Compensation for Certain Cards from Classic Packs

Considering I spent $20 with the intention to get literally one HoF card to complete the Classic set, I’d feel really ripped off if the fix is left at just dust compensation for Legacy cards.

Pretty much everyone who bought these bundles (or saved Classic packs) were trying to complete their set.

If some Classic cards were literally unobtainable from the packs/bundle rewards because they were in HoF, a lot of people are gonna be really salty.

There needs to be a compensation for the HoF Classic cards not being obtainable through the packs or bundle legendaries.


Same problem here - epics I was missing from Hall of Fame that opened as non-HoF epics. Rares worked after the fix so I hope this is addressed in some form.


This is good and all but in my uber rage when i got a golden brightwing from the golden classic bundle i insta disenchanted him to get rid of it.

Will i be compensated for this or did i a stupid thing, lol? I was a bit furious that i got a golden brightwing haha

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Try customer service, you might have better luck with them then i did about HoF compensation.

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I opened 40+ classic packs this morning including one golden pack, getting all kinds of duplicated legendary and epic cards. How a compensation like this work for people like me??? Please at least re-roll all the classic packs we owned prior to today so we can re open it.


Cross-posting my experience being screwed by the Classic Bundle while trying to get HoF cards


Had the same issue, waited until the rotation. the really annoying part is the extra legendary on top of the bundle, got Natalie Selime, which youre not supposed to get, so those refunds better be good.


Hey, I got Brightwing - but disenchanted it because I can’t use it in Classic. Will I get a refund still? Thank you.


I just read the thread you linked.

Let me know if they fix your case. If not, I’m probably uninstalling.

Makes no sense to buy things from Blizzard if they’re unwilling or unable to deliver what you’re buying.

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I got Brighwing too. However, I can’t see any refunds. When it will be compensated?


When will we be able to get the Hall of Fame cards in Classic packs?

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Same here. I received Natalie Seline in bonus legendary.

Isn’t the dust refund the compensation? You’ll get dust equal to the value of the cards you opened, which means you should have enough dust to craft a copy of Velen.

I’m having an issue with golden cards from classic packs. If I open some I want to disenchant them for dust to craft some cool legendaries, but after the last patch I’m unable to do so. Since golden cards are now opened for everyone for free (so the meaning of goldens is pretty much spoiled), I cannot disenchant one when I get it from the pack. So many other bugs after this expansion, I’m so sorry about what HS has become.

The thing is, the legendaries he got are not on the list, and there will not be any dust refund.


I see that now, right.

That’s stupid.

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Yeah, the whole point of buying this bundle for a lot of people was to guarantee Classic set completion without having to burn dust.

So, like, when I bought the bundle, I was expecting Velen + 400 dust + 15 classic packs (with HoF cards possible — I think I still need a Molten Giant or something). So at worst, I should have gotten Velen + about 1900 dust.

Instead I got 800 dust and about 1500 dust from packs. And then, I’d have to spend 1600 if I want Velen, lol. So I would only get Velen + 700 dust.

So I lost at least 1200 dust (1600 if you count the Molten Giant which should have been forced from packs) just from the HoF bug.

Some people who bought the golden packs wanted shots at golden HoF cards, so this is a problem for them too.

If I just wanted to buy dust, I would have bought more of the new expansion to at least have a shot at new legendaries.


The honest soulution should be to fully refund any card found in any classic pack opened in that span of time.

If a veteran (not my case) kept 100 classic packs from the weekly brawl, just for this moment, then it should get a refund on all the cards he opened, even commons duplicate.

Since the error was on blizzard side, I think it is better to give more than neccessary to some people but compensate everyone, than compensate a small part in a incomplete way.

My case: I just opened 2 packs (the free golden + 1 that I had stored). I didn’t find any HoF card, even if I missed some rare ones (coldlight oracle for example).
I didn’t lose much, but I indeed lost around 200 dust (2 rares that I don’t have).


This compensation is not enough. The classic bundle is advertised in the store as containing old, classic cards (e.g. Sylvanna, Ragnaros, Molten Giants, etc).

I’ve opened King Krush and some useless epics. I never had the chance (as it is advertised in the store) to open Sylvanna or Molten Giants. This is clearly false advertisement.

A fair compensation would entail a full dust refund for all cards opened, since the chance of opening old classic cards was not given, since the packs did not contain old cards.

I would be also fine if they removed the cards I’ve opened, gave me 23 classic packs again so that I can re-open them to have that chance of opening Sylvanna etc, as they advertised.


I agree.

The solution presented in this blue post is only a partial fix and is way insufficient to compensate for the bugged packs.

The “fair” solution is a re-roll of all the bugged “classic packs” to real Classic packs that can include HoF Classic cards but can not include Legacy cards. Plus, any accounts that bought bundles should have their bonus legendaries similarly re-rolled.

To my knowledge, Blizz fixed the packs yesterday. If they can, they should just take back all the old bugged packs/bundles and give us new ones and we should be happy.

That may not be possible for some reason (people dusting, or programming constraints, too complicated, etc.) Fine.

The maximum people could have lost out on here is whatever Legacy cards they pulled, plus whatever HoF cards they should have gotten. Allow us to dust Legacy cards for full value, and then give people any HoF cards they should have gotten (or the dust to craft them). If it’s possible to look at the card rarities generated when the packs were bought, this fix would be trivial.

It’s not a solution to fix the smaller Legacy issue and leave the much larger HoF issue untouched.