Tyrande, oh where oh where: Cont'd


i’ve played this game ever since the first expansion and i still love the game dearly. I mostly play priest and i was so hyped when i saw Tyrande was anounced, but then i found out i wouldn’t be able to get her due to the country I live in. I stayed hopefull that they would maybe put her in the shop after the twitch promotion so i didn’t fake my adress and stuff just to get her. but still even now after so many years there is no sign of her. I’m so dissapointed by this special promotion to get her. Blizz please just put her in the shop or put her in a bundle that costs $100 because i would pay for that but not for some troll priest.


I would be grateful if they release her even now, I don’t care how much time it need, but making her available again would show that they were making something behind the scene to solve the problems.

What the community HATE is their decision to IGNORE THIS THREAD ON PURPOSE AND GIVE US NO INFO.

Like someone else said, if there are true problems blocking her release TELL YOUR COMMUNITY, we will understand and patiently wait for the moment you solve the problem.

If you keep ignoring us Blizzard, what the community will think is that you don’t care about your paying customers but only about milking every single penny you can.

The company I once knew used to make memorials of passed away person as a tribute for they passion in YOUR games, and now you don’t even listen to a good group of person who only want to play their fav, hero because the only thing that matter is to mik 80€ from them.

More time passes and more I lose faith in the company I used to love so much, it makes me truly sad.


You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.


Bliz you like money right? You want to make people happy right? You can accomplish both and have this thread finally die if you just give people what they want.

Only thing I can think that would be holding it back is some contract bs you made that is preventing this. All we need to know. But instead you hide behind the “xant get into it”


I was holding out hope that maybe the new idea of this league of Evil would have a clear counterpart in the forces of Good in which Tyrande could slip in to make a triumphant return. It seems, however, that priests have been chosen to be one of the evil classes for the duration. Perhaps there will be a light side to things, but I truly wonder how much, or little, Blizz thinks about the idea that MAYBE I choose to be priest because I like to heal and buff, and while I’m ok with the idea that we can have a dark, or shadowy, side, did they abandon common sense for the sake of … well, purposefully doing something that makes so many upset? I mean, did they really sit around the table and think, “Rather than choosing a corrupt Paladin (Scarlet Crusade) or self-indulgent Hunters, or even Mages who frequently throughout lore draw upon dark and unnatural arcane powers to be evil, We’ve got tons of people who want Tyrande to return… so let’s make the Priest one of the evil classes, and give them a troll instead!”


They could still make Priest also have a good side, cause we DO know this year stuff will be a ongoing story. So maybe next Expansion we have more of a view of the Good guys, then the final 1 where they clash.

But i’ll Repeat what I said on the old post.

As a Druid player, I support Tyrande return, so I can have more Malfurion and Tyrande lover quarrel over card games.


She was available between Karazhan and MSoG… So I guess her return can be completely off from the lores…

Although it’ll be cool to see her returning as part of the storyline (The second expansion this year seems to be related to Suramar and ancient Kalimdor, the place where Tyrande and the Stormrage brothers were born)

Haha that’s a very good point. I wish they can add more interactions between heroes and specific cards if they are to make older heroes available again. E.g. Interactions between Maiev, Illidan, Tyrande and Malfurion (even Cenarius, Malorne and Fandral). That would be awesome.


If anyone thinks that it was a troll chosen randomly as the race, and the priest that was chosen by happenstance for the class…nothing done by a multibillion dollar company is done by accident or without deliberate planning or intent.

Trolling players with the priest class for a hero that didn’t exist until now, and leaving us in the dark on the one that we actually wanted.

Message received team 5. Your silence and what you say between the lines to your global playerbase continues to speak volumes.


Agreed, nothing is an accident. The HS Team try to tell everyone how much they look dowen their “community”. Reaction to their admitted top community topics:

Want to discuss autosilence and too much Paladin alternative. Give Annoy-O.
Want to discuss get Tyrande or priest alternatives. Give an ugly goblin.

They are blatant trolls. A GREED one, who think they can get 80 or even 130 (80+50) USD/ EUR in return. Seriously, this business model is worse than any monkey would elaborate in the zoo. “No king rules forever…”


All of these people here voicing their opinions. People coming in upset about the new priest hero, people coming in tired of the wait. I hope that Blizzard doesn’t take this surge of voices lightly, like we’re something to be ignored. The people that post here aren’t the only ones upset, there are plenty that just ghost here. Plenty that haven’t even found this form that are waiting.

You’ve ignored your fan base for this long and it’s starting to take a serious toll. Giving us a character thats completely different from Tyrande is not going to satiate anyone. It’s a bait, and we know it is.

How far Team 5 has fallen is truly astounding. Seems like most of the people that actually cared about us has left, good to know whether we’re valued or not.


I guess it’s time to change my avatar to pay tribute then…


Is not just Team 5, pretty much every Blizzard game is pretty much a turn off for a lot of people I am talking with.

By the way on the Italian Forum a Community Manager replied to the Tyrande post (14 days ago) saying that their intention are still the same (so to bring her back) but they have nothing to share with us.

I replied asking how is possible that there are no information to share with us after such a long time but he never replied, so yeah I am feeling even more ignored by Blizzard.

And that was 3 days before the new Priest Hero was announced so yeah, i understand why they had “no news” for us, cause they want to bait the people sick of Anduin to spend 80.

Since this episode I used the few money I had on the Blizzard account so I won’t have to renew WoW sub or to buy Hs pack or OW box.

Those money are the last Blizzard will see from me until they start to listen and exchange opinion with the community.


Great news… I saw that post too on the EU forum. Meanwhile the NA CMs still remained oblivious to this thread despite the numerous posts we made over the last month.

One of the possible reasons they are reluctant to share useful information to us is because they don’t want her to disrupt their sales on this expansion pre-purchase. Remember the fact that they work a full year ahead of us?

However these are just my personal speculations and do not reflect on what Blizzard is actually doing

Edit: https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/it/hearthstone/t/vogliamo-tyrande/55


I seriously doubt Blizzard is concerned about Future Tyrande disrupting RoS pre-release sales. What kind of moron blows $80 exclusively for a cosmetic item?


People do! There was a thread in main discussion saying how well designed the pre-purchase is and many players agree. It’s the only alternative priest hero on top of 80 packs, which makes perfect sense to them. (obviously they have no idea on Tyrande)

I partially agree with what you said though. But still, who would spent 100$ to get a unknown troll priest if they could have got the most beautiful priestess on Azeroth?


I sincerely doubt people are paying $80 just to get a new hero. The fact that you get 80 packs out of the deal probably plays a bigger role than the hero (they were the main reason I bought the bundle). If the packs are indeed the bigger draw, then people would still buy them even if Tyrande was announced as available for sale (again, I certainly would).

That being said, I can see Blizzard delaying new hero announcements until after the expansion comes up, if only to be able to better pace the release of new cosmetics. In other words, you don’t want to give away all the upcoming content right away. But if that’s the case, a hypothetical Tyrande would’ve been delayed even if the pre-release hero was for a class other than Priest


I suggest everyone do the same as us and pay the tribute.


As a matter of fact, I am posting here because NA forums used to be always more active and that’s why I am sticking to this place instead of being on the EU forums.


Thank god this is thread is still hot. Khagdar returned and so did Tyrande in different places in Asia at different times. Khagdar just recently in Japan I think.
It feels like they are waiting for some event or I’m not sure but it’s strange that Team 5 is promising all this stuff, like re-releasing previous cardbacks. And then all mention of it dissapears. Maybe Brode left because it was too ambitious and Blizzard didn’t like them opening up “legacy items.” Pure conjecture though.

I would love for them to break the silence since switching to a new website. Even when Jesse was responding he couldn’t say much but it’s better than this.


More than ready to support