After the Last Patch, cannot open game on MAC

Confirming Fidibus’ solution is working. Thanks so much!

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bro you are the best! Thank you! :heart_eyes:. God Bless!

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My girlfriend uses a MAC, and had this issue as well. Fidicus’ solution fixed it. Blizz owe him an xp boost!

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That worked indeed, thanks Fidibus!
"Go to System Preferences -> Sharing -> Computer Name. (and change the computer name) "

@Fidibus: Bro, you should be honored from blizz (or payed)! It also worked for me!! Thanks a lot, mate!

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shoutout to @Fidibus for the solution, Good job man!

I’m sharing it in the EU forums as well.

Have a nice weekend folks!

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@Fidibus worked for me as well <3
Blizz guys should pay ya!

Thank you very much. Blizzard should be paying you.

Crashing here too. 10.13.6 – “Heroes quit unexpectedly” right after launch.

Someone at Blizzard should drop a few hundred thousand gems on this dude. Worked 100%. Thanks Fidi!

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Worked for me too. All hail Fidibus!

Thank you for the workaround, Fidibus!

We added it to the bug report. :slight_smile:


Change Computer Name
This just worked for me. Thanks Fidibus!


Can Confirm.

Fidibus’s workaround works!

On an iMac Pro 10core running 10.13.6

Personally, another possible solution (it worked for me) is inside the game, under options, change the server that is connected, unchecking the “Choose the best server” option and select any one of them.

The game was back to normal at the same time!

Hope it helps some people!

how are you going to choose a best server if you can’t open the application… I think you got the wrong thread mate.

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10.14.3 and not running.

What computer name should I put in?

This also worked for me! Changed the hostname, then changed it right back to what it was originally, an the game suddenly launches & works.

The game still doesnt work for me after the last patch. What hostname should I put in? I’m not sure what I have to do. Thx :slight_smile: