Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes – November 12, 2019


Heroes of the Storm has just been updated with improvements below.


  • Multiple log-in improvements aimed to help future development of the game.

New patch has been released
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game breaking thank you very much


Good to see that after 4 weeks of waiting for any kind of update at all (ptr, balance, ANYTHING) we’ve gotten this excellent patch to resolve all our current issues with the game.

Should we just take this as a sign that we should stop expecting regular updates?


No, wait for tomorrow for the actual (balance) patch and calm your horses.


If we were getting a patch tomorrow they would just bake this bug fix into that patch


Maybe they want to release it early while they are finalizing the actual balance patch?

I mean this is considered a hotfix for a reason lol.


Today isn’t a hotfix day.


We don’t even know anymore what is hotfix day since last year, previously it was on Friday, now its random.


they could at least give us info on deathwings release date.


What balance patch? We have none to get for now. Balance patch will come with DW/gameplay update.

It used to be on Friday, but they also did hotfixes in other week days when it was really important, so who knows how important this one is.


Yeah this is another big complaint. They announce deathwing like 3 weeks ago and haven’t said a word since… No PTR, no ETA, not even a single update about his development.


Its been 3 4 weeks since the last one, it will come eventually.

Its not uncommon for patches to come by a week of a recent patch being released, like I said calm your horses, it will come eventually, panic for no reason.


You guys never get upset when you get login errors?


I always get login errors, so I got used to it.


haven’t gotten one like… ever

outside of times when blizz is getting ddossed or something


Yeah, how about you take a peek in #technical-support or #bug-report


I don’t need to, because it’s my laptop is weak to log in by first try.


blizzards inactivity on giving info about deathwing is extremely disappointing. nothing should stop them from giving out a release date even thought we all know hes coming to the game.


For those of you saying they haven’t shared any details on DW…

There was a comment in the blizzcon panel where they said the anomalies would come out with the new SL season and with Deathwing. So, my guess is that he comes out in mid Dec when the new season is out.