PSA: HOF cards still not in Classic packs

I opened my Golden pack to much disappointment.

Don’t be like me. Wait until the next expansion is released.


I literally checked the collection to see if classic had HOF cards (sylvanas) ans so I opened it.

I assumed I had already all rares/common and I was unlucky to have found all duplicates, so it turns out I got scammed, since there may be common/rares in the HOF? :joy:


I have 15 Classic packs unopened so I will be OK.

But what’s really going to suck is for anyone buying Classic bundles and opening them completely before realizing they don’t give HOF cards yet.


i have a ton of HoF cards from crafting them with dust. don’t have velen but i think i have all of the common and rares cuz i had extra dust and used them to make some of the pve stuff easier. like most of them you can spend 50 dust to create. if you’ve wanted them there was nothing stopping you from getting them.

The hof should be in the classic pack, its says classic pack. If they werent, then hs scam their player base again. LOL

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The new core set arrives on this upcoming Tuesday, so the HoF cards still have not merged with the legacy set yet.


Where was the disclaimer saying hof cards will be release with the core set and wont be in classic packs?

Read the OP again.

It says TODAY they’re not in there.

It doesn’t say they will NEVER be there.

Just wait a week.

Nuance doesn’t seem to be your strong suit.

Unless you have 2 golden sets of all commons/rares, does it really matter? I mean, the chance even 1 of your goldens is specifically a HoF card is astronomically slim. In my experience, the duplicate protection doesn’t protect you from getting a golden when you have 2 non-golden versions (in general after the duplicate protection, I’ve gotten golden rares I already had 2 non-golden copies of while of the same set I still have only 1/0 copies of certain rares).

It was their decision on their end to rotate the Year of the Dragon set along with a good amount of basic/classic cards to wild, merge HoF with Wild to become Legacy in the collection, and introduce the new core set along with the new expansion all at once.

That is how they want to start off the Year of The Gryphon that way.

I’m just saying there should be a disclaimer that hof cards will not be in the classic packs until march 30. Most people didnt know that and brought the classic packs thinking the hof cards will be in.

They are too busy with promoting the new classic mode while trying to fix the many bugs that was introduced in this patch and getting ready to launch the expansion next week. lol

Maybe with enough complaints from reddit, Blizzard might cave in and give us compensation some day for the lack of clarity.

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Compensation would be nice for those who brought the class packs without knowing the hof will not be in it.

Thanks for posting this, Marcoscongas. Good information for people to be aware of.

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Just opened 40 packs without knowing. Unfortunately I wasn’t paying attention while opening the packs.
That way I lost 7 rares and 3 epics because I had the old classic ones already. Hope you do something about it blizzard.


I also opened 3 Classic packs and bought the Classic Bundle not knowing that the HoF cards weren’t included, which is especially infuriating since they say “CLASSIC” as their set when you examine them in the Classic collection viewer. I’ve opened a ticket with Blizzard support but they’re not interested in providing fair reimbursement on the matter. All I needed to complete my Classic collection was the HoF cards.


I literally opened them because of this reason.

Also, it would make sense to release the classic mode and at the same time giving to players the chance of buying packs that contain cards for that mode.

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Open it again, and cite this in your support ticket:

"Add 20 Classic packs and 2 random Classic Legendary cards to your collection to be used in Wild format and the new Classic Format, where you can relive the early Hearthstone experience with iconic cards and combos from launch. This mode brings back cards in their original forms, reverting any alterations so the cards appear in their original state. Leeroy Jenkins? Back to 4 Mana. Blade Flurry? 2 mana and hits face. With the Classic Bundle, you’ll have the chance to open these cards and more!"

Emphasise the bolded portions. Leeroy is NOT currently available in the packs. Its is 100% false advertsing, and you are entitled to full compensation


You could also ask for the packs to be re closed, so you can re open them when they update the card pool next week.

They might do that at a lower approval level on their chain.

That could be acceptable, depending on the OP’s feels after the incident…

But, as it stands, they absolutely cant refuse compensating for people who have purchased and opened the classic bundles. They are literally advertised as having the chance to include a HoF card!

Is even grounds for backcharging, and Blizzard couldnt penalise him for it as the item purchased is not the item advertised.

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