Available maps in vs AI mode


Just to add to this thread, I wanted to confirm I have this problem as well - the first four maps I was stuck in were:

Sky Temple > Infernal Shrine > Spider Queen > Warhead Junction

As of the morning of December 7th I can also confirm that my map rotation has changed, but still stuck on four maps… Now I am stuck with:

Blackheart Bay > Towers of Doom > Sky Temple > Infernal Shrine

I am particularly upset with Towers of Doom… I hate this map… And to have Sky Temple as one of the maps again is pretty unfortunate as well…


This bug is still active as of the Toys event patch. My map pool is now:

Volskaya Foundry --> Sky Temple --> Warhead Junction --> Battlefield of Eternity

with all the prior described behavior. Please fix this—even temporarily—as soon as possible. Thanks.

Toys event, Same 4 maps over and over

Just to add to this thread in case it helps with solving this issue, my new maps are:

Braxis Holdout -> Alterac Pass -> Towers of Doom -> Tomb of the Spider Queen

Is there any way to follow updates with this issue? I only enjoy playing with ai so this is becoming an incresingly frustrating problem for me.


i am also stuck with the same four as sickroom v frustrating i like playing vs AI to just relax and kill time this needs fixed


I’m facing this issue vs AI as well. My maps are Volskaya Foundry --> Sky Temple --> Warhead Junction --> Battlefield of Eternity.


The bug seems still to be active in the balance patch that was released today, Wednesday, December 19.

Please apply any kind of fix as soon as possible, as I’m sure we would all enjoy some variety during the event grind. Thanks.


Wednesday Dec 19th the same 4 maps Volskaya Foundry, Sky Temple, Warhead Junction & Battlefield of Eternity are still reoccurring in the same order. This has been happening since the Toys Event beginning update on Dec 11th. I know I’ve already posted this but it kind of ruins the event.


As of the late evening on December 19, my limited map pool changed to:

… --> Cursed Hollow --> Dragon Shire --> Tomb of the Spider Queen --> Alterac Pass --> … Cursed Hollow --> …

with all the prior described behavior.

Low priority though the issue understandably might be, it has been active for far more time than it has not since August. I am a coder and cannot for the life of me figure out what could possibly be so difficult about fixing this problem permanently in a time span of four months when the solution has actually been realized—accidentally or else wise—in between the returns to broken behavior. After the first two months or so I presumed to speculate as to what the culprit might be, but received nothing whatsoever for a response.

The current in-game event is now more than a quarter over and we’re looking at the likelihood of yet another full week of four-battleground purgatory, with no indication other than a two-week-old response, which thus far has transitioned to no substantive results, that the issue will be resolved before the event has fully concluded.

This is getting very, very discouraging.


Still having the same issue. It’s been nothing but Blackheart’s Bay, Tomb of the Spider Queen, Dragon Shire and Sky Temple since the Toy Event started. Vs A.I mode.


I didn’t know this was an active problem, but I can confirm that ever since the toys event it was Blackhearts, Dragon Shire, Tomb and Sky Temple

Although with Imperius’ patch blackhearts and tomb seem(for me that is) to have been replaced by Alterac Pass and Hanamura.


I have had a similar change since the Imperius patch. Alterac Pass - Hanamura - Sky Temple - Garden of Terrors.


Similar issue for me too, since toy event.

Dragon Shire, Sky Temple, Volskaya Foundry and Battlefield of Eternity.



Still happening for me too, Dragon Shire, Sky Temple, Volskaya Foundry, Battlefield of Eternity.


I’ve been stuck with the same problem for awhile now as well. this is becoming unbearable.


It has been said since October that this is still being investigated. I think the best thing we can do now is to continue to post on this issue as it still occurs. As of right now since Jan 7th I’ve had Dragon Shire, Sky Temple, Volskaya Foundry and Battlefield of Eternity in an endless loop. It’s now the 22nd of Jan and nothing has changed in the map rotation. I’ll continue to post updates if anything changes. Anyone else having this still happen, please post and make your voices heard. This needs to be fixed.


Probably not just ai.

old.reddit.Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts. com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/aij6a9/160_games_since_jan_1_only_1_volskaya/
old.reddit.Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts. com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/aim88h/is_alterac_pass_out_of_ranked_map_rotation_i/


I guess this is the specific place where we’re supposed to keep repeating that this is still broken.

Imperius follow-up balance patch, January 23. Same four maps I had before, Volskaya / Shire / Temple / Battlefield. For the first time with an update since the bug’s inception, literally nothing at all regarding the latter changed—not even the contents of the battleground subset.

Looking clear now that the issue will span the entire extended holiday event and surpass six months in total of activity.


It’s still the same here. The hero rotation changed as per the norm but the same 4 maps are still occurring. Volskaya / Dragon Shire / Temple / Battlefield.


Same here. As of latest patch, still no change. Same four maps over and over. :expressionless:


It’s now the 26th of Jan and still no changes in the same 4 maps.