Classic packs do not contain hall of famed cards

I have the exact same issue, I opened 3 Classic Packs after the reset/update today and they did not give me the 3-4 HOF commons and rares that I did not have 2-ofs. They were not cards I had ever owned previously (I don’t disenchant cards that I don’t have duplicates of). Pretty bummed about that.

I am talking about cards like Conceal, Power Overwhelming, and Azure Drake that were all HOF’ed before my Classic card collection had grown materially.


I am upset about this too.

I bought Classic packs specifically to finish my Classic set by getting Velen, which I have NEVER owned, ever.

Instead, I got duplicates of other legendaries I already have, and I even got a few Legacy cards (like Icicle) which Blizz explicitly stated would not be in Classic packs after FitB launch.

I really hope they re-roll these packs for us so we get what was promised and expected.

Same here, I have 50+ classic packs, and waited util today’s update and got 2 duplicated legendary, Please re-roll these packs!!!

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Same, I had a dozen packs saved, filled in the gaps in my collection but didn’t get the HoF cards so ended up having to craft them instead

I’m facing the same problem.

Known issue and compensation:

It’s literally not the same issue we discussing here.

The duplicate card protection mechanism is currently not working for HoF cards in the classic packs.

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That is exactly what this thread is talking about right from the title, “Classic packs do not contain hall of famed cards”.

There is some mention of duplicates, which is sort of off topic, but it could be duplicates of the HOF replacements, for which they may get compensation.

Not sure why you even replied when you did not even make a post in the first place.

Thanks for pointing us to the blue post.

However, that compensation doesn’t account for the people who opened Classic packs with the intention of getting Classic cards that got Hall of Famed.

If this situation is left with just that fix, I’d have to spend 1600 dust to get Velen, instead of having it as one of the two legendaries that came with the Classic bundle, and getting to keep the remaining dust for other stuff.

So, the blue post is really only a partial fix.


Compensating for not getting some of the Hall of Fame cards missing from your collection is possible but like very hard.

You mentioned that got some of the replacement cards, Icicle for example. You are getting Arcane dust for that and getting to keep the card.

Yeah, I get that the real compensation might be hard, but then at least give people generous enough compensation to cover what their real losses are.

According to the rules of how packs/bundle rewards work, I was supposed to get the one legendary I was missing to complete the Classic set, and like 1900 dust (400 for the other bundle legendary + ~1500 for the packs). So I should have gotten Velen plus like 1900 dust.

Instead because of this HoF mistake, I get all dust basically — 800 from the 2 legendaries + 1500 dust from the packs. Gotta use 1600 of that 2300 to craft Velen. So I end up with Velen + 700 dust.

So, this mistake of Classic HoF cards not being obtainable cost me 1200 dust.

The problem gets worse the more HoF cards someone was expecting.

Pretty much everyone who bought these bundles did so in order to complete the last few cards for their Classic sets, and they’re all gonna feel really ripped off if this partial fix is left as is. I mean, wouldn’t you?


Yes I was hoping for even one golden ice block. I opened all the classic packs from the normal bundle a week ago, only then did I find out that the HoF cards were not in them. So I waited until today with the golden bundle…and literally opened them 5 minutes too early.

I opened 30+ classic packs just to get some missing epic and legendary card like Sylvanas, and I ends up get sh*t like the time dragon, which I already have, how this compensation helps people like me? It is really frustrated, please at least re-roll all the classic packs so we can open again!!


I got screwed by this maximally, as I wrote out in this other thread

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same here, i was expecting to get HoF commons and rares, maybe a rag or sylvannas, but got all duplicate stuff.

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Yeah happened to me too. I feel extremely cheated from buying the Classic bundle then realizing I should’ve waited after the rotation. They couldn’t give some kind of warning or waited to release the bundles after rotation? Sheesh.

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Was this issue solved? Can I safely open my classic packs to get missing HoF-ed cards?

Any ideas how to backup my account so that they can take gold cards (not HoF) from gold packs and give me normal gold packs(with HoF cards)? EU support said that they cannot interact with my packs, cards etc, but i think there must be a some way.

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jesus can this expac get any worse

This compensation is not enough. The classic bundle is advertised in the store as containing old, classic cards (e.g. Sylvanna, Ragnaros, Molten Giants, etc).

I’ve opened King Krush and some useless epics. I never had the chance (as it is advertised in the store) to open Sylvanna or Molten Giants. This is clearly false advertisement.

A fair compensation would entail a full dust refund for all cards opened, since the chance of opening old classic cards was not given, since the packs did not contain old cards.

I would be also fine if they removed the cards I’ve opened, gave me 23 classic packs again so that I can re-open them to have that chance of opening Sylvanna etc, as they advertised.