Incorrect punishment for disconnecting

i have this penalty for disconecting on the last game wich isn’t true, and i can’t get rid of it, i played 3 times and it’s still there and is anoying bc i have to wait ages for a single match, please help

It’s now that you have to win your games.


How is that fair? Is there a blue post about this?


because you made a bad game for 9 other players?
Or forced them to requeue?

Leaver penalty, to my knowledge, caps out at 4 wins currently. And on average that is 8 games.

8 games for ruining a game for 9 players… seems reasonable?

The annoying part, and where they truly screwed it all up was not being clear about the change in a patch. That was a true failure of the development team, or whomever they have type up the patch notes.