Naga Package
2.Naga Siren.
3.The couatl.
4.Snap Dragon.
5.Dragon Trutle.

Orc Package
2.Orc Grunt.
3.Wolf Raider.

2) As you know,one of my main reason for working on this forums and working on projects is augment of number of heroes that we see during a year,I place this as base for my work and all of my ideas and project will act in this way exact.

now I would like to speak with you about a Suggestion in this way,please note it,thank you.

As you know we have many options for invite a hero from Blizzard and nexus on Heroes of the Storm,like as Warcraft III Reforged that you saw I attach several concepts of this univers in my project,I’d like to speak about this subject,we can have new heroes each a year from Warcraft III univers in our game that I am sure this cause people so happy and also will increase amount of people satisfation of game ,sure it is true because Warcraft III as I mention grant us several options for a new hero.but I’d like to speak about a idea that can do this important in a good way.
I’d like to have a combination of new works (new reworks) of old heroes and new heroes we will have in game.

Consider These Heroes like bellow:

Zagara,Varian,Tyrande,Illidan,Tassadar,Abathur,Anub’arak,muradin, Arthas.

For each of these Heroes we can have several concept and builds,in really we can have several abilities and talents for each of these heroes.
I think it will be nice that we combine a build of an old hero with new Character of Blizzard like as Warcraft III.for Example.

1)Two new works of Zagara and name them Crypt Fiend and Spider Queen with new skins.
2)Two new works of Tryande and name them,Naisha and a build for a Archer with new skins.
3)New work of Varian and name him Captain of lordaeron with new skin.
4)New work of Illidan for another demon hunter with new and present skins.
5)New and different build of Tassadar and name it Lighting Elemental or another name with new and present skin.
6)New work of Abathur and name him Acolyte with new skin.
7)New work of Anub’arak and name him Overloard Archnathid with new and present skin.
8)New work of Muradin and name him magani or Brann with present skin.
9)New work of Arthas and name him lich king Bolvar with a bit of edit on Arthas skin.
10)New work of Meat wagon mount and make a new hero.
(Work is equal to Concept in this texts).

but Why this idea will be good?

Because in practice we dont force to totally make a new Hero,we can use of many of these skins that we already have and also many of skins will have soon,in this idea we will use of present skins and Heroes and with only a rework on each them we can make several new heroes that have new skins but they rise of old heroes.

In Summarize,with a rework of each present heroes and use of present or future skins,we can have new heroes,this cause to make new and attractive heroes with at least amount of cost,and also this forbidden of our limitation for making a new hero like as similarity in builds,similarity in skins,to have short less Important (been franchise or minion) and…

This idea maybe seem weak in first view but has potential base,please note and consider it,thank you Heroes of the storm

Thanks for your care attention and kind to people.


Mr lalution please help me.
Please get Lord Marrowgar suggestion and take part in it and give me some idea and opinion,I think this build dont be seen as enough as i had expect.
Please turn it more.
Thanks you.


Okay, I’ll take a look and say what I can say about him. So far, my impression is this: It is very similar to Blaze.


Mr lalution,hi have a nice day.
please see my build about Crypt Fiend and Darion and say your idea and opinion about it thank you.
you will be a good partner and helper for me,good job.


This is awesome and quite impressive! I really love how you and Lalution are bouncing ideas off each other for the builds. Hopefully we will see some of these ideas in-game!


Thank you very much and I hope I can get back your favor.
It is precious to me that you have such a favor.


Some ideas for potential Heroes to try is the 3 rulers of Argus(Velen, Archimonde and Kil’Jaeden), Warlords of Draenor(Blackhand,Kilrogg and Kargath), and Socrethar, though he could have a Leoric-esque build, depending on which version of him you use.


now I create 18rd suggestion for hots.I am going to create 30 concept suggestion for Hots,today I release 2 another Concept and in end of today I release my concept about Tychundrios…


Cool thread, but why did I get a notification from it?


I’d like to show my project as a Thread and it show my pefromance during time.


No no I was just confused lmao I made a dumb joke on your post and hadn’t really contributed much lmao. No offense taken :slight_smile:

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no problems dear friend Kethcup,
my english is not good maybe I can not understand comments well…
please use simple sentenses


Daylan,I have 2 suggestion of Naga Army as you working on this system.
Snap Dragon and Couatl. they are two intreset Hero I think will be nice for Hots,please work on them.
good job.


I am going to work on a concept about Tassadar, Archimonde,and Sindragosa and make them soon…
after them I start for Naga army builds…


cool,I sure help you on this.Tasadar Rework.


Hello Mr Calystol my dear Mate,I’d like to ask a question of you,please answer me,thanks you cause of I dont know especific person in this forum I decide to have some speak with you.

1.At sure,when we start to have comment about New Hero especial edit and rework for a Hero,people stand in front of us and start to say opposite comment,of course it is only a idea from them and i ignore them as much as i can.
But i want to ask you,what is your and system idea about adding new Hero?
I’d like to remove some of this barrier between people and system and see it from you.

2.Also I’d like to know it how Can i have right to Giving Concepts for Hots? Are they Consider my Concepts especial this purpose (My Wish and My Idea)In their views or it is just a simple Thread in their mind ?
Many Thanks to you.


Hello Daylan!

In regards to number 1, are you asking my personal opinion or that of the Hots team? I cannot speak for the Hots team as I do not work for Blizzard. I am just a community member like yourself so I don’t have any real insight into their system.

As for myself, I love new Heroes. New Heroes make the game more interesting and reworks are needed to help keep the game as balanced as possible. So much work goes into releasing a new Hero and reworks. With every Hero and rework, there are always unhappy players and it is impossible to please everyone.

In regards to number 2, don’t think that the Hots team thinks it’s just a simple thread. They are around viewing these forums more than most would think and do take in consideration members views and ideas. What you are creating here is quite a task and so very impressive so keep posting your ideas!!


and in contniue I am intrested to know it how can you get this MVP award in Technical Support part,which parameter you attach for receiving it?


Hello Daylan!

Here is more information on the MVP Program!

MVP Program

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Okay,thanks you.
now I am going to create concept about Archimonde and Sindragosa and release them soon.