Tyrande, oh where oh where: Cont'd


I would love to purchase her too…probably the hero I want most and can’t get. :pleading_face:


So there’s a new priest hero then…

And that is not an excuse of not releasing Tyrande!



$80 on a DIFFERENT Priest hero portrait.

Silly us!


I just want to remind you all that Tyrande was at least free


After years of waiting for a priest hero, i can finally buy one for 80€…

I should have just faked my billing address looking back on it.


Reminder: The new priest hero (whatever she is called) is NOT a replacement for Tyrande. Blizzard clearly wants us to purchase the 80$ pre-purchase expansion to get the only available priest alternative at this moment.

I’m fine with 12$ heroes like Alleria and Medivh. But 80$ for a so-called “free” hero is too much for me.


Wish I had cheated my way to Tyrande now…


Remember how we got heroes before when Ben Brode was around?

Maiev and Lunara for playing 10 games, Arthas for completing the adventure, Nemsy for Fireside Gathering, Morgl for recruiting a friend, Khadgar for 6$ and Tyrande with Twitch Prime.

Now: 80$ Mecha-Jaraxxus, 50$ King Rastakhan and 100$ Madame Lazul!

“Do you guys not have wallets?”

Edit: Oof just realized it’s $100 in my country…


Sir Annoy-o stares from the shadows


Oh, don’t forget that Medivh was given for free with the DVD of Warcraft movie.


With this new priest Blizzard can finally say “oh we gave everyone a chance to get an alternative priest! Why bother making the old one available?” and postpone Tyrande’s release indefinitely.

Bring back the Heroes of Warcraft title!


another hero locked on the pay wall…

team 5 you don’t learn don’t you? :roll_eyes:

the sad/amusing part is that you make twitts later asking for players what it would take to play this game… well sure this wont bring players back. :joy:


I would very honestly spend the money to get Tyrande and none of the other perks. I, however, will not be purchasing an alternative excuse to quell a devout fanbase who has patiently waited for years - whose only reward has been inadequate fragments of bygone promises. I believed Blizzard was listening to its people, but I think it’s fair to say that if they are, then they aren’t really hearing us. Furthermore, shame on me for sitting idly by this whole time, lurking and agreeing with what was written here while not contributing to the voices that advocate my own yearnings. I should only hope that such a contribution now does not fall on deaf ears.


Here’s the problem: it will create the same winners and losers from the first time around. The currency conversion/difference will make that impossible if they tie it to a pre order, and given their track record…they probably would.


Tyrande, is that you? These tentacles… What happend to you my girl I don’t recognize you lol.

But seriously. How long has it been since “she’s coming back”? Blizzard, you’re the worst.


I have no idea what talking about. Can somebody explain?


Priest got a new alternate hero portrait locked behind a pay wall (80$ for a bundle)

Tyrande is still an afterthought


That is why Blizzard kept saying lies to us.

“We want to bring her back but did not find the right occasion to do so”

PURE LIES. You just want people to buy the 80€ bundle to have the alternate hero and you know that if you release Tyrande no one will ever buy the bundle only for the hero.

You can keep that horrible hero, I will spend my 80€ somewhere else.


So we finally get an alternative priest hero, but still no Tyrande. And the new hero is behind an 80 Euro pay-wall.
So “lucky we are”, is not it? We can pay to the manifestation of Greed (aka ACTIVISION-blizzard) 80 Euro to get an ugly goblin instead of the beautiful Tyrande.
Did you fired all the marketing staff (as non-developers), is not it? What is the next big plan to kill the game?


Blizzard you fools, why couldn’t I just chose to have Tyrande rather than the new hero in the new bundle? Now I will not buy at all out of spite. Good job.