Tyrande, oh where oh where: Cont'd


You should’ve just left it then. This only screams ‘I don’t have an argument against it’. So yeah, have a nice day. For the record, nothing personal really.


…because of us. We’re coming up on a year from the last real blue post. They weren’t even dealing with the attack posts, downvote manipulation, etc Like they promised they would in the old thread.

They essentially let those people troll us, because it seemed to serve their purposes to do so. And good luck if you actually reported them. I won’t go so far as to say they were hoping it would drive a lot of us off…but some might.

Yes, because as I pointed out (as with the completely inaccurate and untrue statements made about “The Art of Hearthstone”) that anyone with even a little bit of knowledge on the subject knows the excuses they keep giving don’t add up. In some cases (see example on the aforementioned book) there are outright acts of dishonesty. Rather than correct the record, posts are deleted (that don’t violate coc, they simply point out that the information isn’t accurate and provide a breakdown of what the correct process is).

A lack or transparency, honest and open communication, and everything else they claim to “be working on,” have been “learning/growing moments,” and they still are doing the same stuff today they were doing two years ago.

To use an example of someone with a drinking problem: if they keep all the flowery and amazing talk about wanting to change, etc but never actually put the bottle down…you’d never believe they were serious about their statements about change.

In a similar manner, if team 5 was serious about all this “growth,” etc they’d actually do something different (in a positive manner) rather than the same tired stonewalling, radio silence nonsense we’ve seen for years now.


I get that some people may not have got it. Did you all get Khadgar or Mecha-Jarraxus? I remember signing up for Twitch Prime here in the UK specifically for Tyrande card because I was promised it was a timed exclusive. If they re-release it in the UK then the original promotion was a lie.


Both Khadgar and Mecha-Jarraxus was obtainable by all people fairly. (same grounds) The problem with Tyrande is that it was locked to specific european countries.

Moreover, people could actually cheat with vpn etc to get the tyrande hero skin, which blizzard told people not to do.
This with a promise to bring her back so people from other countries would be able to get her without “cheating”.

I was one of the people who did not VPN cheat to get tyrande because i belived them when they stated that she would be available again.
That was over 2 years ago.

The original promotion was already bad. Giving people a fair chance to get the skin now does not seem like a stretch, especially after blizzards promise to re-release her.

You got her for free because you were situated in the UK while i was not. I decided to trust Blizzard so I did not use any VPN to fake my location to aquire her. It was a free promotion, so it would only be fair to give others a chance to get her as well.

Excluding other countries from the same region, that play on the same server is just not the way to go.
This especially because tyrande is a well known lore character with many fans.
Moreover, she was the only second option for anduin for over 2 years time.
Jesse promised a re-release several times in the prior thread.
I want to see that promise kept!


this case must be in the front lines. up :slight_smile:


So i decided not to get the new hero, Even if i would have wanted her. I think its time to just walk away.
Not worth it if the company cannot even respond.


All you sweat machines dont need every single hero

I like having something unique to my hearthstone account

I dont think Tyrande needs to come back, tough luck to the people that didnt get her

It was a timed exclusive and to rerelease it doesnt make it “Exclusive”


I would advice you to read my reply to @greycloud7, and many other posts that has been made here. (even check the thread that was on the old forums.

There you have the answer to why people are still upset/concerned about this issue.


First post he write all over the forum just to come here with this ridiculous “exclusivity” nonsense.

They are not even worth replying man, leave them alone.


It did not get a release at all for me, so a rerelease is impossible. Maybe its just new ground for a game company to ignore entire country’s as a positive to there players.
Well some of there players.


In my case, it would be more like: Release Tyrande for the first time in my country


Oh hey, new forums for them to try to bury most of what’s already been brought up.

So, with the new forums and job cuts, that Jesse was fired?

Was hopeful for a new Priest Hero, especially a Forsaken to tied me over. I’m sure I’m part of the problem, but I enjoyed Mecha-Jaraxxus and Rastakhan…but what was offered with Shadows just seems so… blasse. I ended up not getting this bundle, esp with the issues that plague this game and this company…

How Tyrande or a first-time Forsaken Hero wasn’t picked is just mind-bogling…esp considering how popular the Forsaken as a playable WoW race is


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It’s clear this thread isn’t ending anything soon. Blizzard will have to deal with it staining their front page for eternity until they give the fans what they want. Stay strong!


Or they can keep on ignoring the issue.


Sadly that’s what ACTIVISION-Blizzard will do. Ignore an issue/concern that is EASILY fixed and hope after enough time has passed ppl,will forget


Yes you will have to forget about Tyrande, and settle with Madame Lazul. :grin:


That is not an option.


This is literally true, because you can’t get Lazul anymore.


The company should just leave Heroes available…none of this “act fast” BS…leave that for Card backs and offer golden version of cards for events/offerings. They’d make money off having Heroes available 24/7 by themselves AND bundled with Card packs…because I sure as Hell was ready to buy the ROS bundles but ended up,forgetting when ROS would take them down (been gone from HS for months)

So Activision-Blizzard missed out on extra $ and continue to create an environment of disgruntled players/customers…