Leaver Status Bugged?

So, it’s mentioned before but the number of required games for having leaver status doesn’t decrease after playing QM or brawl. I’ve played 5 or 6 games for 3 requried QM and brawl and it still says i have a leaver status and i have to play 3 games.

Can you guys please fix this issue?


Hey PilotJones!

This season, leaver games now require you to Win the game to clear it and not just play them. This can be confirmed by mousing over the leaver status icon under your profile portrait.

In the games that you have played, have you won enough games to clear your leaver status?

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Thanks for clarification!

It is one of the most stupid change. I had to leave one game becuase I had to take care of my child. Now, every time I play the game 1-2 people immediatly leave the game and it is almost not possible to win. Thanks for ruining my experience with the game.


That is the most ridiculous change ever. Until you fix your AI to not be worthless and mean an automatic loss if someone disconnects or purposely leaves, this should not be a requirement. It’s bad enough that the matchmaking continually puts players with thousands of games with 2-3 players with games only numbering in the dozens.


The leavers bracket is cancer. pure cancer. DC’d today as they hooked power up to more homes in the area after hurricane rebuild… leaver status… 9 games later… Its not even the fact that wins are or are not happening. Everyone in the bracket is afk most of the time ensuring a loss


actually, i don’t even know why I am trying to put an effort into this.

I’m just gonna put the game down and let it go. Maybe ill look into it in a year or so.


I totally disagree with this move. Sometimes leavers status is due to an electrical outage or even waiting for long queue times and then missing draft (which has happened to me on several occasions. Having a penalty for these situations is up for discussion, but I can see Blizz point of view and possible difficult mechanisms to see why a person may have DC’d. So I am OK with this penalty and play my 3-4 games. But to make a person WIN these games is ridiculous since you have no control over the matchmaking in leavers and its possible to be stuck in leavers for 3, 5, 10 games or more! If that is the case, why would I continue to play the game? This feature needs to be reconsidered or have some other mechanism to address the leavers issue.


It is already painful to have to play those games because you have an issue that most the time is not your fault. Each game is about 15 minutes so I need to at least play an hour of a game I dont like to actually play the real game. But this is fair since I have a leaver status.

But with the new update, I need to win those games with, for the most part, other people who have leaver status so, most the time, there is at least one person who have real trouble with connection and is afk in game and we lose.

I have played 7 games and lost seven of them due to many reasons including afk people. So… I still have to win 4 games to lose my leaver status. This is completely insane and until you fix this, you will lose many players like me. If you want the person to win the game, make him play against computers at least.

So just to be clear if you do the maths… I am already at minimum 11 games I have to play x 15 minutes per game = 2 hours and 45 minutes. AND I’m still not sure to win those games… So I must play 3 hours of a game I dont like with sometimes toxic players just to play the actual game I want to play.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in a game.


Please change this update. My graphics card crapped out, and because of the game crashing, I have had leaver status for the past 3 days. Can’t clear. This is waaaayy to harsh for weaver games


This is legitimately the dumbest thing you people have ever done. If someones internet goes out in the lobby of a match, they have NO CHANCE to get back into the game to not get leaver status. Then you stick them with morons for 6 games in a row where they have no chance of winning and end up wasting their time. You guys make terrible decisions for this game and I truly dont know how you could possibly think these are the right choices.


Disconnecting from a draft lobby could be punished with a requirement to just play two games (or alternative - win just one PVP match because vs AI is too short length) in any mode outside of ranked (including AI) to make sure your internet is somewhat stable for the next match. It’s also pretty harmless and people won’t waste their time dropping draft on purpose if they have a buffer in between each try. Keep the ability to redeem lost points over the next 5-10 games, but don’t allow the user to redeem 100% of it, maybe two thirds to discourage the behavior. There still needs to be a consequence for wasting people’s time.

Disconnecting during the actual game should be punished with a requirement that you actually need to win a game, because you could either force quit, pull your internet plug and the game would not know if it was a lightning storm or you being mad and rage quitting. Either way you ruined the game for both teams by disconnecting, being intentional or not, so you should be encouraged to stop the behavior and actually try your best next time, hence the win requirement. This is the correct mindset how things should work. Repeat disconnects should be punished by additional game requirement, where players could either chose to win additional games in other modes to redeem good account standing or simply wait out 2 days without playing and win 1 match if the penalty total was 3.

  • first match disconnect - 1 game penalty
  • second match disconnect within period of X days since the first - 2 game penalty
  • third match disconnect - 3 games penalty (ok maybe still keep it at 2)

So lets say if you disconnected for the 4th consesecutive time in a certain time frame because your internet is a mess and you no longer feel like playing out of pure frustration. In order to participate in ranked mode again, one game per day would drop off from the total penalty down to a minimum of 1 win requirement after three days. No need to force people to play, let them take some time off to chill down and sort things out. They will stay bitter if they return to see maximum punishment still waiting for them.

It’s just a question of how long would it take for stacking penalties to start decaying and what the max number of punishment games should be. For extreme cases, certain thresholds should automatically trigger Game Master review.


Well, I just learned this the hard way. I had an emergency where I got distracted and didn’t make it back to the game before conclusion. Now I’m in the leavers bracket and can’t get out - I end up with leavers and AI or waiting 10 minutes for a match. The AI in this game is so bad, I’m not sure why I still play. This penalty is too hard to escape, especially when you have something happen outside of your control, as is mentioned here several times.

This game has limited development resources, but the stuff you prioritize is all wrong. You break things like this and break heroes that are fun to play, you create new ones that are ridiculously overpowered, but you ignore stuff like the broken AI, poor matchmaking, and pathing which hasn’t worked right since you started tinkering with it several years back. Or the fact that rejoining a game you get disconnected from takes unnecessarily long. Or the fact that you have to have 6 hours of down time each week. Or…


Haha wow this is ridiculous. Came back to the game after a long break, with a few penalised games. No biggie.

Proceed to endure the 10+ min leaver queue a few times. Play (and lose).
Huh, I still have the debuff?
Google, see this thread


Damn it’s so bad idea, leaver penalty is like a elo hell, please blizz change that back.

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This is insane, I could maybe see this for ranked matches, but I was in an unranked game, and got the “Desync!” bug (whatever it is). Now I’m in my 15th QM match trying just to win ONE FREAKING match, and it’s nearly impossible with the people you get matched with.


This is terrible. I played 7 games before realizing the mandate that I MUST WIN. The completely sucks the fun out of either quick play or brawl. I am shopping for new games to play now, and am confident to say I am not going to waste time on Heros of the Storm. This is yet another step of Heroes downward spiral staircase to irrelevancy.


Well how much fun do you think YOU suck out from rest of your team’s free time with that attitude, if your main goal is not winning, but rather having “fun”, experimenting or something else? You are allowed to have fun in QM but everyone in the match still expects you to try your best. Being a complete idiot in this mode is also frowned upon, just as not picking a healer in Brawl mode will make your team mad, because you will spend more time afking waiting to regen than actually playing.

Personal motivators should never be prioritized over winning. That’s the reason why all quests disregard their criteria completely and are completable in all draft modes regardless of satisfying said requirements, so you don’t mess up the game by failing to pick a healer because you have the quest to play something else. The very same reason all special event quests in this game have an added requirement of winning in addition to their usual stat-padding requirement, so that you have to walk a fine line between choosing to end the game when the opportunity presents itself, and risking to delay the victory so you can complete the quest by playing one game less. Otherwise people would just do whatever they are tasked with, losing teams would be farmed by prolonging the game, and you’d even risk losing by giving the enemy too many comeback opportunities, which are not rare.

You’re making too much drama around winning a single game match. With that attitude I wouldn’t want you on my team either, so whichever keeps you out the longest no doubt works best for the population of the game.

This is a bug report forum first and foremost. I could suggest you to make a post in the general section but nowadays with the removal of downvote feature I wouldn’t take any satisfaction from it. The change to requiring you to win the game to clear leaver status was made in good faith and is not at all unreasonable. Sure there are things such as 15 loss streaks, but that pretty much might as well be due to you tilting or playing bad. No reason to toss over responsability to other players. It is not particulary hard to maintain a 50-50 record, even when playing alone.

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well i didnt leave game it crashed during the draft process like picking heros. when i do quick match lets see ive had 2 games with 2 healers on a team (aba and ana in one) versus a regular comp and some other games where we had no tank, etc. The first qm game some zaga just decided to sit in base and trash talk. So, at least ban the players who get reported. And like, if the game crashes during the draft process, and it’s not you’re fault, be more cool.

This is literally the dumbest thing I have ever seen. With all the troll games with people disconnecting on top of throwing. D4 can’t come soon enough so I can have something else to play. Guess it’s back to FFXIV in the meantime.