New Hunter Epic & Legendary cards (Rats)

Epic · Spell · United in Stormwind · Summon seven 1/1 Rats. Any that can
Legendary · Minion · United in Stormwind · Rush. Deathrattle: Go Dormant. Revive after 5 friendly minions die.


Wooooo, my wish come true

I’m not a fan of that spell, but the legendary… it has a great art, the optimum cost, good stats + rush and a nice new mechanic for hunter (revive).

Meme potential: copy it 6 times and you have an immortal board
(actually not true if they all die with an AoE)

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Hunter cards that aren’t aggro face cards. Not sure how much play they’ll see but I like the flavor of them


Since they’re 1/1’s I suspect they’re 1 mana, so 5/5’s for 1? I think I found something for my Hunter Quest deck.

Good arena cards, but going to need some support to be competitive in constructed.

the legendary already has a lot of support:
copy: shandoo, dire frenzy, some minions
summon: guardian animals, nzoth jewel

the mount is also good: immune while attacking (probably till it dies)

the spell… I don’t think it fits anywhere at the moment: aggro can build a full board, but doesn’t need a 6 mana spell; midrange doesn’t have a big board and has better things to do than summoning rats.
If the rats had rush, it would have been good, in this case, it seems it is meant for a very specific archetype that we don’t know yet

Maybe this is hinting at a more spell-based Lock-N-Load style of play for Hunter that also utilizes Kolkar Packrunner. A deck like that somewhat exists, but this seems like fuel for that style of deck. Probably not a dominant play style, but maybe Tier 2 if optimized and well piloted. Plus, probably a lot more fun to play than Face Hunter.

Rat king = nutcracker theme

rats are not that tough … even the NY ones

a dormant sleeping rat will clog up the board. Hunter lucked out for Legendary this time arround.

how does the spell ramming mount work when on the Rat King?

Does it get to continuously summon a minion when it dies?

Wild’s dartboard (here)
And the dart lands…wait just kidding…here!

6 cost, unplayable, go figure, you can try to throw this in spell hunter but that deck can’t disrupt any combo deck, or turbo them, so, like its a tier 80 deck trying to win fringe matchups for youtube highlights?

5 cost, unplayable, go figure, 2 dmg rhino to face is better in face hunter than 5 rush. Rush is really bad in wild for most classes. Dormant only works if it’s turn like 1, or maybe on 2, and has no business happening in wild on turn FIVE. This doesn’t even help DK Rex, which is unplayable for a long time now, since hunter can’t disrupt combo. Our only deck is to mana cheat off phase to try to turbo down things, that’s ALL we have, reno isn’t a thing it can’t disrupt combo and think about taunt handling brann + dino brann and such.

If rat king was like rush deathrattle “your opponent’s spells in hand cost 2 more” then there, that’s a wild card!

Or, 4 cost rush deathrattle summon a worthy taunt, to help vs aggro, then that’s a card. If you want to slot Rat King into aggro think about this…the 2 cost dormant has the same attack (5) and it is guaranteed to resummon in 2 turns. This thing costs 5, has the same 5 attack on resummon, and is absolutely not guaranteed to resummon in wild since most late game decks are combo and may not have a minion for you to trade into.

F/e if you’re playing against combo anything and Rat king dies, are you going to kill off your own minions to revive this thing since your opponent is only playing battlecry fodder down to pump their otk up? Or, its like idk a big rogue priest shaman or whatever that has a big taunt up and none of your beasts can connect through?

Niether of the 3 Stormwind Hunter cards are disruption, taunt, non beast draw, cheap tutor, a good secret, mana cheat in some form, a good even card, a mech, information cards, deck dilution, mana cost swap, card swap, ice block effect, or a very good cheap spell, or even just less restrictive face spells. Like, these are the things Rex needs in wild, so, we got idk 7 i think more green cards to show. discover isn’t helpful much as far as generation goes since our pool is so weak. I think it’s bc wild bloodstinger is rotting out our collections hogging up “disruption” along with pressure plate and its like…omg delete these 2 cards and give us like effective cards.

they really want to make control hunter happen? ambitious.

In standard as long as Hunter doesnt have any source of reliable healing or more tools to survive, non of these type of cards will ever work.
Is always gonna be better just to rush the game , go face and finish fast.

Rat Hunter? Seems cheesy lol. I saw the Legendary first and realised Hounds is out of Standard then I saw the epic and it all makes sense. I wonder if there will be Hunter rares and commons and even some neutrals to keep filling the board up for the Rat King?

Are the rats rush? Could you have a hand of 1 mana 5/5’s with rush? Probably not, would be broken. It’s cool you can play the spell even on a full board. Actually, Broom still a thing until next year… hmmmmm…

I don’t want to think about the horror of playing against a Hunter that has a hand full of 5/5 rats for 1 cost.

So, I’m going to instead think about the ecstatic fun of playing a Hunter that has a hand full of 5/5 rats for 1 cost.

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My wild opinion: The rat legendary is pretty legit, hunter has several ways to revive it on turn 6/7 with a single card. The 5/5 stat line is pretty good too into most of secret mage minions as they usually have 4 attack so it potentially forces them to hero power. You might just be able to overwhelm a lot of other decks with sustain and it has a beast tag so it synergizes with all the regular beast stuff.

I like both cards.

Hope Hunter doesn’t just play Face Hunter instead.

Rogue and Mage will be Apexis Blasting and Jamdeezing anyway.

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