CDC #7 creation - Darion Mograine


A Tank/Bruiser mix, based on his stances, and with aspects of a Specialist.
Darion is a commander-type, flinging minions of the undead at his foes, up and personal and slowing and tearing apart enemies, or slugging it out with the other team and healing it back up… He also switches from Stance to Stance, varying in abilities.
"Born from the Ashbringer himself, Darion eventually became a paladin, following his father. After being wounded and pointed to where his father’s fate was and fought the Four Horseman in Naxxramas. He took up the Corrupted Ashbringer, his brother afterwards being decapitated by Alexandros’ spirit, fought at Light’s Hope Chapel and eventually sacrificed himself to the scourge to save the other paladins. After continued service to the Lich King, Mograine helped the march upon Icecrown and helped find 3 Horsemen later(Nazgrim, Trollbane, and Whitemane), but needed a fourth Horseman to complete them. After a failed retrieval of Tirion Fordring’s body, broken and battered, fell. But it wasn’t to be, for the new Lich King had a use for him, tasking the Deathlord with raising Darion as the Fourth and final Horseman. "
Appereance: Wields either Gorenzelg or Dual Slayer of the Lifeless and wears DK Tier 10 Sanctified Scourgelord.

  • Frontline

  • Fairly adaptable

  • Switchable role


  • Potential Difficulty for Inexperienced Players( Also may count as strengths, depending on which players’ inexperienced).

  • Can be taken advantage of when switching stances.

  • Can be overwhelmed by varied attacks.(related to the Weakness of switching stances.

Health: 2302
Health Regeneration: 4.8
Attack: 97
Attack Speed: 1.33
Full movement

DK’s and Horsemen are meant to simulate Mercs and Heroes’ Health, for head’s up.
1000 Health
25 Attack
Death Knight:
1900 Health
50 Attack
2500 Health
65 Damage
Use Asphyxiate to stun Heroes for .5 seconds every 12 seconds
2200 Health
75 Damage
Delivers quick bursts of Basic Attacks
2050 Health
50 Damage
Heals Minions, Mercs and Ally Heroes and does ranged damage/AoE to Enemies(Conveniently like an offensive Whitemane, but weaker and offensive)

8 runes ( 2 Unholy, 2 Frost, and 2 Blood)
Unholy follows the summoner and dots, Blood is tank and leech, and Frost is slowing and assassin. The themes are that they generally are for a specific purpose, so they need to be swapped for full efficiency. The stances are switched by a #1,#2, and #3 on the extra bar.Per stance, there’ll be an aura per stance similar to Diablo with the BS effect and they have their own effects with the stance on…Abilities can only be casted if there’s a Rune open for it.

Q’s have cooldowns of 6 seconds, W’s have 8 seconds, GP has 15 seconds,and MR 10.

Trait: Highlord of the Ebon Blade(activate-able): Locations where soldiers, mercenaries, and Heroes are marked and can be activated to spawn Ghouls(Minions), Death Knights(Mercs/Monsters), and Horsemen(Trollbane for Assassins, Nazgrim for Tanks/Bruisers, and Whitemane for Healers/Support. They have abilities, according to who’s raised.)
They travel down the lane from where they were raised, but attack Heroes that go nearby.(Similar to Azmodan’s summon admittedly.)It either has a cone or circle and has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

Unholy:(Has passive Ghoul)

Hunger of the Undead: Have 3 Ghouls run for a distance and leap forwards, stunning a Hero for .5 seconds.

Stone Pursuit: A Gargoyle chases a players with ranged bolts for 3 seconds.

Blood:(+ 15% Armor)

Death Strike: Strikes an enemy, granting 10% health on hit.

Marrowrend: Attack an enemy and spawn 3 Bloodworms that leech Health for Darion and die after 5 seconds.

Frost:(+15% Attack Speed)

Obliterate : Deals a high amount of damage

Pillar of Ice: Medium throw that trails with slowing area behind, but does a wide cone of damage behind the Hero it hits.(Ranged Seismic Slam)

Sacrifice of the Light: Lose 5% health per second, but deal AoE damage around Darion for a maximum of 10 seconds(cancellation is optional).
CD of 30 seconds
Might of Mograine: Buff Ally heroes(regardless of location, but increased by proximity) by +25% Damage and +15% Maximum Health for 6 seconds.
CD of 65 seconds
Horseman’s Charge: Ride across the map with the other Horseman with the option to land anytime, but spawn spawn a Horseman, depending on if a Hero is hit.
CD of 40 seconds

Lvl 1:
Unholy Frenzy:During Hunger of the Dead and a Hero/Monster is hit, the Ghouls deal continuous light slashing unless killed or expiring.
Ossuary: Every time a Bloodworm explodes, Darion gains a Bone Shield, reducing damage by 50% per stack and are consumed per hit.
Cursed Swarm: Stone Pursuit’s bolts explode on contact with Non-Heroes, dealing AoE damage worth double normal damage.

Lvl 4:
Voracious: Death Strike now converts -30% of it’s healing to shields.
Rime: Obliterate now procs twice when used on Stunned or Rooted Enemy Heroes.
Icecap: Pillar of Frost’s Hero Splash in now in a wider circle, rather than a cone and deals +20% more damage.

Lvl 7:Signature DK abilities that can be used regardless of stance(E ability)
Death and Decay:Thrown projectile that cause an area to damage enemies within.
Death Grip: Pulls an enemy towards Darion.
Wraith Walk: Become Invulnerable for 1.5 seconds with a 20% movement speed increase.

Lvl 10:

Sacrifice of the Light: Lose 5% health per second, but deal AoE damage around Darion for a maximum of 10 seconds(cancellation is optional).
CD of 30 seconds
Might of Mograine: Buff Ally heroes(regardless of location, but increased by proximity) by +25% Damage and +15% Maximum Health for 6 seconds.
CD of 65 seconds
Horseman’s Charge: Ride across the map with the other Horseman with the option to land anytime, but spawn spawn a Horseman, depending on if a Hero is hit.
CD of 40 seconds

Lvl 13:(Basic Attack upgrade and adds glow effect on weapon)
Razorice: Basic Attacks slow with -10% Movement Speed, reduce Spell Armor for -10% and stacks up to 7 for 2 seconds.
Fallen Crusader: Basic Attacks heal for 1% Health and Increase BA damage by 10%
Stoneskin Gargoyle: Give +5% Armor and increase Health/Rune Regeneration by +5%.

Lvl 16:
Ebon Vow: Highlord of the Ebon Blade’s Death knights now shield Ally Heroes with their health as a channel.
Fervor of the Patch: Now Hunger of the Dead can be activated mid-use to summon an Abomination that knocks back all Enemy Minions and Heroes in front of it with impact damage.
Call of the Highlord: Highlord of the Ebon Blade affects a larger area (approximately +30%) and cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds.

Lvl 20:
Tears of Blood: Sacrifice of the Light now leaves a damaging effect on the ground Darion treads and only deals 3.5% of Health.
Ashbringer’s Legacy: Might of Mograine grants +40% Health Regeneration and Darion’s Basic Attacks are AoE.
Eternal March: Horseman’s Charge continues to fly across the map until it hits a Hero(SGT’s Bullet),converting all nearby Enemy Minions/Mercs in an explosion as well.
Death Gate: Hearthstone cast reduced to 2 seconds(similar to Chromie) remains Ally Heroes and Darion to use, even in combat, for 10 seconds.


(variant of Bolvar’s situation and a timeline change like other skins)
Stormgraine: “At the Wrathgate, Alexstrasza’s fires didn’t save Darion, but Thorin’s lightning did, granting him energy and strength of the Titans.” Looks like Bolvar, but pulsing, tattered armor/clothing, and a thundering voice with a mighty echo.

Nephalem Ultimate: “The Highlord wandered lands of both Angels and Demons, wandering with no direction, searching for fellow Ebon, until he saw something familiar to what he saw when he was living: A glowing stone, both bright and dark. But it revived Darion beyond undeath and gave him foreign strengths of both Angels and Hell.” He looks like he has a power form and sounds both chaotic and calm at the same time.(alike Light and Dark combined in Bionicles)Could also be of Undead and Light in WoW terms.

Death Knight Hero (non arthas)
Next Hero after Imperius?
CDC #7 - Calling the Gamechangers
CDC #7 - Calling the Gamechangers

Total Score - 11/20

Just a note before I start, I think that this concept is in a weird place right now but has lots of potential.

Creativity - 2/5
Starting with Darion’s basic abilities, they feel generic overall. They’re all point-and-click damage, with Icy Touch coming with a small slow, Obliterate lacking any other mechanic, and Wandering Plague feeling like Sylvanas’ Shadow Dagger; none feel like they offer anything unique in terms of effects or targeting. The heroics are similar, basically standard for a Multiclass from Varian’s example. His trait is weird; the minion half feels like a copy of Xul’s trait, and the hero half is interesting but doesn’t do much with the idea of turning dead enemies against their teammates.

Cohesiveness - 4/5
Though Darion’s abilities feel lackluster, there is an overall cohesion and playstyle present in the kit, with Darion being good at whittling enemies down with DoTs and finishing them off with Obliterate.

Thematic - 1/5
Darion’s abilities do fit into the theme of a Death Knight, but the concept feels like it misses the contest theme hard. Darion feels just like another Multiclass hero in Varian’s image, rather than a game changer that brings entirely something new for other heroes to build off of.

Interaction - 4/5
Not much to say, nothing in the concept feels like it’d prove unfun to play with or against for other players. There is the slight problem of everything Darion does being point-and-click, limiting counterplay from his enemies.

As a final note, I hope that my criticisms weren’t too harsh; I think there’s lots of potential here, but the concept does miss the theme and lack in terms of interesting to use abilities. Since there’s a lot of ground to make up for future rounds, I’d like to give some pointers for where this concept could go. First, I think it’d be a great idea to take the Multiclass ideas in Darion’s heroics and rework them to be core to the trait. Using the idea of Death Knight presences (Blood, Frost, Unholy), I think you could turn Darion into an interesting spin on Multiclass that dynamically changes role in combat, instead of once with a talent choice. The ideas currently in the trait and in “other possible heroics” could substitute in for the heroics that would be changed. Second, just changing the targeting of Darion’s basic abilities and adding extra effects will do a lot in making him more fun and interesting to play; for example, adding skillshot elements to how Icy Touch and Obliterate are used.


No worries for the criticisms. Thank you, i will apply what you said and improve Darion. I think some of the purpose was to simulate Xul’s undead army, but more sophisticated and basing his Warrior/Multiclass - status off of Varian, perhaps too much.


Overall Score

Creativity - 3/5

Cohesiveness - 3/5

Thematic - 4/5

Interaction - 2/5

Total - 12/20

I just want to note before the judging that I think expanding the descriptions of the talents and abilities might help out a bit. There were several times where I was confused while reading the talent trees especially.

Creativity - 3/5

The new form is looking a lot more interesting than the last one, that is for sure! I think the rune mechanic from WoW would be quite interesting to bring into HotS, especially if used to create a melee ability spam character, something not yet seen. While the core is interesting, I find some of the actual abilities lacking a bit. While simplicity is certainly an important aspect for such a complex character, I think some abilities could use some finesse in their creation. All three of the Q abilities, for example, are just point and click damages, with some minor extra effects. I think each should have some more interesting mechanics baseline, like the Q dealing a burst of damage if the enemy has a bunch of Festering Rot stacks, extending the duration of Bone Shield, or ending a slow effect on the target to reduce enemy armor. These are just examples of how I think you could make each ability, and by effect each sub-set of abilities into a greater experience for the players. One major question I have for the character is how does Darion alternate between his abilities? Maybe I’m just missing it, but I don’t see anywhere that you specified how the stance dance would be handled. As for the trait, while different than Xul’s by effect of just having more effects, I don’t think this is a proper way to make an ability unique. I think you should find a more unique way to capture this effect. Capturing mercenaries empowers them with undeath, spawning death knights out of fallen enemy/allied heroes for super minion, ect. The first heroic feels way too much like Arthas’s for my tastes as well. Several talents could use some work, notably Voraciousness, Freezing Fog, and Nexus Darkness.

Cohesiveness - 3/5

The kit’s cohesion is mainly drawn together by the rune mechanic, but without a solid understanding of how changing stances works, it is hard to judge how effective the multiple kits works together. Several abilities and talents encourage weaving your abilities together to greater effects which is nice, but some abilities stand out of the kit. All Q abilities seem lacking in this regard, as does Haze of the Frozen. My biggest disappointment was how seemingly random the trait feels, adding new depth to the character when it isn’t really needed. It seems distant from the character idea, a remnant of a fragmented dream. I think taking it out or retooling it to a simple and more interactive element would do the concept some good. I also think the heroics could use some cohesive elements with their respective kits, as each feels non-related besides thematic. Another big part I find lacking is that by isolating each spec to a specific talent tier, you remove a player’s agency to specialize into a tree, and Tier 6 seems to further take away from Darion and put a focus on menial other objects. Another thing to consider is that there might be too much going on in the kit, overloading him more than any character in the past. Depending on how his stance dancing is handled, the problem might be alleviated some, but I think you should try cutting an ability from each kit and replace them with a single, consistent ability that might reduce the amount of abilities and output Darion can provide. Finally, I think the fact he has an AoE on his Unholy and Frost W’s, but the AoE for Blood is his E is an oversight which adds to the character’s confusion unnecessarily.

Thematic - 4/5

Multiple kits dedicated by a unique resource is an interesting idea to present, and something I can stand behind for the contest, but I’m not sure if it fully encompasses the idea of a gamechanger. The entire kit certainly does feel like Darion, possibly even to his detriment, as I think you might have attempted to force to much into the character.

Interaction - 2/5

The inclusion of summoning is inherently a risky idea, and by making it truly flood the battlefield with summons draws the attention from Darion and makes the entire experience more aggravating to face off against. Summoning should be handled very, very carefully. Another important thing to note is the blatant lack of skillshots or any sort of interactive force within the kit besides don’t stand near Darion. I think every ability could use some more interaction to it; right now he can effectively roll his face on his keyboard and expect positive results, which feels odd considering how complex the character is on paper.


Thank you for letting me know what to improve. I admiti tried too hard to express the stances and how they can go, but i will correct that.


Creativity - 3/5

While a character built around alternating stances is creative in terms of Heroes, otherwise, it feels… Lackluster. His abilities feel a little overly WoW-esque, and his basic abilities especially feel bland. On top of this, none of his talents particularly stand out to me as anything amazing or special.

Cohesiveness - 4/5

While his basic abilities don’t feel too cohesive, I can overall let it mostly slide. His Rune Mechanic feels a little pointless with his fairly standard cooldowns, however, which combined leads to my lowered score here.

Thematic - 3/5

His overall identity really feels like a WoW Death Knight, which is good. However, nothing here truly makes me think of Darion; I feel like any Death Knight could be here and I wouldn’t notice too big of a change. Additionally, while unexplored within Heroes, the Stances and Runes don’t feel like enough of a gamechanging idea, either.

Interaction - 3/5

A combination of some talents and his basic kit overall places me here in Interaction. His Frost [W] is a powerful longe-ranged slow that, as far as I can tell, is point and click, and is one of the primary offenders in my eyes. I feel like some tuning work needs done to some provided numbers and ideas to iron them out to a good place.

Overall Score

Creativity - 3/5
Cohesiveness - 4/5
Thematic - 3/5
Interaction - 3/5

Total - 13/20


Ok. I am beginning to tune/patch him to fix him up. To be fair, i was trying to base him on actual DK abilities to make him more realistic.


Cammykins - 63/100

Creativity: 6/10
Cohesiveness: 7/10
Thematic: 6/10
Interaction: 6/10
(+2 Thoughtfulness, +0 Game Fluidity)


And to some credit, Arthas take some abilities/Talents away.