Tyrande, oh where oh where: Cont'd


I’ve been following this thread for a long time now. The old one even, I followed that for months. Didn’t really say anything because it seemed like everything I thought was already being said, but maybe we need more voices.

The fact that promises have been made time and time again about the release of this hero is ridiculous. The deflection and inability to answer and acknowledge a simple question is pure baloney. To look at a large mass of people and wave them off, people the contribute tons of money and promote your product (of course by playing, spending money, and talking with others about it), is bad customer service and bad attention to your fan base. The fact that Blizzard has fallen so far as to not give a clear and dedicated baffles me.

If it is really so difficult to release Tyrande, explain it. Tell the crowd about any deal with Twitch or whatever else may be going on. Even give a simple brief version of the whole story, I’ll accept that. The fan base will accept that.

But whatever this is? The ignoring, the stubbornness to just give this issue any time of day? That’s how you lose loyal players, that how the company loses more and more money, and that’s how you struggle to keep going. The fact that something so simple and small just can’t be given any time of day is just ugh

I can’t.

I grew up playing WoW, I have so many amazing memories playing Blizzard games with my father. I’m kinda a Blizzard fan girl because of it, I just tend to really enjoy almost all games they’ve put a hand into. But this complete lack of customer service over something that could be resolved or helped so easily really has me wondering why I keep playing Hearthstone and many of their other games. If this is how the people at Hearthstone are going to treat my concerns and my questions, what is there to tell me others at the company will treat me any better?

I’m disappointed.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. The fact that this thread has more replies and views than any other thread in the community discussion forum, and yet still does not have a single blizz reply is baffling to say the least.


Adding an unknown Troll priestess will do nothing to distract me from the fact that Tyrande, the most important, and prominent priest in Warcraft lore, is not available to anyone who wants to play as her in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Anduin is still the most insufferable base hero. Sadly, priest is my favorite class to play.


Thanks for this; So many of us can relate. The whole reason I joined the forums was to add my story to the countless others who all echo the same sentiment.


Blizz : Here. Have something you neither want nor asked for, for a 100$

Whoever thought that this was going to work needs to be replaced.


After digging through ~220 pages of old forum posts, here’s what I found:

… We are discussing alternative methods for the regions who could not participate in this promotion to receive Tyrande, but we have nothing to announce at this time. …

  • Arathil, September 30th 2016.

Thanks for the message simon and RoKa! I am a big fan of Priest as well, and I totally get why you’d be bummed that you can’t unlock Tyrande.

When we do special promotions, we want the people who participate to feel really special for being involved. At the same time, we totally acknowledge that people who can’t participate can feel really left out – especially if the reason for not being able to participate is out of their control (regional access restriction, or maybe they weren’t around when the event was happening, etc).

Given this, we are actively looking into ways to grant access to new Heroes and card backs that some players may have missed out on. We’ll make an announcement once our plans are solidified!

  • Yong Woo, January 20th 2017.

Please give all players a way to get Tyrande, and this is coming from someone who already has her.
I’m sure I’m not the only one who really hates Anduin…

  • Hearthstone Player, May 4th 2017.

Chinese Lunar Festival will be quite late this time, so I foresee Lunar Festivals in every game around 16th February 2018.
Anyway, lets hope finally Tyrande could have a global access!

  • Hearthstone Player, December 30th 2017.

… 2. To let you guys know this has not fallen off the radar. I know it can feel like it has if something is left untouched for too long. While I do not have any new information to add, your feedback and concerns are heard by Team 5 and this matter is actively being discussed. …

  • Jesse Hill, March 7th 2018.

… Working on it, but as for reasons mentioned above, it can be tough. We hope to have more info on the matter soon. Real soon though, not the “other” soon™. …

… The truth of it is, there is a lot that goes on with the back end of partnerships and things like that. Nothing that we would really share details about. This can make it difficult to share meaningful information. However, I know there can still be opportunities to share something and that is an improvement we are working on. …

  • Jesse Hill, July 6th 2018.

Hopefully people may find them useful. (I believe many of you have read all of them)





It honestly seems like any type of communication slowly started to faded once a lot of people left. In your quoted posts, we have direct answers from the team. They leave, we get some kinda peace making from Jesse. Until any communication on the topic or attempt to work it out just ceases. I think that’s what has me so riled up. I can sit back a little and wait for something to happen as long as I have updates and an idea of what’s happening/going on. But sitting here in the dark feeling ignored and pushed aside is just horrid. Where did that communication go? And why would anyone decide that was the right course of action?


People had the same thought as you 2 years ago. But obviously there’s some top-secret level deal going on in Blizzard HQ, that not even a word could be given to their loyal fans over the last 8 months.

Nobody would know this if Blizzard ceased their communication on this matter. They have to bring that communication back, whether it’s a blue post or an official announcement.

I wouldn’t bother that much if there is still no update: but we need to know that our feedback are actively being heard by Blizzard and Team 5 up to this day. This needs to be done ASAP.


Having looked at videos previewing Madame Lazul (the new Priest hero), I can safely say she is lacklustre compared to Tyrande in basically every way (aside from her hero power animation).

Blizzard giving us a mediocre Priest hero isn’t going to silence us and at this point the lack of communication is insulting.


Still missing the lovely High Priestess of Elune…but at least I don’t have to deal with the pretty boy anymore. Of course if Tyrande becomes available in my region (never offered here) she will become an automatic selection for priest.


2 and a half year, empty promises, left or fired staff… Tyrande in a locked vault, and the key of the vault is engulfed in molten lava.
I honestly hard to find words to describe my dissatisfaction. As a loyal customer, I am ignored. Cheaters still enjoy Tyrande all around the world, and Blizzard has not have a word on it.


On one of many Polish Hearthstone groups, somebody was boasting about how they lied to the staff that their location has to be a bug and they got Tyrande. I felt awful.


Each to their own.
I personally think Madame Lazul is one of the best heroes they’ve released so far. Up there with Maiev and Nemsy.
While Anduin and Tyrande is both at the bottom. But its mostly because of their Warcraft lore and not Hearthstone related.


Can someone just ask someone at Team 5, yes or no, will Tyrande come back for players in the NA and EU regions, instead of dodging the question or giving a vague answer. Just say yes or no, instead of leaving us hanging since before Un’Goro’s release.


Just one question. Why?


They’ve answered this one: yes. The problem is, the timing is so open ended it could be between now and the heat death of the universe. This and the other items from the “year of the mammoth” promise, especially the ones that they had 100% control over (I don’t buy they surrendered control of their IP for one second), such as card backs etc show they just aren’t serious about keeping their word.

It’s like a kid telling you they’ll clean their room…they just didn’t say when.

That’s why we’re two years and counting on this, and all’s we’ve gotten is stonewalling, radio silence when their own timetable for bringing stuff back didn’t happen, and a bunch of innuendo about shadowy behind the scenes stuff.

…all for a two year old hero skin promotion. Keep in mind, this level of secrecy is generally reserved for next gen console releases and government level work. Because they generally come right out and say “can’t discuss this due to an NDA.” But having an NDA about NDAs…is reserved for the kind of stuff I mentioned above. Not two year old promotions that have been brought back multiple times in other locations.


Just bring back tyrande so I can rest in peace god damn.


To let everyone know that last Friday was the final day to obtain Tyrande in South Korea 2 years ago (the last country to receive the promotion), which was also the last time Tyrande was made available.

Their lack of communication is surprising: it makes me wonder if they still have their last bit of conscience after this long.


There’s no more goodwill to be gained from the community by re-releasing her after all this time…


That’s not true. Finally keeping their word (even years later) would show that at least they at least have the decency to finally make good on their promises. And that they aren’t going to keep discriminating against most of their global playerbase, all their virtue signaling about being “inclusive” to the contrary.