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I’d like to say that allowing us to buy tier 1 or 2 decks is an amazing step in the right direction. I stopped playing standard about 3 years ago and as soon as I missed a single set of card releases - it became TOO expensive to start laddering again. At least now, If I want to, I can get access to a decent deck and climb (without having to buy tons of card.

Blizzard - I hope you consider allowing players to “lease” all the cards for an expansion (rent not own) for all game modes. I’d probably do it for $40.

The beginner decks are based off recipes created before an expansion goes live. Of course they are not as refined.

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On top of that, they’re often designed to showcase specific deck/class mechanics. If those mechanics aren’t competitive (like Deathrattle for Demon Hunters) then even its most refined form won’t be very competitive.

great news to be able to have a meta deck that would cost about 10.k of dust

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Wish we would get dust from the cards we own instead of a duplicate.

No lmfao, Icanters Flow literally gives you +25 to +50 mana, it needs a massive nerf alongside with Refreshing Spring Water

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Uh, very nice. Going to get me that Shaman deck. But why always the limited offers? As far as i understood in the FAQ, they wont be released all at once but just one every couple weeks? Sounds weird. Just release all of them at once without a timegate. You are already getting money for it, so please give me at least the time to choose when i buy it.

Hello, i have a question: the warlock deck says “ Contains 30 cards: 4 Legendary, 2 Epic, 8 Rare ” but i count 7 legendaries.

Tamsin, Taelan, Tickatus, Malicia, Alex, THE EREDAR LORD OF THE BURNING LEGION and Yshaarj

It means we only get 4 random out of this 7? The ones missing are a priority?

Thanks, stay safe

They dont count core-set legendaries.

  • There are Core Set cards in these decks, will I get those cards again?
    • (Updated) If you already have the Core Set cards in a Battle-Ready deck, you will not receive them again. If you don’t, purchasing a deck will automatically set all classes to level 10, unlocking all Core set cards.

I don’t get it…mage has 47.9% WR on EU. I think its about the same in NA & Asia. Why would you wanna nerf a card thats being played in a tier 3 deck ? Why not nerf paladin and hunter who both have a WR > 57% ??

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Will we be able to dust the Mankrik from these decks? I know we’re unable to disenchant the one we got for free.

Considering that for a long time, MTG would be churning out ready to play Expert Decks for 10 dollars with 2 rares, I fail to see the problem here. No one batted an eye during Darkmoon Races either, and that was with FIVE Legendaries.

So yeah, failing to see the problem here. Four Legendaries at $20 USD is a good price.

A rather important card is missing from the priest deck. This is Illucia. It is nevertheless present in all priest control decks. The problem also does not come from the fact that it would make too legendary in this deck since the thief has 4 while the priest has 3 with this current deck. Is it because you expect this card to be nerfed soon? Since you make sure that none of the cards present will take a nerve soon.

Do we have a scheduled date for the release of these decks in the shop? Will they all be available at the same time?


because pal and hunt are about 50% wr in legendary. Yes on low ranks, where people dont have cards and/or skill - cheap aggros are always doing great. It doesn’t mean they need any nerfs

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Not a fan of extra core cards not giving dust… hell its annoying as is now searching through my collection to find out which golden dupes I can actually dust

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If they do this every expansion there’s no reason to buy the preorders anymore.


I wish they would allow us to convert our existing cards into golden versions at a discount, and on that front, allow us to buy golden battle-ready decks for the price. I might change my mind on spending money on Blizzard games, and perhaps many others, too, who knows?

i see they are not addressing the disgraceful tikatus warlock cancer deck and now they offer it for £19.99 , and they say this games not pay to win , blizzard make me sick with this crap

Taelan, Alex, and Jaraxxus are part of the Core set. Maybe they’re not counting the ones you already have in your collection.