Tyrande, oh where oh where: Cont'd


This x100.

Priest is my favorite class and would be nice to have some variety on the face i have to look at every time i play HS. Too bad i was too dumb to use VPN or something to get prime back when Tyrande was available.


Blizzard made a huge mistake at that time for not making her available worldwide, but you did what you should do: not counterfeiting billing address or credit card. Don’t be too regretful, though. Those who got her through illegal ways were risking their accounts.


The cherry on top would be an announcement of Tyrande’s return after the new rotation comes to life.


Tyrande where you at!?


There will be a reddit AMA session with Blizzard devs on March 7 at 1pm PST. I do hope that we can seize this opportunity to push for updates towards Tyrande’s worldwide release.


If they bring back Tyrande they better bring back Khadgar to EVERYONE.


Good to know, that the community do not forget this topic, but the attitude of Blizzard is a mess. Do we really have to wait in 2019, that they finally do a first launch of a hero skin, which was launched in privileged countries in 2016? Customer support was not good till now, and now they even fire the community manager.
Year of the Dragon’s promise: listen to the community. This whole issue, and how it remained unsolved and unhandled show how much this promise can be (dis)trusted.


I hope the question about Tyrande won’t be avoided like in last year’s AMA.


Without CMs, keeping this thread on the main page in nearly impossible.


Plus a bunch of random people making posts whining about game balance in community discussions.

Certainly we will not. It’s glad to see so many people coming back from the old forum.


HJQ, Thanks for mentioning this here. I went and got my Twitch Prime loot (which I nearly never check!). Much appreciated!!


I’m a relatively new player and I’ve been wondering if they will ever bring Tyrande back. I’d be GLAD to throw some RLM at getting the portrait. Seems like there are really only 2 or 3 you can purchase.

Doesn’t need to be a NEW skin…the existing one is just perfect. I not to sound whiny, but I don’ think it’s fair (I know…life’s not fair…just give me this one :smile: ) not to be able to take advantage of the “freely” offered swag. I’m not asking for a handout, just that she be made available in some way again (purchase, gold, dust, quests, solo quest, etc.)

Thanks for reading Blizzard. We appreciate all you do.


It will only be avoided if we aren’t persistent. I don’t think this is a hard thing. It’s a portrait. I’m fine with hearing “Sorry, it will NEVER be offered again”, but I just don’t want to be strung along with the “it may be available one day”.


Tyrande, oh where oh where

Go ahead and read through this thread. But for a brief clarification:

Yes they will. Although a date has still not been given.

It seems that Twitch Prime is available in your country. However, when Blizzard made her available via a Twitch Prime promotion in October 2016, many countries did not have access to Twitch Prime and thus had no legal way to obtain her - and this is one of the reasons the community demands for Tyrande’s return.

I used to have the same thought as you, however it’s not a simple thing. You will find more on that in the thread that I mentioned above.


Thanks for this. Like so many others, I have stopped by weekly for years: old posts, new posts, new forums, old promises, new promises. It’s hard not to be negative, but some of the changes in the YOTD do show that the crowd does have a voice. May we replace the fears with hope, and represent the light we strive to obtain.


We’ll just do what we’ve been doing since they went radio silent months ago: keep bumping it ourselves. All that front page on the old thread after a certain point was all us. Let’s not give them more credit than they deserve, especially considering they never kept up on the attack posts, downvote manipulators, and attack posts as promised.

I had to laugh at the “listen to the community” and “promise” part, considering how terrible they are at both.

I mean, was it supposed to be ironic, given their track record? It would have had 1000% more creditability if that had been announced with the long awaited year of the mammoth’s promise fulfillment. As is, it just sounds like a politician’s election year pitch.

“I promise to do more for my constituents!”

“More” “what” exactly?!


It is empirical evidence of Blizzards hubris that we hear nothing about Tyrande or ways to get older card backs.

Like a monthly card back quest that you could do to get a random card back from that same month from a previous year in your season chest…


Waiting for the AMA post in order to ask the century-long question.


If they don’t, believe or not, it will be another year-long waiting.

Please Blizzard. People quit HS simply because of this: they don’t want to be tormented. Neither do I.


I dreamed … I was playing with her portrait these days ago, I guess it doesn’t mean anything.