Rewards Track Client Patch

Hey everyone,

We’re currently deploying a client hotfix that includes the following:

  • Updated items on the Rewards Track.
    • Level 33 – Old: Year of the Dragon Card Pack → New: 150 Gold
    • Level 37 – Old: Scholomance Academy Card Pack → New: 200 Gold
    • Level 40 – Old: Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Card Pack → New: 200 Gold
    • Level 42 – Old: Ashes of Outland Card Pack → New: 200 Gold
    • Level 46 – Old: Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Card Pack → New: 300 Gold
    • Level 48 – Old: Year of the Dragon Card Pack → New: 300 Gold

Until this hotfix is fully deployed, some players may get the new rewards but still see the old ones. If you reached these milestones before we implemented these changes, you’ll be retroactively compensated up to the level you reached in a future update.


Pack it up everyone. The rewards track is fixed :joy:


I kinda don’t want to reply to this post anymore since they still don’t come up with any solutions about the real problems.
But d*mn I hope you got slapped really hard in your face when Legend of Runeterra just got nominated for Best Mobile Game in The Game Awards.
People has spoken, and it turns out you’re no longer popular amongs gamers. Enjoy your next slope down the gutter when you treat your fans like this.


Let’s bring back 10 gold for 3 wins, capped at 100 gold a day, like it used to be. That would help a lot.


you know what also really helps is getting your daily quests each day just sayin so what are you going to do to make up for that huh i want an answer soon or you can forget it all together.


Too little too late.


You’re done, kerfluff. It’s a wrap. We’re already uninstalling.



After a week of trying to determine what would make the players happy, this is the result?

Talk about being disconnected with your audience.


there were many reddit posts complaining about those rewards
thats why they changed them

if they are disconnected then …who made those threads ???


Disconnected because the main complaint, THE MAIN one was about XP gain being WAY too low. They didn’t even touch it. Nearly every streamer and Hearthstone Mathematics talk about how that is the main issue. They ignored it and instead changed the late game packs to gold which was like one of the lowest concerns on the list.


I don’t know if you read forums or will even see this Kerfluf, but this change ain’t it chief. The community’s faith in the current HS team is pretty shook


Give back 10 golds for 3 wins!!!


Guys you have to do much better to see any money from me ever again after this. This is a joke.


Anyone can say that, because the complaints are all over the place. Even your complaint (in this thread anyway) is worded so extremely vague to make it such that they could do plenty on the XP department and you can still claim to not have your claim addressed.

Wardrum and I discussed it, and his main concern was Gold. So clearly this does address some issues that were of interest to the community.

Now they need to fix:

  1. XP not being equal to Ranked for other game modes like Casual and Duels
  2. showing XP gained after every individual game when not leveling

Do you have any other specific actionable instances that you want to address?


The specific complaint, the main one made by those I’ve already spoken about, is that XP earnings are too low. They need only increase XP gains to the point that players are earning gold at the same rate they were before.

The packs at the end were laughable rewards because the XP gain to get there took so long to the point that by the time you got the packs they would be rotating. Changing those packs to gold doesn’t fix the main issue.

Increasing XP gain fixes like 90% of the problem.

Let me spell it out

  1. The problem is that getting to point A to point Z to earn the same gold you were earning before was so slow that by the time you got to Z, you would have spent more time grinding for less gold.
  2. Because of this long grind, by the time you reached X you got a pack that would be rotating out.
  3. Asking that the time to get from A to Z to be shorter is what players wanted.
  4. Blizzard then fixes the pack at point X to be worth gold instead COMPLETELY MISSING the math and figures that were posted. The prize at point X Y and Z were laughable because the time to get there was so bad.
  5. Changing X Y and Z is NOT the solution. X Y and Z could have stayed the same. What needed to change was the time it took to get there.

I hope I’ve made this as easy to understand as possible. I understand some people aren’t good at math so they don’t quite comprehend the underlying issue.

To put it in even more simpler terms:
If I was getting roughly 120g a day playing before this reward system, and now I don’t get that 120g until I’ve played or 2 days, changing the gold at the end of the 2 days to 140g is not the solution. Changing the time it takes to get that 120g is.


I know I will never hit level 150 and that is fine, but I would like to casually hit level 80-90 before the expansion ends. At that rate I am going, I will be lucky to hit level 55 (almost level 24).


Exactly! And they didn’t even address or acknowledge this issue.


I am actually happy :slightly_smiling_face: thnx HearthStone people

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So we just ignore that the game is bleeding players ,because now has a worst reward system than the 6 year old greedy one, broken dust economy, ohh and new players has 0 chance to have fun.
For a AAA price+ you get 4 random legendary from 80 pack.
And now we have a mini set that increase the game cost by 4500 gold every 3 months.
If the fish leave also the whales… or at least this one.


Doesn’t come close to making up for the blatant lying and deceiving from blizzard, but hey it’s a good start.