Tyrande, oh where oh where: Cont'd


No one is try to deny that $80 is not only for the hero skin, but if you give the skin only to those who spend that much money you are trying to convince people to take that pre order (if they wanted they could put the hero as a standalone in the shop and for free to those that bought the 80$ bundle)

  • A person want to spend 50$ on the bunde.

  • They notice the ONLY HERO ALTERNATIVE on the 80$.

  • So they put 30$ extra just to get the hero, and even if you get 30 more packs the person is not really paying for the extra 30 packs but because they want the hero and they cant get it otherwise.


May Elune shine upon you!


I don’t even get Blizz’s problem with Khadgar and Tyrande skins. They did mention that they will do some kind of event “in the future” so new players will be able to get these awesome portraits, but no news on this topic since 2017. I won’t even say anything (and I’m sure everyone will be happy with it) if they add them in the store with double portrait price on it, as “exclusive/prime” skins.


I want Khadgar back, the card just released its cool but I want the hero portrait!


Now we have the preorder up, I find these make it less likely i will return. Since if i do, and i am now missing one that i did not get in a bundle that i want. Well i think its just not worth coming back at all.
If i had got Tyrande i may be considering it, But now if i miss this and no new priest hero is coming for a few years. Heh, will wait another few years i guess to spend any money again. Maybe Tyrande will be back by then.


Priest is my favorite hero, I don’t even care about other heroes.
I’m waiting so long for Tyrande or any new portrait…
I think there are many ppl like me and what we get?! They decide suck off that much money form us as it is posible. They play with fans, blizz see only wallets, not ppl. If u thankful to Team 5, Jess or whatever for empty words, then gl. It looks like they only listen comunity if they have same plan for smoething anyway or if somone give them another idea to get $$. I’m not gona spend any pennny for the game anymore, beter clasic priest that the ulgy troll and 90% of new cards it’s just a crap. they read our coments and ignore us. After 1000 coment, I hope, maybe somone will make video on youtube to show how bliz workers are pathetic. Maybe then they will decide relase Tyrande again, not cause they will care about us, only cause they will scared to los players with $$.
They said about relase Tyrande again, to not lose wallets. Empty promises and tricky game with ppl.


Seriously Blizzard? 900 Tyrande-less days have already passed and your global players are still blindly waiting in torment!

What a great game: awesome devs and supportive CMs.


Yes, I completely agree. Tyrande needs to be brought back. I’m sure blizzard was hoping this would die with the new forums at this point :yum:

ps please like one for the profile, thanks. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


…and Khadgar, BOTH.


Of course they were hoping we forgot, but this is well known that Blizzard treats us like we are stupid.
(Deck slot meme anyone?)
(Diablo Immortal anyone?)

Don’t worry tho, days when they will regret not caring about their community will soon come if they keep going in this direction.


I was thinking about what Blizzard could have done with their hero releases yesterday and the idea I came up with was for them to do an adventure (the KotFT adventure was a perfect example of how heroes could be released in a creative manner).

For example they could have done a mini-adventure related to the Warcraft lore (Eg. Battle for Mount Hyjal) and make different bosses. The rewards would be card packs, golden cards and some additional goodies depending on the pricing. However, to get the special reward (Tyrande and her card back), players are required to beat all bosses and the final boss (Eg. Archimonde) with all 9 classes on heroic mode. They could also put the adventure in the store for 700 gold/wing*5 or 30$.

I would happily spend some money & time grinding for her portrait as she is one of my favourite characters in the game, if not the most. What’s more important is that this is the correct way to showcase your privilege in a game like HS: not by the country you live in, but passion and dedication.

That’s merely my personal thoughts though. I genuinely doubt they would waste their time on this seemingly not-so-profitable adventure :s


Eh, screw Tyrande. I want more than her. It is a collectable card game that keeps all of the cards available, even if they rotate into Wild. For the same flat rate via dust. This is one of the few card games I’ve come across that does this. They need to do this for the Hero skins too. The card backs, I can understand. Since there are so many that you’d have to be a serious completionist to care that much about getting EVERY card back. With the alternate heros though, those add an audible flavor to the game, and give different attitudes to emotes that would otherwise get boring and repetitive.

Why not give us Tyrande? Or sell her? Rise of Shadows comes out, has a Khadgar Legendary. Why not offer Khadgar again for a few bucks, to help boost sales for Rise of Shadows?

If you have to pay for Hero skins that you missed out on, I feel it is annoying, but fair enough, if the price is reasonable. I’ve seen people go on and on about Tyrande.

Well, screw getting only Tyrande. If there is going to be old hero skins made available. Give us all of them, so we can customize the flavor of our emotes much more.


The thing about Tyrande is they never actually “sold” her. She was only made available through Twitch Prime, which many countries didn’t have access to at the time, making her unaccessible. Every other hero skin has either been offered through payment or special event like Maiev, Lunara, or Nemsey. Tyrande remains the only outlier as many people never had a fair shot to get her. And it really sucks because Team 5 promised to give us another chance to get her, but that was two whole years ago now. Hopefully that promise will be fulfilled some day.


I think, it has something to do with the (Jaina cover-up). And Blizz may release Tyrande again with a different outfit, that will be less revealing.


That is certainly some kind of a concept.


I certainly hope not. It’s bad enough they caved once already to one of the worst human rights violators out there to send a message of pro body shaming, anti women, and pro censorship just to line their pockets for one hero skin…to do it for another, especially for one they already drug their feet on for so long on making good on their word would be unconscionable…

…but entirely within the realm of possibility.


Blizzard is no longer the company I grew up supporting and defending - over the last few years I have come to see the greed that has destroyed many quality gaming companies - Blizzard is well on this path at the moment.

It does not surprise me that despite multiple promises something as simple as making Tyrande available in the online shop has been neglected.

Blizzard is no longer a company of ‘gamers making great games’, its just a bunch of ‘rich pricks’ pulling the strings and screwing everyone over.


I see myself a lot in that message.

People that see my messages now will probably think I am some kind of Blizzard hater or some troll because I can’t say anything good about Blizzard.

But the truth is just that they actually destroyed the love I have for the company they after day.

WoW/OW/HS/Diablo, every game I played felt decaying and less inspired day after day and when you talk to Blizzard is like putting yourself in the corner talking with a wall praying that it will reply.

I just can’t see their passion in the product anymore, I just feel the “let’s release this so we get more money”.

And before someone come at me with the blasting news “but they are a company they need to make money they are not charity xdxdxd” i am well aware of that but if you want money you should not treat your playerbase like they are stupid.


Tyrande will be that thing lockboxed forever only to be unleashed in the ultimate stage of the game’s decay. That glass cased red emergency button.

Everyone will be able to play with Tyrande when no one will be willing to play Hearthstone.

The business cruelty in this makes me want to vomit, but hey, could we expect anything else?


Be it Blizzard’s actual intent or just their pathetic last resort to save leaving players, time will tell us everything.