Dust cost for new decks?

Is there anywhere to see the dust value of the new decks? I’m wondering if it’s worth buying any just to dust them.

your that lazy to do math huh

Someone on the forum made the calculation.

I don’t know if they are accurate or not

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If you look at the announcement, each list shows the number of legendaries, epics, and rares for each deck (ignoring Core cards) so you can estimate dust that way too.


Thanks! It doesn’t look like they’re worth it. The best is about the same as 20 packs.

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That’s the dust you’d get for disenchanting the decks, not the dust it costs to craft them.

Yeah. 2,000 dust is also about what you’d get for dusting 20 packs.

Yeah, in terms of dust value these really don’t look worth it (which is fine) but in terms of crafting value these are fantastic.


I agree with Wardrum, if any of these decks have even 1 legendary card that you would probably craft, buying the deck isn’t a bad deal by HS standards.

But buying them for dust alone is probably sub-optimal, there have been plenty of weird bundle offers seemingly every month that are probably a better deal for raw dust value.


On the other hand, you would not expect 2-4 Legendaries in 20 packs.

Don’t do it!

The BP is a better deal.

Definitely. If I didn’t already have the cards the decks would be a great deal.

i bought warlock deck. Only deck where i did not have any legendary and i can use defiler in other decks too.

more than 20 bucks worth.

It’s very nice to see that we’re now able to actually purchase the cards we want to far more specifically than ever before. And for anyone worried about the gambling nature of buying and opening card packs, this reduces that. What is possibly the next logical step forward? Purchasing individual cards?

The question really is though, is it a legendary that you will keep in your collection or is it 400 dust?

20 packs should be 2k dust, likewise these BR decks have 1.7 - 2k dust, so again it is kind of a wash.

The key factor here is 20 packs = 100 cards, the BR decks have 20ish non core cards.

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I already have all of the legendaries so definitely wouldn’t keep new copies. They’d sit in my collection until they were nerfed or I wanted the dust for some new deck idea.