Game Crashing after new patch on Mac

Since the new patch, every other game has resulted in a crash, Twice, when I was rejoining, I crashed during the rejoin screen repeatedly and could not return to the game.

This issue happened to my brother as well, and we are both running two different Mac desktops.

I have not noticed anything in particular I’m doing, and I run HoTS without background programs open

I’m on day 2 of not being able to log in. It crashes in after the patch. Really wanted to browse new price scheme and play at night (try to play every night).

try posting your error logs. maybe if there is something going on it will be in there and someone may be able to help with it.

My MAC has this kind of issue. When I start the game then crash directly.
So I tried to search the error report name is “error.txt”, the path is not useful. Thanks.

OldCat, many Mac users are reporting that the game crashes on launch after the most recent patch.

Mac crashing support thread

Yes ALL mac users are affected. This has been escalated yesterday but complete silence on what is happening.

Another Blizzard pukefest on how to listen to your players?

Day 3 and now the new patch does fix it either

Be sure to post on the Mac forums if y’all are having issues on Mac. There’s a few threads regarding this as well as a workaround\fix. Can find that here.