Quilboar Join Battlegrounds & Battle-Ready Decks

Quilboar Join Battlegrounds & Battle-Ready Decks

The 20.2 patch will introduce a new Battlegrounds minion type and purchasable decks!

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This is great news! And the decks actually look good! Thank you! This will finally allow new players to jump into the game much faster than before.


Offering the current best meta deck for each class is a solid move.


Why aren’t the beginner decks this viable

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is this uncraftable ? the pre made decks

is it 20$ PER deck, or 20$ for the set? because at 20$ per deck, there is a very high loss of value for the players.


1 deck, 2-4 Legendaries.

If you were buying packs for the same amount of money you should at most expect 1 Legendary and there would be no guarantee you’d get one.


Most card games have a starter deck at $20. I was literally talking to my brother about this whenever Darkmoon Faire launched. Glad the Hearthstone team seen it as an option. I hope it works out and we see more in the future. The game is becoming very beginner friendly again and I love it!

I have a balance suggestion for the next balance patch: make a small change to Incanter’s Flow, just adding “but not below [1]” to its text. This leaves it as a viable card but reduces some of its more unfair interactions in both Wild and Standard.

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If by suffering you mean losing to anything apart from Priests, then yes.


It’s $20 for 1 deck, and it’s crazy value. These decklists are top meta decks. For $20 worth of packs you wouldn’t even be able to assemble half of the decks (you would even have to get lucky to get the legendaries for a class you want to play), and now you can just choose a class to have a meta ready deck for and it’s only $20?! This is INSANE for new players.

Some decks have 4 legendaries that are actually used AND for 1 class. How many legendaries do you get for $20 in packs? 1, maybe 2. And you have to get lucky to even get a useful one or it’s only worth 400 dust.


Where i can see the releasedate of the update… cant find

True only if your F2P not realy because you still have the pay with real money intead of coins,but for new players that dont mind to pay for the game sure

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limited to one per account.
is it one deck Only or one deck From each classes ?

Warlock deck was not too bad, i did have to remove the armor vendors as i used them earlier and having four one drops with one attack is just not as good as it sounds. Put in another Scorpid and added an Ooze.

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One deck only, according to the FAQ.

No. The cards are regular cards, and if you own some or all already you’ll get extra copies you can dust (except for Core cards of course).

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Some of the decks seem like they could have been a bit better optimized with a few more cards, but what can you do.

As a f2p player , not planning on buying a deck I still think this is a good thing for the game in general. Should hopefully bring back some players for a bit.

The price seems a bit high, but considering the base price of a pack is 3$ I may be mistaken. I think people should get the full dust value of the cards they already have instead of extra copies, so that current players also have a reason to buy them (talking about the cards that are not from the core set).

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I think it says patch notes are coming tomorrow, so we’ll find out tomorrow instead of today, because reasons?


I’ve just done some math to find out the most profitable decks to buy in terms of dust. Here are my results:

Demon Hunter - 1760
Druid - 1840
Hunter - 1920
Mage - 1900
Paladin - 1920
Priest - 1720
Rogue - 2000
Shaman - 1740
Warlock - 1960
Warrior - 1880

In short, Rogue is the best one.

I just have to emphasize that this might not be the best way to choose your deck! Remember you are free to choose the deck you want based on the cards too!

Hope I helped someone :slight_smile: