Cairne The Blood Hoof//My wish and My Idea


A bigy and strong tank with its Kodo who that can alone withstand of multiple enemies.


Name:Cairne The Blood Hoof
Zone:World Of Warcraft and Warcraft 3.

Health Reg:6.91
Basic Attack damage:262
Attack Speed:0.83
Attack range:2.5


1)Shock Wave

Deal 175 damage to enemy in a line and slow their movement speed by 40% for 2 second.(8 second cool down and 60 mana cost).

2)War Stomp

Deal 211 damage to nearby enemy and stun them for 1.50 seconds.(10 seconds cool down and 50 mana cost).

3)Endurance Aura

Active it to grant nearby ally Hero 25% movement speed for 3 seconds.(10 seconds cool down and 50 mana cost).


Tauren Chieftain

Cairne Always have 25 armor,reduce damage taken by 25% also each enemy Hero take down permanently increase Cairne Maximum health by 1%.

Master Of Kodo

Cairne can summon a kodo,kodo has 2000 Health and always grant nearby ally Hero 15% bonus attack speed and 10 spell power in a large area.
kodo can toggle off or on while he is not in combat.
if kodo killed,give 0.5 take down to enemy, also his re- spawn time is half of Cairne.



1)Kodo Increase healing received and health reg of Cairne and ally heroes by 20%.

2)Basic attack against enemy Hero heal Carine for 6% of his maximum health.

3)Each enemy heroes get stun with War Stomp while hit shock wave before it,restore 7% of Cairne maximum health.


1)Increase armor bonus of trait from 25 to 40 but reduce health restored of take down from 1% of Cairne Maximum health to 0.50%

2)Endurance Aura grant Cairne 50 spell armor for it’s duration,reduce damage taken by 60%.

3)Each reg Globe gathered,increase Cairne health reg by 2.5 .
Reward:After gathering 20 globe,Cairne also can heal kodo for 150,(50 per level) health every 3 second.(6 second cool down and 30 mana cost).


1)Each enemy hero stun by War stomp reduce it’s cooldown by 1.5 seconds and refused 10 mana,also for each enemy Hero hit by War Stomp,the next Shock Wave damage is increased by 10%.

2)kodo also slow enemy movement speed by 15% in that area.
Pssive:Increase kodo movement speed by 10%

3)Increase basic attack damage by 25%,basic attack reduce enemy heroes healing received and armor by 10% for 3 second.

level 10


If Cairne killed by an enemy,After 2.50 seconds he sprite at his location with 50% of maximum health and mana.(75 second cool down and no mana cost).

2)Heavy Stomp

deal 424 heavy fire damage to nearby enemy and slow their movement speed by 60% for 2.25 second.(75 second cool down and 100 mana cost)

level 13

1)Quest:Each enemy Hero hit by Shock Wave increase it’s damage by 2.5.
Reward:After hitting enemy Heroes 20 times,it,s cooldown is reduced by 3 second and half of its mana cost is refued.
Reward:After hitting enemy Hero 40 times,increase it,s slow amount from 40% to 55% and it’s duration from 2 second to 3 second.

2)kodo burn nearby enemy for 47 damage and deal 50% more damage to enemy effected by slow,root and stun and also heal Cairne and nearby ally hero for 75% of this amount.

3)War Stomp reduce enemy Hero spell armor by 20% for 3 second.


1)Increase Movement Speed bonus of Endurance Aura from 25% to 40% and it’s duration from 2 second to 3 second.

2)Each enemy hero hit by War Stomp reduce cool down of Cairne Heroic abilities by 2 seconds.

3)Increase attack speed bonus of kodo by 10% and it’s spell power by 10.


1)increase current health and mana received by Recamation to 75% of Cairne maximum health and also Kodo can use Recamation,after dying instantly spirit in his location and get 50% of his maximum health.

2)Active it to kodo grants ally Hero a shield equal to 30% of their maximum health for 4 seconds.(30 second cool down).


Some changes and edits have been considered in the Cairne concept. Please visit concepts again and enjoy it.hopefully see him in the game soon.

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I will consider this issue.

ShadowForst is one of my friends and she cooperates with me in the project. And there is no problem in this matter.Probably strangers have used their flag right and have flagged my friend’s post several times.

We must be more alert in the forums.

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Maybe. It is necessary to write the posts completely So that there is no danger to them,right?

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w8 how does the Kodo work?
The trait seems a bit eh

I do like how he’s a tank that can buff movement speed. Don’t actually have Support tanks in HotS so far, the closest we have is Tyreal and Zarya as they can both shield and speed boost their allies.
But neither of them can peel divers so I don’t consider either of them tanks.

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Kodo is very same to Misha,but she dont take damage,has positive buff like as Spell power,Attack speed and etc,grant the buffs in a wide area to allies.

Cairne is a actuall support tank,has a stability same to Diablo (in term of amount/degree) and also has a good utility on supportive and also punch damage.

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oh… that could be a cool pet to have.
With Rexxar you have a ranged DPS and Misha who is fulfills the tank roll.
But with Cairne and Kodo (Kodo needs a name ;D) Kodo can just support the team with healing, armor, or speed buff or attack speed buff. Depending on talents.
I would prefer tho if Kodo was like Misha. Then it could be sent to intercept skillshots and capture points.
It’d be an interesting hero.

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It is just this. ;D

The Kodo ;D

Mocky,I had also a cool concept about Meat Wagon,look at it please,thanks.
(Meat Wagon//My wish and My Idea).

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sure, I’d love to

check out my hero idea too while we’re at it ;D

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