Tyrande, oh where oh where: Cont'd


I decided to buy a good skateboard instead of new disgusting portrait.
I will have real adventure and lot of fun.
If somone is still considering, think what you can buy for $ 80.
Pierce your eyebrown or nose, buy cool headphons to listen music outside , spend cash for clothes but please, please do not support the bloodsuckers.


Exactly! We’ve tried being polite about it for the better part of two years, and all’s we’ve gotten in return is a lot of sunshine, empty words, and radio silence.

Perhaps an outright boycott would get them to actually take things more seriously. Considering where they are right now financially based on their last quarterly report, and desperately they’re pushing the promotion for this release, they really don’t need to be losing any business…


We are of one mind. It didn’t take me a long time to figure out that every “Blizzard hater” was once a Blizzard fan.

I checked the patch note today and it’s purely depressing to notice that there won’t be any news for at least 2 months or so.

But still I want to thank the brave Italian CM to stand out and make a blue post. Why can’t our CMs do this here?

Honestly this is just heartbreaking to notice that I now hate the game I once loved : (


Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that he replied, the problem is that what he said is just what we already knew and what we were told many times.

The fact that they keep avoiding setting a date for Tyrande means she can come back in 1 year or in 5, so the “we want to bring her back” is not that valuable when years pass with no news.

The community want NEWS, like being told why they are not releasing her yet, if there are problems or even trying to Set a release date.

Saying the same thing over and over without doing something to actually solve the problem or even try to communicate more will just makes Blizzard lose money.


Exactly! All’s they’ve done is give innuendo, smoke and mirrors. Nothing of any real substance, and a whole lot of talk about how much they “care” about this issue. They gave a return window, made a promise and blew right past it without so much as word about why they did nothing about even the stuff they had 100% control over.

It’s all stalling and delays at this point, and it seems like they either want us all to go away or something. Because at this point it really seems like they were serious about this, they would have done something to show their good faith on this. Instead, just more of the same.


I know I’m probably going to get down voted for this in this thread, but I still really enjoy Hearthstone. I’ve been playing since 2015. Lately, the game has been really stale because the meta has been the same for quite a while; however, with the rotation everything is starting fresh again and I’m really excited.

It’s really a shame that Blizzard is not being more transparent about Tyrande and there are people who are really offended by this. With that said, it is a cosmetic item that does not impact game play.

The only reason I’m saying this is because I’m reading comments about how Blizzard is a terrible company and people should stop supporting them. I disagree. If you want to stop supporting, then that’s fine. I really enjoy Overwatch, Hearthstone and Diablo 3. Blizzard still makes quality games and their games have very long lifespans.

I’m just saying, lets put things into perspective.


Yes, yes… I know I’m too negative on this (and so does everyone here).

You sound exactly like me 2 years ago, when I first discovered this problem, but times change. When I was lurking on the old forum thread and reading everyone’s posts, there were anger, desperation, and hope… Yet, hope faded. I tried to be patient but from November 2017 to December 2018, their actions and responses slowly devoured my last bit of sanity…

Well I did quit (and disenchanted all my HS cards) but the main reason why people are angry here are mostly because a promise long while ago.

Good for you. Good luck on your future journeys.


Even last year I have spent around 300 USD in Hearthstone, and I hoped they can finally act like the company I supported over the years. They did not, many HS Team member left the company, and if no other time, the last Blizzcon tells a lot where Blizzard go…
So this year (2019) I spent nothing in Heathstone, and probably not my 300 bucks will change the world. No Tyrande, no money. If Blizzard thinks I am a third rank customer, because I live in EU, I vote with my wallet.


There were times in the past where I’d buy packs here or there or during “special deals,” but like others, since the beginning of last year I’ve decided that my money will not go into the game until Tyrande returns, and I would recommend it as the strongest choice for any consumer in the same boat. Is it still fun? Yes. Are Blizzard games still enjoyable? They’ve never NOT been, I still jump in Diablo I every now and again because it’s still got some kind of appeal. They know what they’re doing, and they have been really good at it for a long time. That’s really why we’re all here, in the hopes that Blizz ISN’T the bad company we complain it is. You won’t find me on the message boards of others games, because I know my opinion doesn’t matter there; here we see the interactions, we hang onto Blizzards words and genuinely hope they hear ours. So while Tyrande is only cosmetic (unlike the fact that paladin’s are becoming the real priests and priests are dragon-wielding necromancers - but that’s a different side of beef), I will use my voice as a consumer (on the forums, and in cash) to support my stance.


Well I did quit (and disenchanted all my HS cards) but the main reason why people are angry here are mostly because a promise long while ago.

Ok, I have to ask the question. If you have quit the game and no longer support Blizzard etc…Why are you still posting on the forums? Not hating, just genuinely curious why you would keep engaging when your only input is negative and you aren’t engaged with the game and community anymore?


Because there was a promise made by them: If they fulfill their promise I can shut up and rest in peace.


No one is going to downvote you since the downvote no longer exist, and also because if you like the game then you are free to have your opinion. I personally went from loving Blizzard to hate like all the games I played.

Why I still go around Blizzard forum? To give my feedback, a feedback from a passionate gamer that slowly started to hate the games he loved.

It is NOT just Tyrande.
If you think that I don’t love this company just for a cosmetic you are delusional and not really informed.

Blizzard is NOT TRASPARENT in any games.

On WoW ton of feedback were given to them in alpha/beta of BFA but they ignored them.

Diablo is literally dead with 0 news or support, and yet they put all they effort in releasing a phone version that passionate Diablo fan care less then 0.

Overwatch is not in bad state, I just don’t like the type of hero they are releasing and I hate their so called “balance changes”, when they just buff or nerf something to nonsense level to change the meta.

That is your opinion man, I have spent a lot of words explaining why in my opinion they do not deserve my support, if you disagree you are free too.

I am still playing HS just cause my gf plays it, but not dropping money on it, stopped wow sub.

If you enjoy Diablo 3 feel free to play it, I find it boring and abandoned.

If you enjoy WoW, play it, I just don’t feel immersed in Wow anymore, everything they do in the game just seem an excuse to stretch out the most sub times they can with useless tedious things.

And the list goes on, so feel free to support Blizzard if you feel like it, no one here want to force you into the “hate side”, I will gladly come back supporting them if I see good changes in their direction but for now it does not seem like is going to happen anytime soon.

Blizzard used to make quality games, and their games have long lifespans cause of “old Blizzard” good name that give them a huge dedicated playerbase (myself included).

Again, you have your opinion, I have another one, coming in here saying that you disagree with us won’t make me change my mind.

Ty for sharing your thought anyway, have a good night.


Someone posted this elsewhere. Nearly ten years ago (when this was done). Sums up what all the teams seem to be hard at work doing in the time since:



It’s almsot obvious Madame Lazul was the answer for this ‘where is Tyrande’ cry. The answer was pretty clear on ‘no’ with Tyrande. They’re not saying ‘not ever’ because they don’t want to be bound by their own word, in case they decide to bring back old promotional items/card backs and such. But as of right now, it’s simply a ‘no’. People wanted an alternative priest portrait? Here she is, Madame Lazul. Some people like to bring out that ‘Tyrande in 2017’ as promise, but that was pretty obvious also, it more referring to Korea, SEA, China release.

No other old promotional items or card backs have been re-release. What makes you think they will bring back Tyrande, or it being the first among them?


Dude if they come out stating, “we won’t bring her back”, I will accept it.
What I hate the most is the lack of communication on purpose for certain topics, and Tyrande is just another example in the long list.

And no the answer is not clear at all, the new priest hero is here cause apart from Tyrande no other hero was available.
Madame Lazul was going to be released regardless, this thread has no influence on that.

If such a large chunk of people misunderstood their promise then they could have just come out saying “guys we were talking about Asia etc…, otherwise Tyrande won’t come back” but they did not and they always said they want to propose her again to keep people happy but without binding themselves.


I don’t think a lot of people would. They’ve clarified here and elsewhere they were bringing here back for everyone, everywhere. To suddenly drop that one on us would probably cause an uproar. Not just here, but with the playerbase in general. There’s people probably just watching the thread, or waiting in their country who check the news threads or whatever and actually taking them at their word.

To see them pull a 180 like that…would be worse than the initial fiasco.

Except time and time again, they’ve come out and said they’re bringing her back, for everyone. They’ve just been wishy washy on the timeline after they broke the year of the mammoth promise. Now they have to deliver, or they lose the last little bit of credibility they still have.


I’m not talking about Madame Lazul as the sign of ‘clear no’. As you seem already aware, this thread nor forum is not new regarding Tyrande. Check the old forum thread. The answer is clear on ‘no, no plan as of now’. Some people just pretend to not comprehend it.

And no, you don’t know whether Lazul skin was going to be released regardless of this whole Tyrande shenanigan. I made a speculation on how this might’ve caused the new ‘priest skin’ to come out but you’re speaking in absolute. It’s fine if you think this whole Tyrande thing didn’t influence the new priest skin release, but then speak in speculative.

Either way, let’s be realistic here. Do you think the chance for Tyrande skin re-release is higher or lower with this new priest skin release?


Of course the Tyrande releasing chance are way lower now that they have released another priest hero (locked behind spending 80€ if you are interested in the hero only) and that is why people are more angry now.

They for sure did not create an entire expansions with Lanzul as a Priest alt. hero just cause people wanted Tyrande on the forum, also because if I want Tyrande I might not care of a no name “Priest” hero.
So yeah, I am sure this thread did not Influence their plans, like feedbacks don’t impact their plans on other games.
Don’t tell me “how to speak”, I express how I like and if what I say is not true I will gladly accept a comment by Blizzard saying the opposite.

There is a difference between what you say and what they told the community again and again, the one that does not seem to get the difference is you.
They stated MANY times that the plan is to bring her back, and that is why this thread exist, because we want them to be more transparent with their community.

P. S: League of Evil class already have alternate heroes (Nemsy, Rasta khan, Mechajaraxxus, Morgl, Magni) with priest being the only exception since Tyrande was not even available everywhere. So again, speak speculative if YOU like.


Your response is all over the place. I’ll try to link related stuff together.

Of course they didn’t plan this whole expansion because of Tyrande thread. That’s not what I said, is it?

Funny how you didn’t mention rogue hero, Maiev, which isn’t available to players who started after YotR I believe (Rastakhan and Mech Jaraxxus were from pre-order as well btw). And priest was picked to be given an alternative hero. Wonder why.

And despite you trying to act all relevent with your point with,


this is you being speculative, as in not speaking in absolute. So whatever, my point was already taken.

One of the reason people asked for Tyrande was because of wanting an alternative priest portrait. What you want is not the only thing that matters in this. Plus, Blizz stated they want exclusive items to be exclusive.

Yes, but not as of now, and that they will post details if something changes. What some of you guys seem to want is some monthly report or something. Thread is ailve, if something changes, there is likely a mention of some sort. If there is none, it is likely nothing has changed, as in still no plan as of now.

I think I mentioned this in a very first Tyrande debate (the one that precedes the main one in the old forum), but if you want fast reaction/result, use Twitter to contact them. Unless you noticed, when Jesse, our former CM, did mention that nothing has changed in the old thread, these players’ response wasn’t ‘oh, ok. post us details if something changes’. It was, ‘but why?!? blah blah blah blah blah’. So don’t be surprised if some devs/mods did see this thread but decide not to repeat the same thing over and over again.


My fault giving you a reply in the first place, won’t happen again.

Have a nice day.

(Also yes I forgot Maiev, my fault, still is a hero rogue got WORLDWIDE as an in game reward, you really wanna compare it to Tyrande?)