Questions for a player wanting to join

Okay, I have a few questions because I really wanna make sure a game is for me before I put time into it.

  1. Is the game still supported well? From YouTubers I see, it seems they’re pretty consistent with big expansions and stuff, and that generally people tend to like them.

  2. Is the game worth it playing f2p? and/or little money spent? I know this game has “pseudo-p2w” or more like pay to get stuff faster.

  3. Do you think this game is sustainable? Simple question. Do you think this game is worth putting time into to play for a while?

1-The game is still well supported with new expansions added on a regular basis and occasional balance changes.

2-It depends on what you are looking for. As a f2p player you will never have a full collection and will be limited to the number of tier one decks you can create. As a new player you will also be limited by a smaller card collection than players who have been in the game for years. Personally I think the game is fun even with these limitations but if you are the type of player who must have the best right now you will be frustrated if you try and go f2p. If you do decide to give Heartstone a try do not skip the wood league intro levels as you will get significant rewards for completing them.

3-Do I think the game will stick around? Yes. Do I think the game is worth putting time into? Since I have been playing since launch and plan to continue playing the obvious answer is Yes.


This game is all about micro transactions now. Try the battlegrounds. It’s the only almost fair part of the game.

Ranked is rigged and boring as hell. 30 minutes after a new x-pac comes out, all the ‘‘pros’’ have deck builds that everyone copies ( that’s what Blizz aims for) buy paying to forge the needed cards. It is the only way to win on a consistent base and have the so called RNG on your side.

Otherwise, as a F2P, you will get bad draws, same cards on the mulligan or the next couple turns. The good cards you would like at the beginning will always be at the bottom of your deck.

The game is rigged to make people spend to get the stupidly OP cards and combos that can kill you in a single turn without anything you can do to stop it . that’s why they never fix/nerf anything for long periods of time.

The whack balance between classes and builds are deliberate. They are forcing you into certain paths. Otherwise you will loose 75% of your games because the A.I. doesnt give you good draws. It is rigged to give the ‘‘flavor of the month’’ decks perfect synergy and flow. If you go offroad, you’re as good as dead.

  1. Yes it is. Blizzard is seing big money in the Ranked normal play and so even speed up development to all 4 months new cards to all 2 months. The other gamemodes are not so well tended because there is no real money to make.
  2. Unless you are in for just completing your quests and no more or only playing ONE (1) deck for whole 4 months for reaching high ranks then no. For playing without paying and only spending like 15-20€ for either mini-set or rewardpass you need play many hours per day. It is mathematically calculated that if you want to complete your HS collection as a new player it will take 3 MONTHS of your lifetime if you only unlock them by playing. For beeing competive the game is made the way that to stay competive you need either have a very high and deep knowledge or to spent 80€ all 4 months.
  3. Depend. If you want to just have fun playing some cards with some simple rules and many RNG than YES. If you want to have an engageing game where the meta is alive and constantly changeing because of so much combinations and a vast differnt playmodes go to Legend of Runeterra.
    Hearthstone is now manly for either those that do not care, that they will not bring it far or want a very RNG high game, want to get a clear view what deck they should take for the next 4 months or stayed because it is WoW cardgame that existed since 2014. Legends of Runeterra is for newbies like FF XIV for WoW. If you do not have any connections go to LoR unless as I said you rather want to get clearly shown what to do and what to do not.

Yes, the game is still supported well with new content and updates, and a new expansion is being released very soon.

If you are starting out as new player F2P, you have a lot of the game (and cards!) to learn while also needing to build your collection, so you won’t be having a lot of the cards that you might see in many online decklists and YouTube.

So, what to do? You have a couple of ways to approach this:

  1. Focus on building one deck that becomes proven to be a “good” or “meta” deck. This is probably the most popular or “recommended” way, but has significant downsides. If you put all of your resources into this one deck, when cards get nerfed or changed, you may have trouble adapting and finding a new deck to play.

  2. A good chunk of players only like to play 1-2 classes. If you’re one of them you do have the option of crafting/acquiring more of your chosen class’s epics and legendaries and ignoring the other classes. That way you have a richer experience with those 1-2 classes. May have trouble completing some daily quests for a class where you disenchanted all the cards for. And if your chosen class is not doing so well in the “meta”, you may have a bad time playing (though the most dedicated players handle it)

  3. With the cards you open, play several deck archetypes (but substituting expensive legendaries). This can teach you the difference between a legendary that is key to a deck type (for which a deck is usually named after), a legendary that looks powerful but is actually optional and/or can be substituted, or a legendary that could benefit you in multiple decks/classes, not just one class/deck type.
    However it may be quite tricky to figure this out and it is far easier for existing players to just have the card and take it for granted as “required”, which then pushes up the total cost of a deck.

With how duplicate protection works (since April 2020), the less cards you disenchant/ the more patience you have with building your collection, the better it is in the long run for what type of decks you can eventually play.

Some details on collection building and acquiring cards

This could use an entire another post about it, but here are a few things:
You are guaranteed all commons and rares of a set (135 cards) by around pack 67 of a set, not including the mini-set. There are also “Standard” and “Wild” packs you can buy in the shop, that can cover older set cards you might be missing.

The full miniset (35 cards) for each expansion can be purchased for 2000 gold and is available for around 3 months. After that, you can get still get the miniset cards from the expansion packs.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s a discussion post I made in Jan 20 about what a new player might need to do to enjoy Hearthstone for the long term.

There are a lot of specific terms in there that would only make sense to regular or older players, and as HS keeps changing some information is outdated (eg: the Rank system), but otherwise my main point would be, if you play consistently over a long period of time, i.e do the daily quests, weekly Tavern Brawl and level up the Rewards Track every expansion, you find yourself with more and more freedom to craft what you want as you’ll own enough of each expansion.

But how to make sure you are still having fun before you get to that point? If Play Mode is not working out, there is certainly a lot of solo content you can play for free, and Battlegrounds is pretty much free (hence why it is just as popular if not more popular than Play Mode). But it is also like a different game.

Is Hearthstone worth putting time into playing? Yes! Cards can have simple wording, but have a lot of depth to their strategy. The laid-back nature of the characters, with elegant animations and visuals make Hearthstone a very charming game. Just know that frustration can be easy to trigger at times.

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Nah bro. Blizzard has a disgusting culture of discrimination in their workplace and hearthstone exists solely to make money. They have developed algorithms to discover cards unique to the board state and situation and it is widely believed they use that same algorithm to manipulate draw RNG in a situational manner to artificially control players winrates to cause frustration in an attempt to maximize user uptime and milk them for as much money as possible in the paid game modes. They support the streamers and make big launch announcements to get eyes on the product but if you are a non streamer or heavens forbid a f2p user they will bend you over your own desk and treat you like they treat their female employees. If you want to drop the amount of money it will take for you to become competitively viable in the game from a fresh start then I would recommend you drop that money at a casino instead because you have much better odds of winning there. I’ve been playing since beta and if not for the sunk cost fallacy I would not continue to. If you haven’t gotten into the game yet, save yourself the money and time and just play MTG instead. Hope that helps!

I’m not f2p but I’m comfortable spending $ because I believe 1 and 3 is 100% yes.

If I were f2p, yes, I’d still put my time towards it. Battlegrounds mode is free. If you want to try to change cards/decks all the time you might be frustrated being ftp. But you can absolutely climb the ranked ladder being ftp sticking to a deck or two. Climbing ranked ladder is important for getting more cards/packs at the end of each month.

But if you are a type of player who likes going after achievements, you can do that too without competitive decks. There’s also free solo adventures that take a good bit of of time to get through as well. So yea, there’s a lot to do being even ftp with the game.

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  1. Yes, they still support it quite well. I’ve been around since beta and they have consistently done well with that aspect of the game.

  2. Depends on how you like to play. Casual players can do just fine spending little to no money. Plenty of things to do. Competitive players will not like F2P. It will take months, and lots of real money, to get in a position to do anything besides play the same single deck game after game. I created an alt account and tested this on my own time to be sure.

  3. Debatable. This game is ~7yrs old and Blizzard is kinda in the twilight period of its gaming days. It will live until it is no longer profitable for them. If you just want to have some fun and play, it’s fine to join.

  1. You have 3 expansions per year (end of year, spring, summer), quite a few balance patches in between.
  2. It is easier to start than it ever was. You get core set, you get one of the newest TOP decks, so good way to start. However if you dont spend money, you can expect to have within first year just few “expensive” decks.
    However there are many cheap decks, that you can build and play and are very strong (however, not so fun), which are for something around 2000 dust (usually fast aggro) - for example now you can build Shaman for as little as 2000 dust, spell druid for less than 3000
    Myself being f2P player, who spent maybe 20 euro during all the game, I can have majority of classes and cards without investing because of how dust works.
    Myself being f2P player, who spent maybe 20 euro during all the game, I can have majority of classes and cards without investing because of how dust works.
    That said, it is because of playing game for several years you gain enough cards to rotate the dust.
  3. Connected to 2) - if you want to stick around, you can have decent experience.

It is simple if you have 1000 USD / per expansion (for sufficient cards pack)
Join and enjoy everything HS has to offer!

But if you don’t want to spend that much money…and try play only with game gold, you’ll just watch you lose with everyone, you just won’t have enough cards

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Just wanted to add to something that was said earlier. With the current monetization, if you want to play with everything (or you want a complete set, what have you), you can get a complete expansion by investing roughly $170. That includes both pre-orders, the tavern pass, and mini set. Blizz became more generous with the last expansion in that they’re giving away more legendaries per pre-order in addition to the diamond legendary with the tavern pass. Thing is you have to accumulate at least 100 free packs via grinding weeklies, dailies, and xp in order for this to become feasible. But yeah bottom line is that the game is more affordable for people wanting complete sets thanks to duplicate protection and even those investing just a fraction of that can have a pretty impressive collection.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: maybe $1700 for all card from expansion…
You will definitely not show us a video how you create a new account with only $170 and show ALL cards from latest expansion?.. :money_mouth_face:

85 packs / 3 lengendary cards? really blizzard?

see? 85 pack 3 legendary
and now use calc: 60 pack price 70USD
latest expansion 24 legendary cards + 1 free
you NEED 680 pack = 770 USD and sure you must be lucky for drop all rare and epic or hope dust is enough for you…

I don’t know if you’re trolling or just don’t know.

Both preorder bundles gets you 140 packs. 5 golden packs. That’s a good amount of dust from goldens and dupes. You’ll open ~7 legendarys on average. On a new account you get starter cards, starter bundle. That’s enough to have a deck to climb the ladder and do daily/weekly quests.

You have the rest of the expansion to get reward track cards/packs/gold, end of month ranked cards/packs, tavern brawl packs. You should be able to earn 10k gold for the whole season to finish expansion collection plus mini set.

ya 140 for less price but you still need per expansion ± 700 pack simple another ±500 pack you have to buy for the full price!
And 10k gold it is only 100 pack BUT you will save only after end season…(and 10k gold on end season mean you dont play any arena,duel,battleground perks, dont buy mini-set)