Playing Activated Zephyrs Crashes The Game

When I play activated zephyrs it crashes my game. When I relaunch I can pick from the three options normally. I’m on Windows 10 and I use a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB graphics card.


Same here, I think it has something to do with the new patch as this has never been an issue for the past three years or so for me


I think hearthstone is killing all highlander deck and push aggro and pirate


Same here.

The game crashes most of the time when I play Zephrys after turn 5 or so. Playing Zephrys on turn 2 seemingly doesn’t lead to any crashes - this could have been a coincidence though (I played Zephrys on turn 2 a couple of times to get Wild Growth without a crash).

The bug occurs since patch 21.6 (Deadmines Mini-Set). I’ve played Zephrys countless times before the patch, which never lead to any problems.

I’ve got a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB graphics card (Lenovo Legion Y520 notebook).

Fingers crossed this will be fixed soon, it’s really not fun to play like that.


Yeee, same here, game crashes as soon as I play the card


And they still didn’t fixed it…

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Its crashing almost all the time for me. Brillant macaw doing zeph bc does not crash. The crash happens before discover even shows.


They released a new patch, and still didn’t fixed this bug.


This company is going to lose a lot of users and money due this. Because PEOPLE CAN’T PLAY THE GAME.

removed Sphere of Sapience from the deck and it never crashed since, pretty sure its some sort of problem with zeph and the weapon

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Thank you, buddy. I confirm on my side exactly everything you have said.

See, this end-user did more by writing a short comment in 30 seconds to bring us a temporal workaround, than anything these developers and community managers and moderators did in a whole month, that is, absolutely nothing.

Now that there is a certainty that there is a correlation between Sphere of Sapience and Zephrys, and as long as the developers wants to start doing their work before year 2030, they could more easily detect what causes this bug and put a definitive solution on it.

When can we see that they solve this bug?, I don’t know, because they have been ignoring us all for almost a month, since November 2, 2021. And it has been a caring user who has had to come to the rescue to try test remove some cards and finally offer us a temporary solution. This end-user did the work that the employees should have done. What a shame for this company.