PSA: HOF cards still not in Classic packs

I am absolutely livid about this. I’m re-opening my ticket and demanding full compensation. I’ll cross-post this on Reddit so it can get the attention it needs. I’ve spent over $1600 on this game and this is the first time I’ve felt ripped off, and it is shameful how they’re handling it.

Note, it ONLY applies to the new classic bundles - gold and regular - not the other bundles, as they dont explicitly state you can open a HoF’d card.

Good luck. They really dont have a leg to stand on TBH. They have falsely advertised the contents of the “classic bundles” and cant refuse refunds based on that fact.

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I get it.

I was really skeptical myself and thus stopped after the first pack, and felt compelled to let everyone know about it.

You do what you need to do.

I was just giving you an alternative that might meet your needs and offer a faster resolution.

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For sure. For some that might be acceptable - just give me the chance to open the HoF’d cards when available - but just as many, if not more, people are likely to be pissed off about it. Especially as there is no fine print stating from the 30th of March!

I already dusted the cards even after opening them and revealing all dupes because, would you believe it, the dust shown on Mass Disenchant was about twice what I actually received due to their current visual bug incorrectly counting both classic and non-classic versions of cards. With the dust it showed, it would’ve been enough to simply finish my Classic collection, which is all I’m angling for, but alas.

I also didn’t know that re-closing packs was a thing they did.

Your post seems like definitely a good suggestion for someone less screwed and pissed than I am currently, so thanks for it.

Here’s the Reddit thread if anyone wants to upvote it, since I’m assuming Blizzard (like most companies) is more bothered by backlash on Reddit than on their forums.

Dont spend the dust you got is a big one.

If they do the right thing, while additional compensation may or may not be warranted for those affected, that dust is now the product you are returning.

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I am straight-up not having a good time.

“you disagree with what the information brought to you”

“if you think this is not appearing correctly as what you expected”

May I ask why you have another refund recently?

I bought the bundle, opened the packs, got all dupes, and was already pissed at that point but I figured I’d just deal with it and take the dust since I was so close to a full Classic collection, so then I Mass Disenchanted and got half of what it showed due to the current visual bug, leaving me again without a full Classic collection.

By that point I was actionably pissed so I opened a support ticket, and they offered me a refund with the caveat that they would deduct 2000 gold from my account since the packs had been opened, and I initially refused this (since it would essentially be as if I had still paid for it, just in gold instead of cash), but since I still want a full Classic collection I figured I’d ask if they’d allow me to repurchase the bundle if I refunded (and this time I would wait a week before opening the packs so I could actually complete the collection). They said yes, so I refunded it.

I repurchased the bundle, then realized that the bonus legendaries that come with it (which could’ve been the last two HoF legendaries I was missing) were unnecessarily wasted as dupes because they fire off as soon as you buy it, so I was supposed to buy it after the 30th apparently, and I didn’t know they actually showed the end date of the Classic Bundle anywhere since they don’t show it in the app (which is where I make all of my HS purchases) so I assumed I’d have to buy it now or miss out on the value, especially since “Classic” is being removed (and changed into “Legacy”) on the 30th and I assumed they wouldn’t be selling a “Classic” bundle still if “Classic” packs are no longer being sold by themselves. Then I found out about the false advertisement in this thread, so I demanded full compensation plus gold back (they could take back the packs or whatever, I don’t care) so I could wash my hands of this. They deny their lie.

So basically I’m out $15, I have negative 2000 gold on my account (but at least I have 20 Classic packs I will now wait on opening), and I wasted 4 legendary pulls by their horrendous messaging because I don’t religiously read PSAs on the forums. And I get patronized to by support staff.


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OK, so they did refund you. But they won’t refund you again after you purchased it again for the second time.

Now can you understand why I opened one pack and immediately stopped?

You are also zeroed out on your Gold? Start rationing your Gold and only buy a single expansion a year. Keep more of your hard earned money. You don’t need this grief.

They refunded, and took gold from him to equal the 20 packs if you read carefully. Thats not a refund, its fraud given what the deal is advertised as.

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Yes, my gold is actually well in the negative now, -1880 to be exact. It’s not a real refund, it’s just charging me as if I had paid in gold instead of cash (and I only accepted it to have the opportunity to repurchase the bundle to redeem later and hopefully complete my collection).

As they describe it,

I understand.

That’s why I was proposing he ask for them to re close the packs.

I wouldn’t have taken the deal before asking that.

Sure, but at the end of the day, it shouldnt be a compromise. The product received was not that advertised. Thats a full refund where I live.

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Is there any precedent for “re-closing” packs being a thing they do? That would be fairer than they seem inclined to be right now.

They’re clearly toeing a rigid line here and don’t want to admit any fault on this unless there’s widespread outrage, which there might not be because it doesn’t affect the majority (F2Pers).

I’ll post the full support ticket with all replies in a bit.

I said I understood.

They said they didn’t ask, or even think to ask, to reclose the packs as I suggested.

Blizzard offered a resolution with Gold to pay for the dusted cards in the opened packs, and they took it.

I would have been specific. “Can you reset my account to what it was before I made the purchase, and give me store credit?”, “When will I be able to get HOF cards if I purchase again?”

We don’t know for a fact that they wouldn’t have done that if it had been requested.

We did learn they won’t refund the purchase twice.
And they can swap a money purchase for a gold purchase.

But, again, the product being sold is not as advertised.

That makes it a defective product.

That warrants full, no questions asked, refunds.

Sure, he could have asked more questions and what not, but that does not excuse Blizzards false advertising. Far from it!

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I agree.

But they didn’t ask for the account to be reset. We don’t know they wouldn’t have done it if it had been requested.

So we can’t complain that they won’t do it.

We can complain that they haven’t put out a FAQ or additional information explaining this issue so it doesn’t happen to more people.

They shouldnt have to ask for a reset for a faulty product.

Its blizzards responsibility to provide what they advertise. Thats simply not the case on this situation. They (Blizzard) are fully at fault. There is no reason to defend them on this one Marcos, not even a little bit.