Leaver Status Bugged?

well its worse when u did not even leave but got dc, and want to reconect to the game it the game only show each time u try to reconect that the connection is timed out.
and no its not my internet because i can still surf the internet or start a other game, but when i start hots i get connection timed out.

so now i am stuck in leavers que because when i finaly can play a game i am in games where more people keep leaving and giving me retarded ai.

Great plan to kill this game even more, and i think the do this on purpose so the can slowly let this game die and dont have to work on it any more.

Those people who constantly DC in your leaver matches, are in leaver matches because they constantly DC.

It would be polite for them to either fix their computer or their connection before going into live games again.

Don’t you think it’s better they’re contained in their own sandbox instead of contaminating real matches with constant DC’s? Not aimed at you, but at disconnectors in general.

Once they can fix their computer or connection and win a few matches, they get out of the sandboxed environment into real games again.

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i agree on that, but to not get out of leavers for people that had some bad moments is worse because then u just give them ammo to never touch the game again if the still in leavers from my last 12 games have won 1 because the rest was full of ai constant.

That’s the problem for me. I never afk in game but i did missed out some picks on draft, which is the most boring thing ever, and the game doesn’t even warn you that your hero was picked / banned, just flashing the icon would be enough for me.

But yeah, i opened xcom 2 and the game screen got tiny for some reason and i end up losing it, had to win 2 quick matches and in my 3 first matches, it wasn’t even that people there were bad, they were straight up trolling and trash talking the whole match…

If quick match wasn’t this troll infested nest and people there actually took the game seriously or if Blizzard punished people who trolled there, this punishment would be fine, but as it is, this is torture.

When your hero is picked/banned, a yellow (!) appears on top of the portrait and it starts flashing.

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Actually it cant be confirmed. Mousing over still says “completing” games rather than winning.
Funny that russian localization has it changed to winning. EU realm, just now had an argument with a friend over this.

Chances are they’ll master the art of CET by next season. They have this tendency of expressing everything in freedom units, even when aimed at EU audience.

No, i mean it would be nice if it flashed at the taskbar or even poping out the screen when its your turn to pick with a sound alarm like in League of Legends (or when this game do when you find a match), having to look at the screen for 5 minutes while people do their bans / picks is really not fun at all… Not to mention waiting for 10 - 15 minutes to even find a match.

The problem here is that there isn’t really a pick order, and the 3rd ban is after 3 people already had made their picks… I really don’t see what’s the point to ban something after they already had the choice to pick…

It would be way better and faster for everyone had a chance to ban at the same time, similar to LoL, select 3 people randomly and let their all ban in 15 seconds and move on, that way people (or me alone) wouldn’t want to alt and check facebook while people take ages to ban their things and end up forgetting the match is on.

People could pick and ban heroes very fast though. It’s a bad idea to alt tab during draft.

The safest way to alt-tab out is only after you have picked a hero. After that the responsibility is on the 9 other players finishing the draft.

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Yeah, and sometimes they can take ages, 30 seconds to ban one hero is just way too much, all the bans combined is like 1/6 the time of a regular match, and there’s still a picking phase to go through…
Imagine if each side had 15 seconds to ban, and instead of one leader who ban three, it would be 3 people banning one each. How perfect would that be?

Yes, i’m 100% at fault for alt tab when i should stay the whole 3 minutes waiting for bans, but things like this will always happen unfortunatly, and for some reason the punishment is the same as afking in game…

I just think it would be nice if the game would think about this problem, because the more players being locked away from ranked for being fumbling at draft (which could be solved with i proposed earlier), the longer will take to find matches for you and me to play.

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The initial timer is probably way too high. Nobody needs 40-60 seconds to first pick or ban a hero with no knowledge of enemy picks.

Unfortunately I think it’s there precisely due to alt tabbers, and that’s fine. No sane person is staring at the 10 minute queue personally. So they need a bit of a grace period once the match starts, forcing them to quickly ban something in 15s would be a bit drastic.

Subsequent picks/bans could easily be 15 seconds though.

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I was disconected at the end of the game when they show the mvp player … i reconnect after a, few second i have the leave buster ? WHY ? And we win the game !

Well, i think you can only disconnect when it shows your exp gain, anywhere before that i believe is count as a quit afaik

If you don’t understand why there’s the 2nd ban phase, you probably don’t understand the point of drafting either. It’s all about what you can get away with, waiting a little longer just makes the game more interesting.

If I pick someone who is highly counterable even in the second phase, I often wait until last second, that way the enemy has less time to think about counters (compared to me just locking it instantly and my teammate running the clock down for its’ full duration).

So even the timer itself can indeed be used strategically in draft. Many times it resulted in the enemy not picking obvious counters since they had less time to think and search the appropriate heroes.

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The second ban phase is not necessary in any other moba, i don’t see why would be here. And i really would rather not have to wait 5 + 10 minutes for the entire ban phase as is already really long.

All the heroes i pick i can play against anyone, if i can’t duel them 1v1, i’ll just group with my team, it’s really simple. The game is way more of how you use a hero instead of what hero you are using.

And neither is this the conventional moba you might be used to. For same reason people prefer this game over competitor titles.

Well, i don’t believe many people would point having to spend 1/3 time of a match at drafting as a good thing, each for his own i guess.

I do prefer this title for the creativity on heroes, not having to last hit, the camp mechanic, huge variety of maps, very good soundtrack, warcraft heroes (still waiting for Cairne :confused: ) putting a bot to replace an afk teammate is very clever and the community is not as toxic…

I did had some afk in my ranked and people who spent the whole match arguing and forgot to play but much less compared to others.

But if i had to pick which draft system is better, i would pick LoL’s over this one any day. I have never lost a draft (for alt tab reasons) in LoL, since the game pops up when the match is found, and when it’s your turn to pick your champion.

And if you happen to lose one, all you need to do is wait 5 to 20 minutes before joining a match. You won’t be forced to rumble with trolls in quick match and hope to god they don’t troll too hard so you can win, but there are times you will waste hours just to get back to ranked.

And while you’re waste your time in quick matches, people who are trying to play ranked will have to wait even more to find matches, and some of them will get bored and find something else to do.

This is my favorite moba after Smite and i would love to see it doing better, but i really think it could do better in those 2 areas (punishment quick match and way too long draft and with no pop up feature for those fumbling like myself), fixing those 2 problems would make this game perfect imo.

There is the longass reconnect time but it can’t be fixed so yeah. Other than that it would be perfect.

This is pathetic. I got a power outage this AM, lasted 30 or so minutes in the midst of a game. Now I’m in leavers status. I’ve now played 6 games all of which 1 or 2 people afk’d at the start and the competition is far harder than normal QM.

I’ve tested QM with leaver queue and without and in leaver queue it’s damn near impossible to get a win without have your friends queue with you to help. This new system is a pathetic attempt to have people play more, sadly it’s just pissed me off to not playing anymore. GJ on killing what used to be a somewhat fun game.

Great to see you are making final efforts to kill the game as soon as possible.
Goodjob losing the last players in your base, lol