Updating to 16.4 on iOS

Hi all,

We’ve identified an issue with patching up from 16.2.3 to 16.4 on iOS where players will get stuck in an endless update loop.

We are working towards bringing a client patch to fix this issue tomorrow. In the meantime, you can update to 16.4 by uninstalling and reinstalling Hearthstone. Thank you for your patience until then.


I’m seeing feedback from a lot of folks trying this and being met with problems. It seems to be affecting some Android users as well.


Me and my friends found an issue on android, it updated just fine it just freezes on the loading screen. We have tried to uninstall and reinstall the game but it still freezes.


Can we please have better iOS support in the future? We seems to have had several issues with iOS updates that are not experienced by other user groups. More attention in development and testing for iOS users would be appreciated.


Agreed. They had issues with the last patch, too, not being able to update on mobile devices.


But you failed to mention that the game still fails to load properly after reinstalling on my iphone. I can’t clear my quests = wasted quests.


The suggested fix does not work, I have unistalled and reinstalled 3 times and each time I get booted out of app during login process. Please advise on a timeframe for fix


Blocage toujours actif même en desistallant sur android

Frustrating that a patch on a mode I can’t play has rendered the remainder of the game inaccessible.

iOS shows me as fully updated, HS still redirects to the App Store.

One star from rank five and zero faith this will be fixed before the season ends.

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I’ve updated my game to the latest version but I can’t access my account ; it appears my account have been reset to the very beginning when i played it on mobile (i’m currently using iPhone). But when i logged in from my PC, the account is still where i left. I do appreciate any kind of help for my problem here. Thanks a bunch

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Je pense ne pas être le seul que ce sois sur mon gsm ou sur la tablette la mise à jour tourne à l erreur en boucle désinstaller ou mise à jours aucune solutions actuellement ne fonctionne …

It’s fun having to reinstall a 4 gb app on a semi regular basis. /s This is like the fourth time I’ve had to reinstall the app. Not fun when you have data caps


Je suis rang legnde et maigres leurs soi disant astuce on peut jouer c bien la maj se lance mais si ça freez ça sert à rien de dire de réinstaller pour rien mdr

Sounds fixed on IOS but troubles still existing on some android devices

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Nop, the game still crash on the screen with the logo “hearthstone”…

Still super broke on my Android tablet

Not working on Android. How will we know when this is fixed? Really pathetic…