Really Blizzard?


So no Conjurer’s calling nerf and no Warrior nerf but a Prep nerf for Rogues, it’s ok I guess.
But why would there be an urgent nerf patch that affects ALL the Rogue decks since the release of the game and in mid-season is my big question (I’m talking about Preparation ofc). Are Blizzard even playing their game? The frustration to play against Mech/Control Warrior, Mech or Secret Hunter and Conjurer Mages are similar as playing against Rogue. I’m looking forward the next buffs but why not wait until the Patch to make the changes all at the same time and why nerfing a staple card that as never been a problem since the release of the game ?
I have around 20 Rogue Decks Wild included and they are all affected by the prep nerf, this is the destruction of a class. The only single viable standard Rogue deck left is Thief rogue and the Tak/Prep/Espionage combo is dead as well since You just lose a turn without the mana left to play something (Costs 9 but usually matches don’t last that long in this meta).
I’ve been playing Rogue since Beta and I think it’s the worst thing they could have done to this class.

New to the game but too frustrated to keep playing

I am lost for words.


I think there should be a rule that people who can’t exceed rank 20 can’t leave comments on this forum.


It’s not because I don’t use the forums that I can’t exceed rank 20. Been playing since Beta, instead of talking s**t why don’t You just state your points as to why You think I can’t go past 20 and why You don’t agree with my post ?


Because those cards don’t need a nerf. They are not over powered or over used, they have RNG and not consistent, why nerf?


I did not asked for any nerfs.
Do You even English ?
If you’re talking about Conjurer’s calling imo it’s a really strong and frustrating card to play against when paired with Giants/Khadgar that only Vanish and Brawl can overcome since it costs only 3 and has twinspell.
As for the RNG side of conjurer’s calling coupled with Giants, there is close to none, it’s always the same cards that comes up.
Once again I didn’t ask for any nerfs, I asked why those classes/decks remained untouched and annoying while the whole Rogue class took a big hit.


there is a misspelling in your reply, Do you even *read English? It is obvious that you can’t write, why criticize if I can read?


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Back on topic, is there anything You can say that makes sense ?


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It’s made to be like that, it’s made to reflect how your interlocutor doesn’t understand the basics of English but it seems You don’t want to go back on topic and You prefer trolling instead.

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