Zephyr/game crash

Since November 2 of 2021 the devs and community moderators prefers to ignore this bug and prefers to don’t give any answer to us, even when a community manager (GnomeSayin) was quoted and asked directly about this bug, they prefer to ignore us.

Excellent work as expected from workers of a indie company like Activision Blizzard. (sarcasm)

It seems that they didn’t learned that about “The customer is always right”, and instead it is better to ignore the customer and make him hate this company due a lack of support and a lack of conversation.

Happens to me on Android cellphone and windows PC. Swapping network doesn’t help. Zephrys the Great causes gamecrash not only if I play it, but also if the opponent plays it.

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Please fix it, lost 2 games just because could not get back to the game in time to pick the card

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They will just keep ignoring customers.

This is literally speaking the thread with most views and answers if you scroll down the forum x10 times, except for the official thread of 21.6 patch, which doesn’t count for this.

It is like this since 2 November, 2021… and not a single official statement from devs. neither from CMs…

What a waste of employees in this “small indie” company.

removed the Sphere of Sapience from the deck and it never crashed since, so I am pretty sure is some sort of interaction with the weapon.


Thank you, buddy. I confirm on my side exactly everything you have said.

See, this end-user did more by writing a short comment in 30 seconds to bring us a temporal workaround, than anything these developers and community managers and moderators did in a whole month, that is, absolutely nothing.

Now that there is a certainty that there is a correlation between Sphere of Sapience and Zephrys, and as long as the developers wants to start doing their work before year 2030, they could more easily detect what causes this bug and put a definitive solution on it.

When can we see that they solve this bug?, I don’t know, because they have been ignoring us all for almost a month, since November 2, 2021. And it has been a caring user who has had to come to the rescue to try test remove some cards and finally offer us a temporary solution. This end-user did the work that the employees should have done. What a shame for this company.

Fix zephyrs pls
Fix zephyrs pls Fix zephyrs pls

seems they fixed it i ve been playing zephyr the last few days without crashing

and since my opponent never rope the turn after i play it i think thgey didnt crash either

You probably don’t have Sphere of Sapience in your deck as a previous user seemed to prove that is what causes the crash, can confirm still crashing this morning with Sphere in my Maestra Reno Tradeable Purifier deck

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that must be it

and you seem to be playing something similar to what im trying to do

what do you run to take advantage of maestra ?

and which rogue cards should i run if im trying to take advantage of tess in a highlander deck ( zeph is pretty much guaranteed to give you jaraxxus if you play it on turn8)

Hey, Maestra is really fun I’ve been working with her for months and excited about the new cards coming so I have lots of tips and ideas. I think I added you but add me rubellalykew#1478 and can talk all about it, not in a Zeph bug forum :slight_smile:

yes my game hearthstone, crashes all the time against (mrusaik), warrioe against warrior.