New Warlock Legendary: Anetheron

The main thing about it is that if the deck is playable this is a card that will get lots of complaints.

Theres a big push yet again for the hand size archetype in a control form ,im waiting for Mage to get the same type of cards this expansion.

I’m a bit dissappointed.

I mean, it is a good enough card and can make for powerful turns in the right deck.

Nevertheless, after hearing this guy get hyped to heck and back throughout all of Kurtrus’ backstory, he’s just… a pile of stats? Bit underwhelming.

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At first I read this as an 8/8 and that was way too good. But then I saw it was 8/6 instead and that’s quite a disappointment (the difference 2 health can make). If your hand isn’t full, it’s just a Boulderfist Ogre with stats swapped and 1 more stat. If your hand IS full, may as well just pay the 1 extra mana and use Mountain Giant which is also better at 6-9 cards in hand on top of that.

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I guess you would play this alongside Mountain Giants, giving handlock more consistency and upside, which is a good thing imo as handlock is a fun archetype and has been out of commission for quite a while now.

Also a Demon, which could be worth something.

Not a crazy powerful card in itself, but could see play if handlock is viable.

The “Positivity thread” made my wishes to come true, wow :joy:

If this was an epic, I think it would be very good (like the 6/6 that costs 1 if you have <10 cards in your deck).
Since it’s a legendary, I think this cards is pretty bad.

1 mana 8/8 if my hand is full?
If my hand is full, is because I don’t care about playing tempo, so a vanilla 8/8 is useless.
If it had lifesteal + taunt if your hand was full (cost not reduced) I could see some potential.

With the current effect, I am not even sure it would be playable if it costed 0 mana!

Maybe I am missing something, but even thinking about all the wild cards, I don’t see any reason why this card should be good.
Cool artwork, cool stats, but bad effect for a legendary.

The only thing that could save it, is some sort of combo that fills your hand with copies of it, so you have basically a “free” 8/8 every turn (thanks to the heropower).

oh wow, I didn’t even notice it was an 8/6 and not an 8/8 :joy:
I guess it doesn’t even have good stats for the cost then :joy:
Illidari inquisitor beats also this card, incredible!


Warlock can pretty reliably get a full hand. So under the presumption that this is a consistent effect, is a 1-mana 8/6 good enough to run? Big piles of stats have become less impactful over the past few years. However, adding this to the 4 mana spell that summons a Fiend with stats equal to your hand size and the always useful Flesh Giants makes me wonder if throwing wave after wave of big idiots at your opponent will be a viable strategy. I sure hope so!

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I like it. Fits mostly any deck. My destruction Warlock is often hand full turn 3-4 if I get backfire on curve, and is looking for cards to dump so I can keep drawing. Not sure what I’d cut though. Maybe Jaraxxus as it rarely helps honestly. Alex wins too many games to be cut.

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we have the quest for that one
the final reward makes your opponent take your fatigue damage so its obviously aimed for that deck type

But not in Standard.

But we got dark alley pack that isn’t too different from mountain giants.

Big pile of status on turn 4.

first reaction, I though it was pretty bad, but considering how much your hand is clobbered as warlock right now, you could potentially drop that on turn 4 for 1 .

So definitly a auto include in current control and self mill lock.

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Anything that makes going second better is fine, given how strong going first still is.

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Pretty uninteresting effect for a legendary.


I like this card overall.

It’s probably solely a Handlock card, unless Questlock is going Pure Demon.

Wish it had more text, like Shuffle into Deck.

5/5 Power

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Boredom and blandness encourage creative thinking, and exploration of your imagination.

-insert applicable Spongebob gif here-

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Meh card in terms of fun factor, will definitely see play it warlock becomes remotely viable again!

This is literally just a worse Mountain Giant.

I don’t think I’ll craft this, but if I pull it from a pack I’ll keep it. The artwork is awesome. Unfortunately it has to survive a turn before it can go face.

They’re really encouraging the player to hold onto their hand with Warlock in this expansion.