Zephrys Hotfix - August 8, 2019

We’ve recently applied a hotfix in all regions to implement the following bug fixes and adjustments:

  • Fixed a bug where Zephrys sometimes didn’t handle enemy Divine Shields properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Zephrys sometimes didn’t handle Poisonous properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Zephrys didn’t consider that buffing a 0-Attack minion would let it attack that turn.
  • Taught Zephrys how Doomsayers work.
    • As a rule, we don’t plan to teach Zephrys about individual card mechanics and interactions. However, we’ve made a one-time exception in this case since having less-than-perfect offerings from Zephrys when trying to find an answer to a Doomsayer could cause you to lose your board or end up with no good plays for the turn.



Thank you for making these changes so quickly, I’m really loving Zephrys!


Loot box pricing? My dude. You’re playing a card game. Card games have always been like this. You buy packs and pray to RNGesus. It’s honestly a lot cheaper than other physical options out there. I spent $130 on opening day and I have most of the cards I want. That wouldn’t be the case in other card games. The dust and crafting is just an excellent bonus. At least I’m not being gouged for universal cards like Ziliax.

As far as powercreep goes, these sets wouldn’t be fun if you just give us a bunch of okay cards. Look at poorly reviewed sets like TGT and Karazan. I’d honestly take a little powercreep to keep the game interesting than getting sets that don’t improve/change the meta.

Just enjoy the meta while it’s evolving. The first week or two is the absolute best time to just experiment and try fun things with the game


Despite the fact I don’t play highlander decks, I always appreciate hotfixs, said that, can you please do something about the bigger problem that Dr.Boom is? honestly, any warrior archetype has around 60-70% of win rate, any kind of control deck cannot compete with Warrior because it will build up to over 40 points or armor in a 40 min match that either you lose outtempoed, or in a tie due time limit.

Warrior has an insane amount of removal plus Dr. Boom Mad Genious weaponizing every mech into a removal due the permanent rush, Dr. Boom Mad genious alone has better Hero power than any of the new released quest, c’mon.


Shaman beats control warrior. He has more boardclears, more value, and can use Ely twice.

Just play “No-Spell” Mage, beats everything.

You mean like how everyone said chill bomb warrior was just evolving last release? I must have missed that watching HS e sport and the 90% warrior match ups. I think the “evolving meta” you speak of is mostly over due to pre release to streamers and others. AAANNNDDD yet they won’t fix obviously broken cards and quests. Think I’m wrong you remember the old rogue quest don’t ya how long did it take for them to nerf it again? Even the streamers that blizzard pays have stated alot of these cards are broken. So I think my requests are not only fair but warranted.


Devs and CM’s are too scared to answer my question’s. Plus I think blizzard has a policy about actually being untruthful anyways.

Or I can buy the card online off somebody else. Or trade.

Hearthstone has neither. Stop trying to compare physical card games to digital. Imagine trying to defend loot boxes.


It sounds like you have a fundamental problem with the design of the game. There are lots of games that match what you’re looking for, you may find more enjoyment in them?

I wish Hearthstone had more first-person shooter elements, and that it had better single-player character development work, preferably with multiple romance options to choose among. But I’m pretty sure that adding those features to this game would be contrary to the aims of the developers so I’ll just look for those fixes elsewhere instead of griping that they don’t make exactly the game I want.


Lol funniest response in ages. Funny because it’s true.

Uh, what? Did you read what I said? It was nothing about the game, just that digital ard games and physical ones are different.

And loot boxes are still horrible any way you cut it, that is non negotiable. I play Hearthstone because I still like the game, doesn’t mean I have to agree with card packs.


Zephrys Know nothing about fatigue.
he don’t give card that refill our deck or kill the opponent with draw.

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I would love if blizzard added that he could silence frozen minions so they could attack. Especially since both big base damage minions(quest pally) and freeze mage are in the meta. Also Zephrys should 100% be an option for a profile picture.


Yopsolo, what basic or classic card refills your deck or makes your opponent draw cards? When you answer that question, you’ll know why zephyrs doesn’t work with fatigue.

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nothing about the daily quests bug ? there is a thread with lots of people complaining about not getting new daily quests since expansion release

Hi dear, I think there is a problem with zephrys relative to the paladin card that doubles the care and he does not consider. Round 9, I have a the replay link…


Cant believe I fell for this and crafted this scam of a card. Im at 2 health, 7 free mana after playing this card, my opponent has frozen Shudderwock on board and I dont get offered the perfect card - Holy Fire. I dont even get offered a single healing card. Instead i get 3 useless cards. I dont think the “perfect card” phrase should be anywhere near this card.

Do you mean Crystalsmith Kangor?