Cannot get rid of leaver status

I needed to play one QM or brawl to resolve leaver status. 5 matches (mixture of brawl and QM" later, still have leaver status. This is absolutely infuriating. It has been almost a week now.

Leaver Matches now require winning games.


My only question would be then, why do I NEED to win in order to clear my leaver status? What’s the difference between winning or losing and not being toxic?

Also, I would like to report an issue of some sort, where I have somewhat bad internet connection and I SOMETIMES disconnect at the start of the game and at the end of the game. This leaves me with leaver status since I disconnect at the very end of my match.

well, it seems like you are answering your own question with your unreliable internet admission.

you need to win the games without leaving them because of issues like that. its not very fun for the 9 other ppl in a game to deal with a person that cant stay connected.

Hey y’all,

If you would like help fixing a connection problem, please try these steps and reply with a WinMTR test if you still need help.

If you want to provide feedback about the leaver system though, please post on the General forums.

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