New to the game but too frustrated to keep playing


The more I play the more I am convinced that in order to win most matches you need to spend lots of money to buy cards. This game does not seem to be for the casual player. I have tried to play for a few weeks now but just end up frustrated. Deleted the game. Anyone else feel this way?


don’t play this game then, why are you here to complain? Have you tried to pour money to the game? That would help you .


yes I spent over $100 on the game and I posted this here to see if others feel this way. Is your response “deal with it or shut-up”; if so, that does not seem like a good community reply.


You won’t get any sympathy on this forum, this is the most toxic game and this is the most toxic community. you get replies such as i am free to play and i am legend, GITGUD! you come to the wrong forum to cry to help. NOW GET OUT.


You have spent 100$ in few weeks?
Fells bad man.
The only thing you can do is play until you do not like to play anymore and quit.


Completely agree. I think i have reached that point. I deleted the game. Everyone seems to have great cards but I can’t see myself putting so much money to make new decks. i still can barely put together a complete deck using a deck recipe.


his fault for spending in this game, nothing to feel bad about.


Hmm i think you are wrong. I see a lot of posts about how expensive this game is; therefore, I can safely assume most people come to this community to discuss the cost. You seem to be in the wrong spot. Also ordering people out seems like something that might get you banned in a COMMUNITY.


i know, bad mouthing blizz gets you banned, i was banned multiple times for criticizing blizz. ONe of which got the previous community manager fired. i have to be careful not to say anything bad about the game. I was only calling the community and the game toxic.


Yup, couldn’t be because of gems like these:

Or the raging dumpster fire that was this thread: Really Blizzard?

Nope, certainly couldn’t have been about that. Must have been you trash-talking Blizzard itself.


To the OP: did you look into resources for free-to-play players? There are many guides out there that could’ve help you know what to do and avoid costly mistakes. In addition, you mentioned crafting deck recipes. Do you mean the in-game ones, or ones found online at places like Hearthpwn or HSReplay? The in-game recipes vary between terrible and OK-ish, but they’re not the best when it comes to competitive play.

That being said, if you want to spend as little money as possible in the game, you should be prepared to spend some time grinding the resources you need to advance (and you’ll likely be limited to one main deck until you’ve been able to build up your collection enough).

Of course, you might not want to spend that much time in the game. In that case, quitting and doing something else is probably your best option. Life is too short to waste it playing videogames you don’t enjoy.


You’re complaining about toxicity while being toxic. “NOW GET OUT”. Then you brag about getting the community manager fired… You sound like the most toxic person in the room.


honestly if u are 100 bucks in… should just play for daily entertainment

this game is:

get wrecked by unfair opponent a couple times, to learn the ropes

then u will be put in an auto-win situation more or less.

it can be pretty entertaining if ur opponent doesn’t take forever

sorry u cant get ur $$ back


I always resort to messing around for daily quests when ladder gets frustrating. I spent some money on this game a little while ago, so it’s easier for me to play around a little bit.

Biggest problem is that it requires alot of cash to increase your ability to experiment and create interesting decks.

I almost deleted the game when i first got it also. Very tough and frustrating. Especially with almost no cards. The only thing that kept me around was the arena.

My suggestion would be to try arena a few times. It’s the only even playing field. Plenty of guides and even heartharenaDOTcom


Only problem is that money is pretty much required to make this game interesting, unless you enjoy playing the same cheap netdeck over and over. Or if you’re a veteran who has grinded for two years.

F2P is certainly able to make it high in the ladder. It’s just about a matter of fun. Is it fun to play cheap aggro to rank 5-Legend?

I agree with you though. If the game is bringing you down, then just delete it and move on.


Sure. That’s the trade-off for free-to-acquire games though, ain’t it? Either spend time or spend money. I do both, personally, but that’s because that works best for me. As soon as it stops working, I’ll either revise my approach to the game or ditch it altogether.


I did the same thing for the same reasons. I have no objection to paying a reasonable amount for a game but to get anywhere in this game costs far too much. I even tried to free-play it but it takes so long to get a good deck and then they HOF so many of your cards that you have to start over. It’s a complete rip-off.


Welcome to Hearthstone and Blizzards community. You opinion is not the first of its kind. In fact the forums old and new are plagued with adjustments to casual format and newbie friendly.

But you will be met by ling time, since alpha players, who will show you a budget deck. you can play. But you have to play that budget deck today and every and all day to farm for months to slightly catch up on the power creep. The game will become very boring farming for gold and dust through quests.

You have to research hardcore and be certain which legend(s) you want to make or you risk falling MUCH further behind in the power creep.

You can craft Whizbang and that does help vs the tedious of the game but you randomly get to play a class and not much use when you need to win games with X class because you don’t know what class you’re going to get.

Youre going to get bored doing the dailys vs tier 1 deck sin casual to get your 50 - 60 gold. I stopped farming for 100 gold with 30 wins a days. Too boring.

You have to really invest in this game either time or money if you want to gain on the power creep.


I recently started playing on the americas and I just keep getting quests for x wins with y or z hero. While I barely have a collection there. Meanwhile on my main account I get quests like play x overload/class cards or deal x damage to opponent’s face.
And now this week brawl happens to be build a deck.
How am I going to get gold for arena if I can’t even complete my quests?


Swap quests, which need you to win - even when they are worth 60 gold (exception: 100 gold can be done in solo mode). Make friends, and ask them, to let you win (is allowed and possible). Even skip a quest (and lose the gold) if it is absolutely no fun. Do the win quests in brawl, when it’s not build a deck.