Available maps in vs AI mode


am I going crazy or for some reason this game mode is limited to 4 maps after the patch when playing vs AI - my personal sample size is around 30 or more games any I am yet to see any other map

(I know that quitting a map and trying to recreate game in 9 AI + 1 player mode will make you play the same map that you just quit again until you finish it, that is not the case here)

braxis, battlefield, towers and cursed hollow - always those 4

in other full PVP game modes it doesn’t seem to be an issue, I have seen other out of the 14 available maps depending on game mode, but there might be something broken with the vs AI map availability

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There was a same problem on last patch as well, only map were Cursed Hollow, Sky Temple, Dragon Shire and Alterac Pass (only in AI vs AI mode with one player, five players vs AI was working fine). They fixed it a few days ago with some sort of hotfix. But now with Mal’Ganis patch this bug is back in.


Yup. I posted about this here too:


Same here - I play only 1v9 vs AI (on EU server).
I was so hyped when we should get finally all maps.
Instead - only 4 of them: Braxis, Battlefield, Towers and Cursed.

Any info about it? Hotfix or something?


Same here, except the sequence I’m getting is:

Blackheart’s Bay -> Dragon Shire -> Sky Temple -> Garden of Terror

And it just repeats itself over and over again in the same order.


Yup. Those are the ones I have been getting too. I only get different maps if I play coop. I like playing with an AI team because I can hit Escape to pause it if I need to do something in RL.


Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the reports! We are investigating this issue, and hope to have a fix as soon as we can. Please let us know if anything changes.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix

Highly limited map pool bug is back (Orphea patch)

I appreciate that. Thanks for responding.


I add from the last patch (which should include all maps except the Mines) and always against A.I., on more than 60 games I still haven’t caught “Tomb of the Spider Queen”.


Any update on this? I only play AI and this very limited map pool (Even though it supposed to be all) is very boring, and making me not want to play. There is something wrong with it, please see some of the graphs I made and posted on reddit regarding the issue (https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/9qoqf4/battleground_rotation_bias/)

I have now played at least 150 games since this all maps patch, and I have had no games on tomb, and only 1 on black hearts bay. While playing 30+ on Braxxis (Worst map ever)


The patch today seems to have fixed the issue, both with the limited map pool and the maps repeating on re-makes. Thanks.


This is broken again after Orphea patch.

Stuck doing Cursed Hollow, Hanamura, Garden of Terror, Braxis endlessly in that order again for vs AI


Exactly the same here.


It’s back yet again as of the Raven Crest High School content introduction, Novemeber 27th. I’m getting only the maps

Garden of Terror --> Battlefield of Eternity --> Volskaya Foundry --> Infernal Shrines

and back around to Garden. Canceling and remaking a game draws the same map until a game there is completed.

Please fix this again as soon as possible, and try to look into what can be done to keep it from continuing to recur every time there is a patch or a server modification. Thanks.


I’m sorry to keep replying to this, but this bug has been active once more since December 1st. Limited map pool bug back yet again

It had resurfaced a few days before that on November 27th and was quickly resolved, but it soon again returned and is currently active as of today, December 4th.


I’ve never encountered this before, but after December 1, the vs AI map pool for me seems to be limited to just Gardens of Terror, Volskaya Foundry, Battlefield of Eternity and Infernal Shrines, and I’m getting quite sick of playing those maps. If I wanted to play the same old maps over and over again, I’d go play League of Legends instead.


Hi folks!

Just to drop a quick update, this is something we are still actively investigating.

Thank you for your patience.


Limited map pool bug back yet again

Thank you for your response, we know you’re particularly busy this week with the sensitive testing on the PTR.


Can confirm this is broke again, I posted about it before on reddit. It was fixed for a short while but has since been broken again.

My Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/9qoqf4/battleground_rotation_bias/

More new reddit posts: https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/a3pq16/limited_map_pool_in_vs_ai/


For whatever the information may be worth, as of the night of Thursday, December 6 my map pool changed to:

Towers of Doom -> Battlefield of Eternity -> Warhead Junction -> Dragon Shire

…though all the same behavior still persists, i.e. canceling and remaking a game draws the same map, the four maps follow one another in a closed sequence, etc.

Note that this is the first time I’ve had a set that did not include either Hanamura Temple or Garden of Terror; however, there were recent minor tweaks to Dragon Shire, which might explain its presence this time in the absence of the two more thoroughly overhauled battlegrounds.