Heroes doesn't work since the new patch


I never had problems running HOTS but since the new patch, i can’t play. I tried uninstalling battle.net + HOTS a few times but nothing works. All of my other Blizz games work.

What can I do?



Nothing, it is just not working with High Sierra and the new Mojave as far as I am informed.
sorry, I know it is Friday…

see here: After the Last Patch, cannot open game on MAC - #120 by Werther-2828


Most mac users are experiencing problems, this is the link of the main thread. After the Last Patch, cannot open game on MAC - #102 by Fidibus-21406

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Thx, I just realized that everyone has the same problem. Goddamit, Big Cho is waiting for me, Lil Gall. Poor big guy, he must feel so alone right now…:grin:

Downloaded the Feb 15th update after the Feb 12th update resulted in instant crashes. HOTS still doing the same thing.

Apparently I’m not able to reply more than 3 times on a thread, so updating here.

This is something that’s being looked into. In the meantime, the info here should help.

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This works.

If you are looking for a fix please do so.