Stormwind Positivity Topic

In this topic, feel free to be positive about something. Then we can laugh at you if you are wrong.

I am positive that Stormwind will have guard towers, cannon towers, and some other annoying tower for everybody!

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I am positive that all new Quest are going to be playable =D

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I am positive I will do better this time in my pack opening. My Forged in the Barren pack opening was a disaster. Only 5 legendary out of 145 packs

I am positive, no one will complain on this forum. Because every class will be playable and nothing will be overpowered…

I am positive about warlock getting a decent big demon (at least 6 mana) and hunter getting a decent big beast (at least 5 mana)

I am positive that the expansion after Stormwind will be faction war pack where all those cards from the last two sets get trimmed for fight and we a Alliance Horde marker which means we can not play cards of different factions together.

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I think, this would be a neat idea. I hope you are right.

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I am positive about Stormwind because I am a Paladin Main and these guys are fighting for the Alliance! :slight_smile:


i like the recycle mechanic i guess

I am positive they shouldn’t release Northshire Farmer as is. Hunter is going to be busted. Why is that card a common, or a card at all?

Nothing will be overpowered… yes. :innocent:

I am positive that Priest is still viable as a class!

Okay so now we can laugh that there are no guard towers, cannon towers, or any other annoying tower, but they are bringing back Dreadstead! :slight_smile:

There are no new towers!?! I should create a Stormwind Negativity Topic.

There are more than enough negative posts on this forum. :slight_smile: So I would say keep up with the positive ones. :slight_smile:

This is so not happening

I like the new rogue legend, a pretty cool utility card, to mess with opponent’s mind.

I am positive that Pen Flinger sends his regards