Tyrande, oh where oh where: Cont'd


Just curious, do you own any of the preorder or purchasable heroes (Alleria/Magni/Medivh)?


I own most of the Heroes.

Magni, Alleria, Medhiv, Maiev, Lunara (thank Gods, I hate Malfurion), Lady Liadrin, Morgl, Arthas, Nemsy, King Rastakhan and Mecha-Jaraxxus.

I missed out on Tyrande because I needed a break from HS and they did not send out any email or notification for her promotion(I get emails for everything else of theirs) so I missed out on one of my all-time fav Warcraft characters.

Khadgar was a huge mess and never got a chance

Sir Annoy-O I passed on as I enjoy Arthas and Liadrin more…but to do over I may buy him.

I was undecided on Madame Lazul as I was on another break and coupled with the busiest work season for myself, I completely forgot when the cutoff point was.

So I do own Heroes that are not available anymore and personally I’d LOVE for people to get the chance to own & use them. There are new players, returning players who may be interested in these characters, or long-time Warcraft & HS players that have a fondness for someone like Tyrande & missed out on the chance for one reason or another.

I barely see any of these alt Heroes…once in awhile at best so it feels like a very small % that play even own or use them. So it seems even sillier to hold these digital cosmetics locked in a “vault”


Actually if someone start to play now won’t have either Tyrande on Lazul, and to be honest this is really a shame, not just priest but also other class with the same problem.

It is really stupid not to give 2/3 permanent option per hero, that can be gained IN GAME.


I do agree with you that more heroes should be put up on the shop for people to buy, but there’s a reason Blizzard doesn’t do this. The limited-time heroes have been bought a lot more than the permanently available ones. (Magni, Alleria, and Medivh) That’s why we haven’t gotten anymore of those since they first became purchasable. Instead Blizzard noticed the preorder boost they got during Boomsday with Mecha-Jaraxxus, and they’ve done the same with Rastakhan and Lazul since then. It makes more business-sense to make these heroes limited time offers, since people are more inclined to buy them if they can’t get them later. Not saying I agree these practices, as I’ve wanted Tyrande back since 2016, but that’s the main reason.


They sold more because they had guranteed Legendary cards and a bunch of Packs with them that are available for the upcoming expansion…that’s why they sell “more” because it nets people a collection. Hence I said for bundles were brought back alongside the option to just get the Hero.

If the store Heroes were reduced, say $5 or included packs, they would sell,more frequently. Being ALL of this is digital and infinite supply, makes even less sense for restrictions. A surge of pay a week or two seems less savvy than years of potential buyers for people to buy these up down the road…than us complaining on the forums for them.


I actually have 2 accounts, one in NA and one in CN.

NA: Maiev, Lunara, Arthas, Lady Liadrin, Morgl.
CN: Maiev, Lady Liadrin, Morgl, Nemsy, Khadgar.

I haven’t played on my CN account since YotM and thus I don’t have Lunara.

I assume that most people here want heroes to be re-released periodically. New players can get them after playing for several months and old players can enjoy their so-called “privilege” during the unavailable months.


Again, what you’re saying isn’t wrong, people did buy the bundles for more than just the heroes. But the reason the good preorder bundles end before the expansion launches is so if the expansion ends up not being worth buying too many packs of it, people wouldn’t be inclined to spend as much on the bundles.

On paper, what you’re suggesting sounds good for everyone. Players get the stuff they want whenever they feel to buy it, and Blizzard makes more money. But statistically, most packs are bought at the very start of an expansion, not all throughout its lifespan. People aren’t going to buy from an expansion that’s been out for a few months, they’re going to save for the next one, unless they’re new to the game, or just not smart.

In short, what you’re suggesting is good for the consumer, but bad for Blizzard, which is why they make their offers limited time.


Personally, the reason I want Tyrande back the most, is because I screwed up. Back in 2016, right before Tyrande was made available with Twitch Prime, I made a second account, the one I’m using to post here, to get Morgl.
A few weeks later, I saw Tyrande was available and I quickly linked my Blizzard account and Twitch Prime together to get her. But, I didn’t realize I was still logged into to my “get Morgl” account, and obtained her on that one instead of my main account which I’ve put money into. And I didn’t realize what I had done until the promotion had ended. and since then, I’ve been left with a hole in my heart, as this one screw-up cost me my favorite skin in Hearthstone. And now it’s 2019, promises from two years ago have yet to be fulfilled, and we’re left here, waiting for a response.


Well it definitely feels awful when you mess up something that you could have done perfectly. Literally all my friends who play Hearthstone in China have her :s

…and none of them really uses her since they love Anduin’s sarcastic voice. How ironic…


should be free…


Blizzard owe everyone a Tyrande !!!


I do own all of them and Tyrande is the only hero portrait missing


I just love the way how devs could expertly dodge all high-rated questions and answer those which players don’t even give a damn.




I was about to comment too, they said in post they’d answer highly liked comments like yours, and yet they’ve skipped to the bottom and are only answering those questions, in a addition to meming about what E.V.I.L means.


They actually replied, THEY ACTUALLY REPLIED. Please don’t let this be an empty promise, please Team 5.


I want to reiterate that what they were saying was still the same after 2 years of waiting. Indeed, a myth that only time will help us unfold.

Also something I noticed is that they said “they are working on the right way”, what “right way”? Instruction unclear.

But I will make the appropriate changes once I’m able to do so. (I’m currently on mobile)


Still, but they said she’ll be out again by the end of this year. That’s good news right?


Well unfortunately that was also what we got 2 years ago(Year of the Mammoth promise). I’m not trying to disappoint you by any means, but this is the fact.

We’ll see how they define their “Blizzard Year”.


Now we have “the rise of shadows” promise, claiming we’ll have what’s missing brought back before the end of the year.

Whether that’s 2019, or the year of the dragon remains to be seen…

Not trying to sound pessimistic, it’s just we’ve been here…in this EXACT FREAKING SPOT, with a clear cut “coming back window” only to have it slip by without so much as a word.

This time, team 5 needs to deliver.


Let’s hope that “things” don’t happen, and if they happen they “don’t change the target time”. lol.

I’d say that after such a long time of waiting, we are kind of traumatized - I couldn’t think of a word to use here - by what Blizzard had done to us and really, any type of (fake?) news will just add salt to our wounds. Many posters here have been asking and waiting since the announcement came out ~2 1/2 years ago.

Honestly I can’t imagine my reaction when she finally comes out, joy? relief? or rather emptiness…