PSA: HOF cards still not in Classic packs

Defending them for what?

For offering a resolution the costumer agreed to?

The customer agreed to buy packs with a chance of opening Leeroy. That was not the product he got.

Stop defending false advertising!

How am I defending it?

I am asking them to update their advertisement to clear this up!

Them updating it now, doesnt change purchases made under the previous advert. The false one.

All purchase made, to this point, should be fully refundable upon request REGARDLESS of if the packs were opened or not, without being charged gold as a compromise.

How you cant see that is beyond me.

Thankfully, IF it happened to me, Blizzard couldnt pull a swifty on me as my countries laws need to be complied with for them to trade here, but not everyone is that lucky.

And you know for a fact that they didn’t ask for an account reset. You probably would have demanded it.

Is Blizzard supposed to implant thoughts into people so they figure out what works best for them?

You’re also putting the blame on me for not arguing for a different compromise with the support staff, when there shouldn’t have to be any compromise, when I should’ve gotten what I paid for, when they shouldn’t be promoting and selling Classic packs to coincide with the Classic format when the Classic packs do not match the Classic collection, even though the HoF cards have their set listed as CLASSIC in-game (!!!), when this asinine one-week gap is not mentioned on any purchase page for the Classic bundles and instead there is outright false advertising sending the exact opposite message.

I’ve spent over $1600 on this game. I don’t have a problem with spending money on this game, because I can expect to get what I paid for, and because I expect Blizzard to be competent and responsible and acknowledge and make amends for their mistakes. I am waiting for that to happen.

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They are supposed to provide the product as advertised. That is all that matters.

Its not on the customer to ask for a reset, but for blizzard to provide the advertised product.

You are defending dodgy business practices by puttin the onus on the customer to ask for a reset when a full refund should have been granted without question.

Given that this awfully unnecessary argument is at least bumping the thread, I’ll entertain it a bit further:

If totally rewinding my account (and “re-closing the packs”) were something they could actually do in the event of a refund, wouldn’t that be their default offer instead of deducting me 100 gold for each pack opened? Do you really think “rewind my account state and exact collection to the day before, or the moment before this transaction” is something they could even do, as if they have omnipotent sequential records of every individual state change in the history of every account? I don’t think there’s any real precedence for this to be expected in this game, or any other for that matter.

Blame? No.

The blame is on Blizzard, they created the conflict with their poor advertising.

Did you expect they would refund you the money and let you keep the dust?

I am not tripping about the $15. I asked them, as an alternative to a refund, to give me what I paid for (and they could for sure make whatever exchanges necessary to feel it is just that, but any other decent business that respects its EXTREMELY LOYAL customers would 1. acknowledge their mistake and 2. eat a trivial loss to make amends for it). The sheer annoyance and my time wasted here should be worth some smattering of already-75%-devalued virtual currency, and if they wanted to be strict I’d be amenable but it’s really besides any point.

Anyway, here’s the full epic support ticket convo, with 5 well-meaning left hands who do not know what the right hand is doing:

Hilarious bonus at the end:


So now we know the mistake is on Ben Lee himself (rather than the person answering you probably getting 12$ an hour).

He should have gotten marketing and development together to explain when it was taking effect.

It’s the weekend now which means Iksar is off to talk to whoever heads marketing and sales.

So that type of resolution won’t happen until Monday afternoon at the earliest.

I will start a thread at tech support as well.

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Hopefully this gets enough attention.


I guess not enough other people also got ripped off.

wow, how to kill classic for new players, speedrun any% :joy:

I’m going accepted that i got scammed out of 15$ and move on.

You understand a scam is intentional.

You believe this was done on purpose rather than that they bungled the marketing?

I 100% agree.

The solution would be to provide the HoF legendary cards to players who bought and opened the bundles before HoF cards were in packs. Done. Move on.

Blizzard seems to have sent CS overseas to people who may not understand expectations here or even fully grasp how their English might be connotatively rude in context.

I had a free week added to my wow account after I opened a ticket and the CS response was horrendous. It was apparently a misunderstanding of language, but it was rude none the less.

Seems like, reading this thread, a trend.


I believe hs knowing did something wrong and decided to swept it under the rug.

It’s not the $15 that bothers me as much as the extra expense I’m going to have to incur to finally finish off those HoF cards, and, of course, the hilarious negative 1880 gold on my account.

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It’s not very well swept.

Other people have been opening threads in Technical Support and Bug Reports.

That’s where you need to complain.

Read my post in Bug Report, since it best explains the problem and expected resolution better than anyone else.